Happiness- Find it within yourself

Happiness, for every single person its meaning changes, it is a distinct thing for distinct people. It also deals with psychology Рas it works with your emotions and mental state of wellbeing. In short, I believe that there is no formal definition one can give for it.

But it is something which brings so much positivity and good health in life.

How to cultivate happiness in life?

1. Practice looking into things positively. I know this is the tough time we all are facing, but time to understand the situation and look for positive aspects attached to it.

2. Enjoy togetherness: Time to build up powerful memories with every relation, this way you will create bonds and which will bring happiness.

3. Gratitude: Gratitude is something always brings so much positivity to you and others. Don’t forget to write or share your gratitude to loved ones and others.

4. Learn from the magic power of yourself, power of learning, pursue the hobby, interest, long-awaited dream and you will see a fortunate part of yourself.

5. Rest and spend time with the beauty of nature. Nothing can bring peace and happiness to our beautiful nature. Try to spend some me-time with mother nature.

How happiness bring Good health?

1. It combats stress. Yes!! it really makes you feel more energetic and controls your stress level.

2. It helps you fight with any sorts of diseases because of your attitude and optimistic behavior.

3. Research predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure. So, just be happy for your heart.

So, let’s find out happy and best from any situation and stay HAPPY and spread SMiles ūüôā


Starting up with my dear friend Dipika #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips blogging challenge. With some simple rules to follow. 
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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. I absolutely agree to all the happiness points mentioned here. We can find happiness in ourselves only.

  2. Happiness surely comes when we are together and also comes when we evolve in solitude. Happy to be one of the challenges for this challenge.

  3. I strongly follow the motto, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. This keeps me positive and happy. Glad to join this blog challenge.

  4. lovely post. I agree totally with you, Happiness is a perception of joy that holds a different meaning for every individual. Being happy is the most basic pursuit of life.

  5. Happiness and health are correlated and this is proved medically. I strongly believe that happiness can be found within us and all other philosophies are myth.

  6. Happiness is state of mind but sometime maintaining thatvstate is a challenge in itself. I am so thankful to you guys for this happiness blog hop I am sure it will break the negativity and take us on the pathvof happiness.

  7. Beautiful written… Cannot agree more. Being grateful for everything in like gives you a positive perspective.

  8. Aaj happiness n positivity ki bahut jarurat hai, aapke sabhi points bahut sahi hain ??

  9. You are so write about all the pointers. Gratitude is the best thing that we all can do especially at this moment. There are so many things we can be grateful for for everyday basis. Happiness is lot very easy to find but we sometimes make it difficult as our mind is so cluttered with other things.

  10. Absolutely, Ruchi. Happiness is a state of mind and it all begins with us. Need to just focus on the right aspects of life and find a purpose of life. When a person defines his purpose of life his life is more meaningful and content .

  11. Loved the post Ruchi. I liked the idea of revealing the magic within, as I believe we all have a power within us. Happiness is really important to maintain good health. A well informative post.

  12. So true, Ruchi. Togetherness with your loved ones increases happiness and all sorrows take a dip. And not to forget nature that has always stood by me to caress me and motivate me to face life challenges.

  13. Some practical tips on Cultivating Happiness in life. I admire how beautifully you added the benefits happiness brings to our health and well being.

  14. Loved reading the post and it was insightful to read how being happy affects health positively. Gratitude towards life and counting blessing surely do help to become strong.

  15. What a wonderful post!!
    A person can stay happy by simply choosing to show gratitude, care and love towards others. And the power of happiness is such that it multiplies as one tries to spread.
    Truly, staying happy also makes us physically and mentally fit!

  16. Expressing gratitude has double benifits, you are happy and the one receiving it also becomes happy. Personally, being close to nature is works wonders for me

  17. Thank you so much Ruchi and Dipika for coming up with this brilliant idea of speakeasy challenge to spread happiness in this tough time when the whole world is trying hard to hold their grip to remain positive.

  18. Spending time with nature kept me sane during the lockdown period. Yes being happy attracts good health an di learnt it the hard way

  19. Even I feel like happiness has healing powers. If we forget whts making us sad n stick to be happy in what ever situation or are, eventually things are gonna be right. Be happy from within n the world will be a beautiful place to be in.

  20. Very true, happiness is within us only.

  21. If we look closely staying happy is not that difficult if we focus on the right things like you mentioned above. Looking at the positive side and being grateful for this life are few things which I focus on to stay happy. Lovely post, Ruchi.

  22. True happiness means different things to different people. I loved the five point advice you made it is so relatable

  23. Best things in life really come for free, as you have beautifully stated in this post. Even good health can be achieved by staying positive and happy. I am really very excited to read some more on this interesting prompt.

  24. Connecting with nature! This works for me.. My specific me time is early mornings before kids wakeup.. Thats the only time I could be productive! “For myself”

  25. I think the biggest sign about a person’s happiness is gratitude and how grateful they are to everything around them.

  26. Glad to be part of this blogging challenge. I couldn’t agree more, we have to be happy from within before looking out for things in the outer world to be happy with. Loved reading this and also that picture is beautiful.

  27. I agree with your thoughts Ruchi, we need to make the most of what we have and cherish these moments. I feel this phase has reiterated the importance of family and loved ones.

  28. Such a lovely post!

  29. I love the fresh look of Wiggling Pen! WOW!
    Thank you for making me part of this wonderful challenge called #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips. During dismal times it is such challenges that keep one going. Kudos to my favourite bloggers, Dips and Ruchi.

  30. You know dear Ruchi, I was feeling so upset for not joining the challenge since beginning and today feeling so good that you and dipika has approved my request to join. thanks a lot for this, feeling so good after reading such great posts on happiness theme. your post is one of the most awesome one and I agree we need to find happiness within ourselves. being mindful and have a attitude of gratitude is one of the simple things that could make a major difference and brings loads of joy and happiness in our lives.

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