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Life is not a fairy­tale, it comes with roller coast­er rides with some grow­ing hap­pi­ness and some dis­heart­ing set­backs. It depends on how we take up those sit­u­a­tions and fight, life gives you uncount­ed moments to cel­e­brate it, Christmas is one such time when we cel­e­brate and spread hap­pi­ness, this year lit­tle San­ta Viraj joins for #fbbSpreadThe­Joy with his first moms.

If you are fol­low­ing me on social media then must have watched my teaser about this #fbbSpreadThe­Joy. 

So, who are those moms whom lit­tle San­ta Viraj want to give a sur­prise?

Born extreme­ly pre­ma­ture lit­tle Viraj, was a crit­i­cal case for doc­tors and staff of Bethany hos­pi­tal, Thane where chances of sur­vival were just 1 % and rare case of deliv­ery. Doc­tors sug­gest­ed to keep him under obser­va­tion for entire 2 months and go for dif­fer­ent med­ical tests.

Like every par­ent, we also agreed to give best for him and admit­ted him to NICU. Here I have to men­tion that I have seen lit­tle Viraj first time after 1 day when he was born as he was crit­i­cal and went direct­ly to NICU. Read this mir­a­cle boy’s full jour­ney.

Why its #fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms?

When Viraj was in the hos­pi­tal for 2 months, he was grown up by not 1 but around 10 moms, who have tak­en up great care of him. The­se moms left no stones to make him hap­py and healthy, they nev­er for­get his feed­ing time, his med­i­ci­nes and when he cried they were always there to give him mother’s love. 

They were the first one to hold him,
They were the first one to feed him,
They were there when he cried with pain,
They were the first one who saw him smil­ing,
I have given him birth, I’m MOM but they are Moth­ers send by God direct­ly,
I have seen them con­nect­ing with him, hav­ing sleep­less nights just to take care of him,
I have seen them show­er­ing bless­ings for good health and life.


They have sent him home at best for him box where he can grow much healthy way, teach­ing me lessons to take care of him, with so many bless­ings on that box.

It’s real­ly hard to express grat­i­tude and love to the­se moms in a sin­gle post. So, lit­tle San­ta is giv­ing them smile for a day meet­ing them and shar­ing his hap­pi­ness with them.


Here come Viraj’s first moms who were there with him when he was fight­ing for life and they were stand­ing day and night with him to win this bat­tle again­st life.

#fbbSpreadTheJoy #fbbSpreadTheJoy

The­se moms deserve most the hap­pi­ness as they are lov­ing each kid uncon­di­tion­al­ly and giv­ing them life to make worth liv­ing.


I can nev­er repay what you all have done to make our life more beau­ti­ful and smil­ing but yes, this day is ded­i­cat­ed to you and it is not only our lit­tle San­ta want to see a smile on your all face but we all love the way you are bring­ing life to other’s life.

Mer­ry christ­mas to all beau­ti­ful sis­ters, doc­tors and staff of Bethany hos­pi­tal from a moth­er of Mir­a­cle boy San­ta “VIRAJ ~ Ruchie Ver­ma

Thanks #fbb for #fbb­SpreadThe­Joy ham­per, just loved it beau­ti­ful Christ­mas tree, decor, lights, cand, es and choco­lates 🙂 

Thanks #fbb­Blogstars 🙂

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29 Thoughts to “#fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms”

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for hop­ping and lik­ing 🙂

  1. Ah! The night mare for every par­ent is to see his or her baby in hos­pi­tal ( except when he/she is born).. I must say you are a strong mom and loved the way you gave cred­it to staff for tak­ing care of Viraaj.. Loads of love for cutie ??

    1. wigglingpen

      Yeah !! it’s tough but I am blessed with fight­er kid and so I am strong for him

  2. Loved every sin­gle word…such an amaz­ing post..filled with emo­tions.…. This s d best way to appre­ci­ate their ser­vices n show our respect.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for hop­ping and lik­ing …

  3. Veena Vinyas

    Oh love­ly..
    Well writ­ten Ruchi

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks a lot dear for lik­ing !!

  4. You are a war­rior and so is lit­tle San­ta. Thanks for shar­ing such a heart­felt sto­ry, tru­ly they deserve all the grat­i­tude and bless­ings to bring our lit­tle Viraj safe and healthy.

    1. wigglingpen

      Ya he is fight­er … Thanks for hop­ping here

  5. That is a heart­felt post! We all thank the doc­tors but the­se nurs­es who put in their heart and soul at times aren’t given their due. Your post brought the spot­light on them and wish­ing viraj and a won­der­ful and healthy life.

    1. wigglingpen

      Absolute­ly !!! Sis­ters and oth­er staff of hos­pi­tal played a real impor­tant role in his fight for life and I make sure to get in touch on hap­py and sad time .

  6. Tru­ly a mir­a­cle baby… loved read­ing and it is so thought­ful and such an amaz­ing trib­ute to the­se self­less care­tak­ers from Viraj and you ..

    1. wigglingpen

      Thank dear.. They tru­ly deserve appre­ci­a­tion !!

  7. This Christ­mas was right time to thank n make them hap­py. Viraj tru­ly rocked

  8. Such a unique way to spend Christ­mas. Noth­ing can beat this. Loved your idea of spread­ing smiles on their faces and let­ting them know the worth of their effort.

  9. this is real­ly a love filled post. I can imag­ine when my child was in hos­pi­tal. He cried his soul out and I could not do any­thing. Thanks to the angles present in the ward to calm him down.

  10. First of all, Kudos to you for being a strong Mom. Your son looks real­ly cute. They are like the Angels that are from the heav­en.

  11. Anchal

    What a beau­ti­ful ham­per. Mer­ry Christ­mas 🙂

  12. Neha

    That’s so beau­ti­ful way…god bless lit­tle boy..merry Christ­mas

  13. jhilmil

    What a heart touch­ing post, I’m glad that you are a strong mom of the lov­ing lit­tle San­ta in your life!

  14. Aw this is such a cute post, more pow­er to you mom­my!

  15. Deepali

    Thanks for shar­ing such an emo­tion­al & heart­warm­ing sto­ry. Hos­pi­tal and staff mat­ters a lot in such sit­u­a­tions.
    More pow­er to you Mom.

  16. Thanks for shar­ing such a heart touch­ing sto­ry, They sure­ly deserve it.. You enjoyed ur Christ­mas in awe­some way

  17. Mer­ry Christ­mas to you. This is very thought­ful post. Loved it to core.. thx for shar­ing !

  18. Doc­tors are next to God and we must appre­ci­ate their hard work, after read­ing your post on can just imag­ine the sit­u­a­tion you went through but all is well as the end is well, lots of love to viraj.

  19. I can feel my eyes are moist after read­ing your arti­cle. God is with him and always will be. And you are an amaz­ing moth­er.

  20. Papri Ganguly

    Such a heart­warm­ing post. It lit­er­al­ly left me with tears. Mer­ry Christ­mas to you and your lit­tle San­ta

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