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This is all about what and how we bloggers work, we listen, research and write what user intent is. Our article or post is only to share the knowledge what we have so that it can help with someone. Our Intention is to fulfil user intent.

User Intent
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B- Backlinks
C- Community and Collaborations

D- Domain
E- Editorial Calendar
F- First Post

G- Growth
H- Handle
I- Instagrammers

J- Jetpack
K- Keywords
L- Linky Party

M- Media Kit
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P- PR Pyaar
Q- Quality Vs Quantity
R- Review

T- Traffic

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. User intent yes, how many times we used to do it, only bloggers know that.?

  2. By User intent, do you mean to write what the user wants to read? I am so dumb I don’t understand at all.

  3. That’s right! Sometimes I write for myself too.

  4. Yes. One post takes a lot of research and user useful content we would work on

  5. Totally agree. Our perspective of thinking always goes to that

  6. True said user intent needs a lot of research and writing with query and search intent and then framing a post. I sometimes write casual just for me posts to break it.

  7. It certainly helps to know what user intent is since streamlining content for our blog that is searched for gets lot easier.

  8. User intent is vital when we research for a blog, good puch for U

  9. Hmm.. user-friendly content!! Bloggers can certainly relate.

  10. yes agree dear as a responsible blogger, we always try to do proper research and share content that bring some kind of value and useful information for your readers.

  11. That right, user intent tells us what a user is looking for when conducting a search query via a search engine .

  12. User intent true, absolute essential while writing a blog. Another point well brought out
    Deepika Sharma

  13. I’m honestly not too good at this. I tend to either write personal posts or else stuff that I like myself…

  14. Yes absolutely we always want to share the content which is useful .

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