The saree is a traditional Indian cloth that is essential to Indian culture. The beautiful fabrics and designs used in these garments create amazing works of art that pay huge respect to India’s rich heritage. Saree styling is an art in itself, and jewelry can be paired with sarees to create a gorgeous look for important occasions.

In winter, when you have to attend an Indian wedding, party, festival, family gathering, or baby shower, you are going to be confused about what to wear. So, a saree is the best option for these occasions, and if you’re worried about how to wear and style your saree in the winter. So, don’t be, because we’re going to give you some styling tips in winter to look different in this tutorial. If you choose your fabric correctly, you may simply style your saree in many different ways in the winter.


Saree Styling with Silk Coat

The beautiful drape of a saree is enhanced with the modern touch of an elegant silk coat. It’s an elegant pairing, and silk’s lustrous shine enhances traditional attire, making it a perfect choice for winter special occasions. For a more modern style, match the coat and saree with a belt.

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Trench Coat With Saree

A trench coat is a classic coat with a belt and unique details. This winter outfit in a saree creates a stunning style that is perfect for both informal and formal occasions.

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Saree Styling with Leather Jacket

This different saree winter wear creates a striking fashion trend by fitting the classic beauty of a saree with leather for a unique and elegant look. All sarees will look great with a black or brown jacket. A saree can be worn with a leather jacket and boots, and you look stunning in this attire.

Saree Styling
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Saree with Velvet Jacket

When it comes to saree styling in the winter, we cannot miss wearing a velvet jacket. Velvet’s rich texture suits both classic and modern saree drapes, making it one of the greatest winter saree wear options. In the winter, velvet is the main fabric, and it is really stunning. You can put on a velvet saree and a velvet blouse or designer blouse to look more gorgeous.

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Cardigan With Saree

A cardigan is the best option for occasions when you want to keep it casual and simple. If you want to keep things basic, go with a lovely cardigan. You have the option of wearing the pallu under, around the neck, or over the cardigan.

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Saree With Sweater

Look for a full-sleeve sweater in place of a blouse to keep your arms warm. Make sure the sweater is body-hugging, or else your outfit will look loose. This stylish alternative will not only improve the look of the clothing but will also be a comfortable option for wearing a saree in the winter.

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Saree With Shawl

Match your saree with a beautiful shawl or stole made of cashmere wool, pashmina, or another warm material. Drape it over your shoulders or under your pallu for extra warmth. This is the most popular winter saree style.

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Saree styling with shirt

A shirt and saree combination has multiple ways to pair a sophisticated look in a cotton shirt with a variety of sarees. This combination is a stunning statement of an Indian woman’s cultural roots with the clarity and style of a Western intellect. In any case, it’s fabulous.

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Drape the saree with different styles with the choice of warm fabrics or designer sarees ; choose a hairstyle that looks good with the saree; go for a winter-appropriate makeup look according to the occasion; pick jewelry like necklaces or earrings to enhance the saree look; and wear shoes or boots for a classy winter saree look.

Sarees are made with a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, and crepe. They can also be embellished with detailed needlework, mirror work, sequins, and other embellishments. Sabyasachi has the best collection of latest sarees, jewelry, accessories, etc.

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