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Thanks Minakshi from mom­mys­time­line for intro­duc­ing me. 

Wel­come read­ers to my sta­tion of #Blog­Gar­ba

Tring tring tring!!!

She just took out her mobile from below of her pil­low. 

Mom!! It’s only 8:00 am why you called so ear­ly? Today I don’t have col­lege, let me sleep I will call you lat­er” Kashish was about to cut the call.

Wait Gudiya!! Just called up to tell — Aaj se navra­tri shu­ru hai uth kar egg mat khana .. 9 days mata rani is com­ing so no non veg” Mom just warned Kashish and hooked up the call.

Kashish’s pet name was Gudiya.

Ah my mom is so God fear­ing” She just opened her What­sapp and was scrolled down all group names were changed with “Jai Mata di”, “Hap­py Navra­tri” “Mata Rani Ki Jai” and even mes­sages with all pic­tures and all were flood­ing on her What­sApp. 

Peo­ple are get­ting crazy ..” let me check FB, Twit­ter, and Insta once and then get fresh 

Her FB, Insta, and Twit­ter accounts were hacked by same sorts of mes­sages. 

Irri­tat­ed with this she locked her phone and went to the wash­room.

After 2 hours.….

DP changed to Mata Rani pic…

FB, Twit­ter and Insta sta­tus and sto­ries updat­ed with hostel room’s Mandir pray­ing Maa Dur­ga with OOTD #GoingEth­nic 

Above sto­ry line is not only about Kashish but actu­al­ly, for all of us, it’s not only at time of Navra­tri, sto­ry on Holi, Diwali, Christ­mas, New year, Jan­mash­tami, Kar­va­cau­th and all fes­ti­vals even teach­ers day, Children’s Day and now we cel­e­brate fathers day, moth­ers day, actu­al­ly every day on social media only. 

We are actu­al­ly liv­ing social life more than real life. It has both sides some pos­i­tive and some neg­a­tive. 

Lets check out what it’s bring­ing.

Happy Social Festivals

  1. Time­line looks so beau­ti­ful, pos­i­tive and col­or­ful with beau­ti­ful pics. 
  2. Gives pos­i­tiv­i­ty. 
  3. Reminds us some unfor­get­table moments and try to relive those child­hood moments.
  4. Wish all togeth­er to the entire world.
  5. We get con­nect­ed to our roots and real­ize that how much we are blessed with so many great fes­ti­vals. 

Sad Social Festivals

  1. We share to show our hap­pi­ness but for­get about those who are not able to cel­e­brate. 
  2. Pity on those who share hap­pi­ness on social media on par­ents day, fathers day or moth­ers day but their par­ents are in old age home.
  3. Before social media, we use to vis­it rel­a­tives and wish now just wish­ing them on social media. Los­ing that con­nec­tion. 
  4. First cousins and cousins are only seen on par­ents post. 
  5. Miss big fat fam­i­ly gath­er­ing as we have less time to cel­e­brate with fam­i­ly so shar­ing all hap­pi­ness via pic­tures and wish­es on social media

I am also God fear­ing per­son and yes update my sta­tus too on social media. I am nowhere back to those peo­ple who share hap­pi­ness on SOCIAL MEDIA and cel­e­brate SOCIAL FESTIVAL

Let’s cel­e­brate actu­al fes­ti­val this year rather Social or Vir­tu­al Fes­ti­val. 

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  2. Social Mar­riage
  3. Social Birth­day

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  1. It’s weird how peo­ple cel­e­brate more on social media the­se days rather than in real life. I miss the big fat fam­i­ly too — there’s noth­ing like hav­ing a hap­py crowd of peo­ple home to add fun to a cel­e­bra­tion.

  2. How true . Life has become all about social media and seems quite crass and shal­low. On the oth­er hand at least because of this we are aware of so many things.…and some­times when you
    meet your sec­ond cousins on line, it is far bet­ter to meet them this way than not at all . Don’t you think?

  3. So true, its not just fes­ti­vals, its hob­bies as well that have become some­thing to just show off on your social media pro­file. Ear­lier pho­tos were tak­en to trea­sure mem­o­ries, now its become the oth­er way round.

  4. Very well put. I am sure many will agree with this now. A very impor­tant aspect you have point­ed out and def­i­nite­ly needs more dis­cus­sion. An intro­spec­tion has to be done by every indi­vid­u­al on this.

  5. So true, Ruchie. It’s more of social need than the real love. But I’m a per­son of cel­e­brat­ing all fes­ti­vals to cher­ish our cul­ture, tra­di­tion and myself with abun­dant of joy and hap­pi­ness. I love your themes of social. Hap­py to join with you for #MyFrien­dAlexa.

  6. How true! This time we cel­e­brat­ed Onam in our new house and I com­plete­ly for­got to click pic­tures and update on social media. Nev­er­the­less, the moments were cher­ished.

  7. the oth­er day only some­one i was talk­ing to said “peo­ple have par­ties so they can put on insta! I agree. it shouldn’t be a facade!

  8. This is so true. It seems fun­ny when peo­ple take self­ies with Gane­sha in a pan­dal and update it on social media as proof of the vis­it or rel­a­tives ping and wish on social media when no one cares to call.

  9. Yeah. That per­son­al touch seems to be miss­ing the­se days, sad­ly. Life seems more hec­tic than it used to be. For me, it’s a mix of both. It’s not just about social, but a bit of social and actu­al. ? Nice obser­va­tions.

  10. I get so irri­tat­ed with the­se social niceties I nev­er join what­sapp groups unless they are relat­ed to work. But, at least it makes some peo­ple hap­py to share the­se things, as long as they don’t impose it’s alright I guess.

  11. I used to wish moth­ers n fathers day­on FB. But lat­er on I real­ized that i nev­er said all those beau­ti­ful words to them on face. Now I stick to, if you can’t say any­thing to them direct­ly then don’t show­case on social media.

  12. Hi Ruchie, this is the truth. Our cousins are ignored over oth­er vir­tu­al friends. We prefer to meet all rel­a­tives and cousins only in mar­riages which hap­pen in years. It is high time we should start social­is­ing in per­son.

  13. Actu­al­ly it is the sit­u­a­tion all around. We all cel­e­brate every­thing first through social media then with peo­ple around. It is great also that the peo­ple we can’t meet fre­quent­ly can keep in touch through social media. But it has some bad effects too.

  14. Though i do not do that per­son­al­ly, have seen plen­ty who do that.. ? I feel blessed to have a rather humon­gous fam­i­ly and we cel­e­brate fes­ti­vals col­or­ful­ly in our own per­son­al place. Those are my most lov­ing mem­o­ries!

  15. Ruchi you have very beau­ti­ful­ly explained the real life sit­u­a­tion in the cur­rent times. There are so many social media plat­forms that where ever you go you tend to find sim­i­lar behav­iour. I some­times feel our kids are going to cel­e­brate fes­ti­vals in the vir­tu­al world only and will for­get about the real world all togeth­er.

  16. You have nailed it on the head! Social cel­e­bra­tions seem to have tak­en prece­dence over real con­nec­tions and cel­e­bra­tions! We as a fam­i­ly make con­scious deci­sions every­day to con­nect as a fam­i­ly. Social Media can wait.

  17. haha­ha.. that’s a hard real­i­ty isn’t it? Cel­e­bra­tions have moved from per­son­al to social but the warmth is miss­ing. Love­ly post you nailed it.

  18. Social media has both its good sides and bad sides. While it does help peo­ple to stay in touch with their near and dear ones, as you men­tioned we tend to feel its enough with meet­ing our loved ones vir­tu­al­ly rather than face to face. We are slow­ly los­ing the human touch to just lov­ing shares, likes and com­ments and that’s quite a sad state to be in.

  19. I just love the way you have writ­ten.. The­se days cel­e­bra­tion /festival is more like fash­ion show and it is true that social media is tak­ing this fash­ion show to anoth­er lev­el.. Now the fes­tive feel­ing is miss­ing from us…

  20. Things are just glo­ri­fied for the likes and com­ments from unknown peo­ple. We often ignore our loved ones. Its a very rel­e­vant pot and we need to under­stand the good and bad both. Lets make a change this Navra­tri

  21. A real­i­ty .…yes v r cel­e­brat­ing the fes­ti­vas vir­tu­al­ly .…let’s go back to old times when there was no twit­ter, no cam­eras to click , just fun n hap­pi­ness n togeth­er­ness which v cher­ish even today

  22. I agree. Social media has tak­en over every­thing and even fes­ti­vals are not spared. The pic­tures & time­li­nes might look beau­ti­ful but where are the feel­ings. You can’t find them over social media. Loved the post till the end. Gre­ta job!!

  23. It is all social & vir­tu­al world which is high­ly active in our lives the­se days. Must say this is such a well thought post to re-think & re-cre­ate the lost real world around :)Let’s start liv­ing the life to the fullest in real sense & not for show­ing off the soci­ety !!

  24. Well, that is the irony of life. As you have two sides of a coin! The vir­tu­al world has swept away the­se fes­ti­vals. But then, let’s look at the pos­i­tive side of it.

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