Welcome back to #MyFriendAlexa season 2 theme of Social media POST 2. 

If you have missed how was my first encounter with social media worry not check out my first post and share your first encounter with social media.  

My life was full of ups and down and trust me social media definitely played a very important role in it. After I switched to yahoo chat where chatting with friends was fun making virtual friends was fascinating for every other person on Yahoo chat. entering in the chat room and searching friend and funny if some unknown ping you first question we ask A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location).

Apart from these virtual friends, we add our friends who shifted other cities or relatives and chat with them with 10 rs per hour in a cyber cafe. 

I turned Miss to Mrs because of social media, after exchanging our bio data and the first pic on emails (that was my dad’s email account), then sharing our Yahoo chat id we met virtually first, chatted and turned into life partners.  Check out how we met and how social media made us 1 soul.

Not only me who made her profile on matrimony sites but there are many who went in and created theirs to find their soul mates and yes, there are so many success stories too. 

How are Social sites arranging marriage?

Social media has given us the bigger world to connect with and find our soul mates. Sites like Bharatmatrinoy, Shaadi.com, Jeevansaathi.com and many others promise you to make your search easy to find your better half.

 Every coin has 2 sides heads and tails where these matrimonial sites are trying to connect two real people, few are just connecting and giving pain. 

One story which is of my close relative not sharing names as they are close to my heart. 

She trusted her parents and her parents trusted that matrimonial site and settled her marriage.

After marriage when she left for Dubai there she got to know he is already in relationship with some other girl.

With family pressure he married her, she was not allowed to return, call or go out from his house.

Finally she managed and returned to her parents and got divorce from uncountable physical and mental tortue she gone through. 

I understand that this may be not one case there are many where now people are misusing these sites, whose main motive is to connect two real people in real relationship with love and understanding, but people with a double face are really taking advantage of it. 

I remember in old times when this social media was not there any one mediator used to work for two families and connect them for marriage and now when a boy gets proposal or vice versa first thing we all do search his/her profile on FB or Insta and see how’s the girl and what he/she is doing and living. Social media has taken up most important decision of our life that we call ” MARRIAGE”

Do you know someone who got successful happy Social marriage or someone whose life turned down with this social marriage? Do let us know

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Hooked up to read more n more about your encounters with sm

  2. Social media did help to keep in touch during our story also. We got to know each other better through it.

  3. I met my hub­by through a mat­ri­mo­ni­al site and what you say about arranged mar­riages the­se days — peo­ple check­ing out the social media pro­file and form­ing opin­ions even before hav­ing met is so true. Boon or bane it’s an inte­gral part of life now and we need to use it cau­tious­ly

    1. U got my point .. thanks for hopping

  4. I too met my hubby on matrimonial site. There is always so downside to trusting such sites but overall I believe that’s how many going fwd will meet and get hitched.

    1. Ya agree to you we are now social animals .. thanks for hopping here

  5. You are quite right about Social media and online mat­ri­mo­ni­al sites tak­ing the place of the local bar­ber or busy­body aun­tie who hooked peo­ple up. All mar­riages are gam­bles I feel and the chances of your poor cous­in being cheat­ed was not any high­er because of the mar­riage being arranged on line. I seri­ous­ly believe that mar­riages are made in heav­en and every­thing else is just a rea­son for their hap­pen­ing.

    1. Exactly marriages are made in heaven but catching d match is real tough n social media playing important part

  6. Sad to hear about your rel­a­tive. Your post is so true, face­book pro­file check­ing is the first step in any arrange mar­riage now. Social Media — good or bad is here to stay.

    1. Yeah seriously..social profiles playing important role

  7. So true! Even I do this-search on FB/Google to decide whether I wish to pro­ceed fur­ther or not. I wrote a sim­i­lar but humor­ous take on the­se mat­ri­mo­ni­al sites in ‘Mock, Stalk & Quar­rel’, pub­lished by Read­o­ma­nia. Both per­spec­tives force us to think and ana­lyze where we are going wrong. Can the­se mat­ri­mo­ni­al sites real­ly offer that chance to make a true per­son­al con­nec­tion?

    1. Actually it’s a question of debate but as we see every coin have both sides n so social media

  8. Its a matter of perspective actually…the concept of marriage itself is something i am not ok with right now…Though my parents try to convince me i want to wait for the person who can make me go crazy! One of my colleague met her husband through social media and eventually they became partners for life. I was surprised to know that there are success stories as well in such scenarios!

  9. The facts and stories in this post are so relevant. Btw I got married too to a person I discovered online. 🙂

  10. Nice to read post. This is so true that some ill-mentality people are taking the wrong advantage of the social media platform.
    Answering to your question in the last sentence – it is me an my wife who got connected through Bharatmatrimony and now happily married ?
    I could connect to your story!! Thanks for sharing ?

  11. A very balanced view of how the internet is helping people connect. Quite a few of my friends have got married through the above mentioned portals and their marriages are a success. A marriage being a success or otherwise can happen in any scenario.
    Loved your post.

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