#fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms

#fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms

December 26, 2017 30 By Ruchi Verma

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Life is not a fairytale, it comes with roller coaster rides with some growing happiness and some dishearting setbacks. It depends on how we take up those situations and fight, life gives you uncounted moments to celebrate it, Christmas is one such time when we celebrate and spread happiness, this year little Santa Viraj joins for #fbbSpreadTheJoy with his first moms.

If you are following me on social media then must have watched my teaser about this #fbbSpreadTheJoy. 

So, who are those moms whom little Santa Viraj want to give a surprise?

Born extremely premature little Viraj, was a critical case for doctors and staff of Bethany hospital, Thane where chances of survival were just 1 % and rare case of delivery. Doctors suggested to keep him under observation for entire 2 months and go for different medical tests.

Like every parent, we also agreed to give best for him and admitted him to NICU. Here I have to mention that I have seen little Viraj first time after 1 day when he was born as he was critical and went directly to NICU. Read this miracle boy’s full journey.

Why its #fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms?

When Viraj was in the hospital for 2 months, he was grown up by not 1 but around 10 moms, who have taken up great care of him. These moms left no stones to make him happy and healthy, they never forget his feeding time, his medicines and when he cried they were always there to give him mother’s love. 

They were the first one to hold him,
They were the first one to feed him,
They were there when he cried with pain,
They were the first one who saw him smiling,
I have given him birth, I’m MOM but they are Mothers send by God directly,
I have seen them connecting with him, having sleepless nights just to take care of him,
I have seen them showering blessings for good health and life.


They have sent him home at best for him box where he can grow much healthy way, teaching me lessons to take care of him, with so many blessings on that box.

It’s really hard to express gratitude and love to these moms in a single post. So, little Santa is giving them smile for a day meeting them and sharing his happiness with them.


Here come Viraj’s first moms who were there with him when he was fighting for life and they were standing day and night with him to win this battle against life.

#fbbSpreadTheJoy #fbbSpreadTheJoy

These moms deserve most the happiness as they are loving each kid unconditionally and giving them life to make worth living.


I can never repay what you all have done to make our life more beautiful and smiling but yes, this day is dedicated to you and it is not only our little Santa want to see a smile on your all face but we all love the way you are bringing life to other’s life.

Merry christmas to all beautiful sisters, doctors and staff of Bethany hospital from a mother of Miracle boy Santa “VIRAJ” ~ Ruchie Verma

Thanks #fbb for #fbbSpreadTheJoy hamper, just loved it beautiful Christmas tree, decor, lights, cand, es and chocolates 🙂 

Thanks #fbbBlogstars 🙂

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