Neon fashion is most bright and trendy style of future

Neon fashion is most bright and trendy style of future

To begin a new week with something which is as bright as our dreams, which gives a ray of hope and great vibes and hold future of fashion …and it’s called Neon fashion.

80’s when there was a huge craze for pop singers and trend used to be followed by the entertainment industry, singer Madona was one with huge fan following also created and buzzed neon fashion.

This was the year when MTV was launched and created history in music with singers in neon shades glasses and style. Neon not only looks cool but also vibrant which adds energy to live. 

Shades of yellow, green, orange and even blue looks so cheerful which not only attract daytime but also night party wear.

Now, this is something which is quite an eye-catching color and trending fashion but you need to think and then decide on some points before you opt for this bold trend.

Before you choose Neon style:

  1. Neon colors are very bright and don’t suit every skin tone. As this is in fashion just don’t buy any outfit check which color matches and go well with your skin tone and hair color.
  2. Best is to go ahead and buy some accessories before you invest in the outfit of that color to check if that suits you.
  3. Don’t go for the same color from top to toe as you would also not like to look like a wrapping paper, just mix, and match.
  4. Always go for an outfit which fit well as neon colors are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make anyone look larger than they are.
  5. It’s an eye-catching and bold color which will catch attention to anyone from far off if you want that go for this adventure and grab one for yourself.

Styles must try

Pair with jacket


Skirt always in

Pair with a denim shirt and some cool accessories.

Mix match two shades

Go and try to mix and match.

Accessories add more style

Try accessories with a different outfit in neon shades in neckpieces, bangles, nail paints, footwear, handbags or even belts.

Apart from all this now this is very much available in ethnic wear too, some beautiful shades are available in Sarees too. 

So which you are opting to stand out of crowd and make the style of yours do let me know in comments below.

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  1. Need more proof that neon is a big trend right now? Look no further than Deepika Padukone in her acid green Arpita Mehta sari, super loved it. It’s been creeping into ethnic wear for a while, often in the form of a single streak of colour on a neutral lehenga or sari. What’s the quickest way to be on trend ? Wear a neon sari.

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