Social Encounter

Social Encounter

Writing letters to mummy and papa was in my routine in the hostel. For every small thing waiting for outing timing and going out to make an std call from PCO or sitting next to landline of hostel waiting for papa’s call. 

Those years were really amazing when I get call from college office that you got a mail..oops mail means letter, I used to run from hostel till office to get that letter and remember sitting reading that letter from my papa with teary eyes. 

The year 1999, my friend who stays with his parents have his own computer and that with an internet connection. He told me that there is a better way now to send a letter to your dad via Yahoo and with so much surprise we all friends reached his home and he created my yahoo id and told me how to use. Thanks, Amit, I still have that id. 

I called papa and told him the same and very next day first mail in my mailbox from papa and I was so happy to receive it. 

This was my first encounter with social media as before that I was only looking up for Google. 

For next few years, I was like yes!! I’m so active that I have a social account going cyber cafe either to check email or chat with friends online on Yahoo chat. 

I still remember when I returned home after my post graduation I entered in a cyber cafe and while passing I saw a boy chatting on some very attractive window, due to my curiosity I enquired cyber cafe person who was my family friend ‘What he is using?” 

He replied a new social platform by Google is called ”  “ I was like ok let me also open an account on it and this is what I saw myself encountered with the second social platform and started enjoying uploading pics and connecting to my friends on finger tips. 

Then it is on with FB, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and much more. Even few friends saved my name as Social Queen. 

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Don’t forget to tell me about your first encounter with social media in comment section!! 

Social media has given me many things in life to know what and how? Stay tuned much more is coming up in this series of #MyFriendAlexa

‘ I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa ‘

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35 thoughts on “Social Encounter

  1. It’s fun to be a king or queen on social media but v can’t forget those times when letter meant the blue coloured inland letter lying in our letter box , that handwritten love was very fragrant

    1. Absolutely…I still hv those letters of papa n friends …n mummy’s where she always mention her one dialogue” jo ped jhuktha hai Wahi khada rehta hai” always

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  3. For me it was MBA wherein I used computers maximum earlier than that it was sending forwards to friends that’s it. The first time I came to know about Facebook I hated the concept and not we can’t survive without it.

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  5. Ah! I started with Orkut. The testimonials and scraps were such fascinating things in those days. I met a lot of my old school friends over Orkut and that was the main reason I joined it. Thanks for reminding me of good old days. ?

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