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How music helps in mental health and its benefits

Music helps in mental health

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife. Kahlil Gibran Music is an incredible thing it not only entertain you but also gives so much positive …

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Image Management

Book Review: A to Z of Image management by Swati Mathur

Book Title: A to Z of Image Management Author Name: Swati Mathur About the Author Swati Mathur is one of the known blogger and a Certified Image Consultant and NABET certified life skills trainer, not …

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educational toys

How educational toys can help your little one to grow during the pandemic!

With the global pandemic causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a more stressful time than ever. Amidst the talks of re-opening of schools, online learning is bound to …

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Book Review: A2Z Of Common Diseases by Surbhi Prapanna

Author: Surbhi Prapanna Rating: 5/5 About the Author: Mother of two adorable daughters, versatile blogger and homeopathic therapist by profession Dr. Surbhi wears multiple feathers in her hat. She blogs her thoughts on parenting, health, DIYs …

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5 Ways to keep your kids engaged online and offline!

Are you witnessing child regression because of covid-19 spread? If yes, you are not alone! With the new scenario of COVID-19 causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a …

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salaried men and mental health

Salaried men and mental health-how to support

Salaried men and their mental health issues are very less spoken as we often talk about kids’ mental health, teenager’s mental health, how pandemic affecting senior’s mental health, and even how females of our family …

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How Your Dentist Can Help You With Your Sleep Problems

If you have trouble sleeping at night, then you are not alone. Millions of people around the world also suffer from the inability to go to sleep, or even to stay asleep for a considerable …

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Skill development

Relevance of Skill Development over Education

There is a hair difference between education and skill development. Not everyone understands it. However, parents need to know the difference and train their kids according to it. Through this article, you will learn the …

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Y- Yoast or Toast #BloggersUnplugged

Well, on one hand people are waiting to get things back to normal and raise a toast but shhhh!!! ask any blogger our only concern is to handle our YOAST. Yoast or Toast Pic Copyright: …

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X- X-Ray of Bloggers #BloggersUnplugged

OATH of the day: “I AS A BLOGGER ACCEPT THAT MY HEART, MIND, KIDNEY, LUNGS, AND SOUL ONLY THINK ABOUT MY BLOG“…It’s true guys. Putting up our 100% to our blog, and if you won’t …

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T- Traffic #BloggersUnplugged

Traffic is something we bloggers are looking for whereas others feel irritated and we enjoy the same on our blog. This is a real-life example from my life. Traffic Pic Copyright : Well, it’s …

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Mental Strength

5 Mistakes that can harm kids mental strength

Kids’ mental strength depends on various factors and we as parents must be more vigilant and careful about the same. Your child would be better prepared to handle tough situations and tackle them efficiently if …

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R- Review #BloggersUnplugged

Well, this is true, isn’t it? My kids get sad when I say, let me click pictures first, I have to review and then you can take it up. Doesn’t it happen? Review Image Copyright: …

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P- PR Pyaar #BloggersUnplugged

There is one very famous song “Tu jaha jaha chalega …mera saaya saath hoga…” and it works both the ways. Kabhi woh hamare peeche, kabhi hum unke peeche. Well, this is pure heart to heart …

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Baby wipes

Top 10 Baby wet wipes brands in India 2021

Baby skin calls for utmost care and prudent decision-making. Babies have very soft and beautiful skin that needs to be tended with a lot of love and care. Therefore, we should be sure of using …

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