Writ­ing let­ters to mum­my and papa was in my rou­tine in the hostel. For every small thing wait­ing for out­ing tim­ing and going out to make an std call from PCO or sit­ting next to land­line of hostel wait­ing for papa’s call. 

Those years were real­ly amaz­ing when I get call from col­lege office that you got a mail..oops mail means let­ter, I used to run from hostel till office to get that let­ter and remem­ber sit­ting read­ing that let­ter from my papa with teary eyes. 

The year 1999, my friend who stays with his par­ents have his own com­put­er and that with an inter­net con­nec­tion. He told me that there is a bet­ter way now to send a let­ter to your dad via Yahoo and with so much sur­prise we all friends reached his home and he cre­at­ed my yahoo id and told me how to use. Thanks, Amit, I still have that id. 

I called papa and told him the same and very next day first mail in my mail­box from papa and I was so hap­py to receive it. 

This was my first encoun­ter with social media as before that I was only look­ing up for Google. 

For next few years, I was like yes!! I’m so active that I have a social account going cyber cafe either to check email or chat with friends online on Yahoo chat. 

I still remem­ber when I returned home after my post grad­u­a­tion I entered in a cyber cafe and while pass­ing I saw a boy chat­ting on some very attrac­tive win­dow, due to my curios­i­ty I enquired cyber cafe per­son who was my fam­i­ly friend ‘What he is using?” 

He replied a new social plat­form by Google is called “  ” I was like ok let me also open an account on it and this is what I saw myself encoun­tered with the sec­ond social plat­form and start­ed enjoy­ing upload­ing pics and con­nect­ing to my friends on fin­ger tips. 

Then it is on with FB, Twit­ter, Insta­gram, Flickr and much more. Even few friends saved my name as Social Queen. 

Encoun­ter with social media was giv­ing me new mean­ing and fun but it holds more than this #WPWrites…

Don’t for­get to tell me about your first encoun­ter with social media in com­ment sec­tion!! 

Social media has given me many things in life to know what and how? Stay tuned much more is com­ing up in this series of #MyFrien­dAlexa

’ I am tak­ing my Alexa Rank to the next lev­el with #MyFrien­dAlexa ’

As of today my Alexa Rank is

GLOBAL # 1.257,517

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35 Thoughts to “Social Encounter”

  1. It’s fun to be a king or queen on social media but v can’t for­get those times when let­ter meant the blue coloured inland let­ter lying in our let­ter box , that hand­writ­ten love was very fra­grant

    1. wigglingpen

      Absolutely…I still hv those let­ters of papa n friends …n mummy’s where she always men­tion her one dia­logue” jo ped jhuk­tha hai Wahi khada rehta hai” always 

  2. Ha the Orkut days and tes­ti­mo­ni­als! ? I remem­ber them vivid­ly. All the best with Alexa. Look­ing for­ward to read­ing your SM encoun­ters.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks Shalini…

  3. Ah.. Feel­ing nos­tal­gic dear.. I remem­ber yahoo chat used to be so fun and inter­est­ing ?

    1. wigglingpen

      My life changed with Yahoo chat ..u will read in com­ing post

  4. Yes, I remem­ber using inter­net only at office for a very long time and then Orkut hap­pened and then Yahoo. You brought so many love­ly mem­o­ries flood­ing back Ruchi.

    1. wigglingpen

      Ya …m sure many are in same old zone

  5. Yeah! Good old Orkut… We could call it the father of social media 😛 This post was a trip down the mem­o­ry lane.

    1. wigglingpen

      So hap­py u liked this

  6. I don’t remem­ber my first social media encoun­ter. ? But it’s def­i­nite­ly FB!

  7. I also used orkut and yahoo and real­ly it was so fun time. Missed those days of col­lege life when the­se things just start­ed and only few teenagers used the­se.

  8. I do remem­ber Orkut days and the yahoo chat rooms. HA HA where ppl use to ask each oth­er Hi ASL . Loved read­ing your post.

  9. This is such a beau­ti­ful start of the chal­lenge. All the best for #Alexa watch­ing this space for more on Social Media Jour­ney

  10. Amrita

    Social media was first face­book then twitter.My favorite is twit­ter though

  11. Zainab

    You took us all down the ‘mem­o­ry lane 🙂

  12. Papri Ganguly

    Feel­ing so nos­tal­gic dear. Remem­ber­ing those orkut days.

  13. I remem­ber writ­ing let­ters to my mater­nal grand­moth­er ?It used to be fun… tech­nol­o­gy has made com­mu­ni­ca­tion so easy

  14. It was fun time when I was using Orku­tOrkut and yahoo

  15. Mrinal

    My first encoun­ter with social media was when i cre­at­ed a yahoo mail to chat with friends! It was fun!

  16. Ye the old says chats and let­ters were so much fun

  17. Surbhi

    Haha­ha!! Orkut was like a rage those days.

  18. Won­der­ful arti­cle. I remem­ber being mes­mer­ized with social­me­dia when i first used it. I got real­ly obsessed.

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  20. For me it was MBA where­in I used com­put­ers max­i­mum ear­lier than that it was send­ing for­wards to friends that’s it. The first time I came to know about Face­book I hat­ed the con­cept and not we can’t sur­vive with­out it.

  21. your blog remind­ed me of good old pen-friend days! nice post.

    1. wigglingpen

      Ya those days were so cool 

  22. I still remem­ber when gmail was only by invite… And one of my school friend invit­ed us 6 peo­ple on gmail. Before that, same as you, it was just yahoo!

  23. Real­ly reminds me how far tech­nol­o­gy has come. Who knows what the future holds for us.

  24. Oh the good old Orkut…It was like my first love ? I migrat­ed to FB only after orkut was off the rails ? This post made me feel nostalgic…Thanks for shar­ing!

  25. You made me nos­tal­gic! I recall yahoo chats with ran­dom peo­ple in a cyber cafe where we would use asl and talk ran­dom stuff

  26. Ah! I start­ed with Orkut. The tes­ti­mo­ni­als and scraps were such fas­ci­nat­ing things in those days. I met a lot of my old school friends over Orkut and that was the main rea­son I joined it. Thanks for remind­ing me of good old days. ?

    1. wigglingpen

      So glad that you hopped here and hap­py that I made you remind old days

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