Happiness- Find it within yourself

Happiness- Find it within yourself

July 1, 2020 30 By Ruchi Verma

Happiness, for every single person its meaning changes, it is a distinct thing for distinct people. It also deals with psychology – as it works with your emotions and mental state of wellbeing. In short, I believe that there is no formal definition one can give for it.

But it is something which brings so much positivity and good health in life.

How to cultivate happiness in life?

1. Practice looking into things positively. I know this is the tough time we all are facing, but time to understand the situation and look for positive aspects attached to it.

2. Enjoy togetherness: Time to build up powerful memories with every relation, this way you will create bonds and which will bring happiness.

3. Gratitude: Gratitude is something always brings so much positivity to you and others. Don’t forget to write or share your gratitude to loved ones and others.

4. Learn from the magic power of yourself, power of learning, pursue the hobby, interest, long-awaited dream and you will see a fortunate part of yourself.

5. Rest and spend time with the beauty of nature. Nothing can bring peace and happiness to our beautiful nature. Try to spend some me-time with mother nature.

How happiness bring Good health?

1. It combats stress. Yes!! it really makes you feel more energetic and controls your stress level.

2. It helps you fight with any sorts of diseases because of your attitude and optimistic behavior.

3. Research predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure. So, just be happy for your heart.

So, let’s find out happy and best from any situation and stay HAPPY and spread SMiles 🙂


Starting up with my dear friend Dipika #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips blogging challenge. With some simple rules to follow. 
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The theme of this Challenge is ‘HAPPINESS‘, you are free to translate happiness in any form of writing based on your own creativity – humorous post, things to do, poetry, fiction, listicles, all are accepted. The idea is to bring positivity & glee along.

Only new and organic content accepted as a valid entry.

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