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Tring tring tring!!!

She just took out her mobile from below of her pillow. 

“Mom!! It’s only 8:00 am why you called so early? Today I don’t have college, let me sleep I will call you later” Kashish was about to cut the call.

“Wait Gudiya!! Just called up to tell – Aaj se navratri shuru hai uth kar egg mat khana .. 9 days mata rani is coming so no non veg” Mom just warned Kashish and hooked up the call.

Kashish’s pet name was Gudiya.

“Ah my mom is so God fearing” She just opened her Whatsapp and was scrolled down all group names were changed with “Jai Mata di”, “Happy Navratri” “Mata Rani Ki Jai” and even messages with all pictures and all were flooding on her WhatsApp. 

“People are getting crazy ..” let me check FB, Twitter, and Insta once and then get fresh 

Her FB, Insta, and Twitter accounts were hacked by same sorts of messages. 

Irritated with this she locked her phone and went to the washroom.

After 2 hours…..

DP changed to Mata Rani pic…

FB, Twitter and Insta status and stories updated with hostel room’s Mandir praying Maa Durga with OOTD #GoingEthnic 

Above story line is not only about Kashish but actually, for all of us, it’s not only at time of Navratri, story on Holi, Diwali, Christmas, New year, Janmashtami, Karvacauth and all festivals even teachers day, Children’s Day and now we celebrate fathers day, mothers day, actually every day on social media only. 

We are actually living social life more than real life. It has both sides some positive and some negative. 

Lets check out what it’s bringing.

Happy Social Festivals

  1. Timeline looks so beautiful, positive and colorful with beautiful pics. 
  2. Gives positivity. 
  3. Reminds us some unforgettable moments and try to relive those childhood moments.
  4. Wish all together to the entire world.
  5. We get connected to our roots and realize that how much we are blessed with so many great festivals. 

Sad Social Festivals

  1. We share to show our happiness but forget about those who are not able to celebrate. 
  2. Pity on those who share happiness on social media on parents day, fathers day or mothers day but their parents are in old age home.
  3. Before social media, we use to visit relatives and wish now just wishing them on social media. Losing that connection. 
  4. First cousins and cousins are only seen on parents post. 
  5. Miss big fat family gathering as we have less time to celebrate with family so sharing all happiness via pictures and wishes on social media

I am also God fearing person and yes update my status too on social media. I am nowhere back to those people who share happiness on SOCIAL MEDIA and celebrate SOCIAL FESTIVAL. 

Let’s celebrate actual festival this year rather Social or Virtual Festival. 

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73 thoughts on “Social Festivals

  1. It’s weird how people celebrate more on social media these days rather than in real life. I miss the big fat family too – there’s nothing like having a happy crowd of people home to add fun to a celebration.

    1. I too Miss family gathering but there is some positive side also of social celebration …I used to see my mom who stay alone when my cousins go live on such occations

  2. How true . Life has become all about social media and seems quite crass and shallow. On the other hand at least because of this we are aware of so many things….and sometimes when you
    meet your second cousins on line, it is far better to meet them this way than not at all . Don’t you think?

  3. So true, its not just festivals, its hobbies as well that have become something to just show off on your social media profile. Earlier photos were taken to treasure memories, now its become the other way round.

  4. Very well put. I am sure many will agree with this now. A very important aspect you have pointed out and definitely needs more discussion. An introspection has to be done by every individual on this.

  5. So true, Ruchie. It’s more of social need than the real love. But I’m a person of celebrating all festivals to cherish our culture, tradition and myself with abundant of joy and happiness. I love your themes of social. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa.

  6. How true! This time we cel­e­brat­ed Onam in our new house and I com­plete­ly for­got to click pic­tures and update on social media. Nev­er­the­less, the moments were cher­ished.

  7. the oth­er day only some­one i was talk­ing to said “peo­ple have par­ties so they can put on insta! I agree. it shouldn’t be a facade!

  8. This is so true. It seems fun­ny when peo­ple take self­ies with Gane­sha in a pan­dal and update it on social media as proof of the vis­it or rel­a­tives ping and wish on social media when no one cares to call.

  9. Yeah. That per­son­al touch seems to be miss­ing the­se days, sad­ly. Life seems more hec­tic than it used to be. For me, it’s a mix of both. It’s not just about social, but a bit of social and actu­al. ? Nice obser­va­tions.

  10. I get so irri­tat­ed with the­se social niceties I nev­er join what­sapp groups unless they are relat­ed to work. But, at least it makes some peo­ple hap­py to share the­se things, as long as they don’t impose it’s alright I guess.

  11. I used to wish moth­ers n fathers day­on FB. But lat­er on I real­ized that i nev­er said all those beau­ti­ful words to them on face. Now I stick to, if you can’t say any­thing to them direct­ly then don’t show­case on social media.

  12. Hi Ruchie, this is the truth. Our cousins are ignored over other virtual friends. We prefer to meet all relatives and cousins only in marriages which happen in years. It is high time we should start socialising in person.

  13. Actually it is the situation all around. We all celebrate everything first through social media then with people around. It is great also that the people we can’t meet frequently can keep in touch through social media. But it has some bad effects too.

  14. Though i do not do that per­son­al­ly, have seen plen­ty who do that.. ? I feel blessed to have a rather humon­gous fam­i­ly and we cel­e­brate fes­ti­vals col­or­ful­ly in our own per­son­al place. Those are my most lov­ing mem­o­ries!

  15. Ruchi you have very beautifully explained the real life situation in the current times. There are so many social media platforms that where ever you go you tend to find similar behaviour. I sometimes feel our kids are going to celebrate festivals in the virtual world only and will forget about the real world all together.

  16. You have nailed it on the head! Social celebrations seem to have taken precedence over real connections and celebrations! We as a family make conscious decisions everyday to connect as a family. Social Media can wait.

  17. Social media has both its good sides and bad sides. While it does help people to stay in touch with their near and dear ones, as you mentioned we tend to feel its enough with meeting our loved ones virtually rather than face to face. We are slowly losing the human touch to just loving shares, likes and comments and that’s quite a sad state to be in.

  18. I just love the way you have written.. These days celebration /festival is more like fashion show and it is true that social media is taking this fashion show to another level.. Now the festive feeling is missing from us…

  19. Things are just glorified for the likes and comments from unknown people. We often ignore our loved ones. Its a very relevant pot and we need to understand the good and bad both. Lets make a change this Navratri

  20. A reality ….yes v r celebrating the festivas virtually ….let’s go back to old times when there was no twitter, no cameras to click , just fun n happiness n togetherness which v cherish even today

  21. I agree. Social media has taken over everything and even festivals are not spared. The pictures & timelines might look beautiful but where are the feelings. You can’t find them over social media. Loved the post till the end. Greta job!!

  22. It is all social & virtual world which is highly active in our lives these days. Must say this is such a well thought post to re-think & re-create the lost real world around :)Let’s start living the life to the fullest in real sense & not for showing off the society !!

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