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Hel­lo my won­der­ful read­ers, 

If you are fol­low­ing me on FB, Twit­ter, and Insta you must be seen my above teaser or sto­ries men­tion­ing that I am going to bring some­thing dif­fer­ent kind of review for you all. 

You all must be hav­ing “Toi­let Ka Jugaad” 🙂 

Well, after Akshay’s and Bhoomi’s Toi­let is a super­hit in Bol­ly­wood now the mes­sage is clear that every sin­gle human being’s basic require­ment is TOILET and we are few peo­ple who have that in our homes, Malls, and even when we trav­el in train or air­plane. 

Being a moth­er of two lit­tle kids, I am always wor­ried about hygiene and clean­li­ness when­ev­er they have to go to pee in Malls, or in Indi­an Rail­ways.

Don’t touch the seat …just pee and move I will flush”  I am sure all moms read­ing this must be smil­ing as every­body say the­se gold­en words in a pub­lic toi­let to her kids.

Meet PEESafe

Peesafe is an instant Toi­let Seat San­i­tiz­er Spray pro­duct by REDCLIFFE Hygiene. 

It acts as a dis­in­fec­tant and keeps away from Bac­te­ri­al infec­tions. Pro­tects you and your fam­i­ly from bath­room borne dis­eases. With­in 5–10 sec­onds it dries up quick­ly and gives 99.9% bac­te­ria and germ pro­tec­tion with a lit­tle spray on the toi­let seat. 

How and where to use it?

  • Just hold the spray can  around 3–4 inch­es away from the toi­let seat
  • Shake the bot­tle well and spray.
  • Wait for five to ten sec­onds
  • The dis­in­fect­ed seat is ready to use.

You can use it on toi­let seats, toi­let tops, flush, door knobs, faucets etc and be ten­sion free. 

This so handy and trav­el-friend­ly and eas­i­ly fits in a hand­bag. So, it has found a per­ma­nent place in my hand­bag. Don’t use toi­lets which are full of germs and bac­te­ria just PEESAFE.

Check out what Actress Bhoomi has to say about peesafe.


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23 Thoughts to “PeeSafe- Just Be Safe”

  1. Peesafe sounds agreat solu­tion of pee­ing when you are trav­el­ling. No more pee­ing squats lets peesafe. Thanks for shar­ing this post.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for read­ing this.

  2. This is a must have pro­duct and this pro­duct has found a Per­ma­nent place in my bag

    1. wigglingpen

      Ya This is one of most use­ful pro­duct

  3. Impres­sive review! I need to get this now!

  4. For a per­son like me who has OCD this is a life sav­iour. Will def­i­nite­ly try this out.

  5. I used peesafe too and it sure­ly is an amaz­ing pro­duct!

  6. Wow this is so amaz­ing. Best solu­tion for pee­ing in pub­lic toi­lets. How­ev­er not sure if I would still want to sit on the dirty toi­lets in India spe­cial­ly pub­lic ones.

  7. Papri Ganguly

    It it a great pro­duct for those girls who are trav­el­ling or work­ing. Hats off to the her who have invent­ed such pro­duct.

  8. Papri Ganguly

    Hats off to her/him who has invent­ed such good pro­duct. A must have for all spe­cial­ly those who are trav­el­ling and work­ing

  9. Always on my must have check­list whenevr I am trav­el­ling. ?

  10. Yes, i did see your teasers and was won­der­ing. This is a great pro­duct you have intro­duced to us. Def­i­nite­ly a must must have for every per­son who uses pub­lic /office toi­lets!

    1. wigglingpen

      Do have this and let me know your feed­back

  11. This is such an inno­v­a­tive pro­duct, sure­ly a must have!!

    1. wigglingpen

      Yeah !! it is..

  12. This is real­ly a must need­ed for us.. Safe and heigenic I must say.

    1. wigglingpen

      Yeah­duct is best for every age.

  13. ak

    This is very inter­est­ing. And it sounds like a great pro­duct for pub­lic toi­lets.

    Nice­ly writ­ten. ?

    1. wigglingpen

      Yeah !! this is so much required pro­duct

  14. This is such a won­der­ful mag­i­cal pro­duct I so much want to have one. Love­ly review with prag­mat­ic details.

  15. On the recent trip , me and my friend dis­cussed about this. Going to buy this soon. Thanks for the reminder.b

  16. This sounds like such a use­ful pro­duct for so many of us. Thanks for the review and mak­ing all of us aware about the same :).

  17. The need of the hour!
    I am get­ting myself one !

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