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From last few days, I really wanted to escape and run from this virtual world and explore someplace where I really don’t want anyone to disturb me…Trust me this thought is so much over my head that yesterday night when I went to sleep I had a beautiful yet an eye-opening dream.

Come and live my dream

Someone knocked on the door, and when I opened it a bright blue light entered my house and told me …oops yes it was just a light which was talking to me … “Ruchi, I am Mr. World and allow me to take you to the places where you can understand what and who I am in a better way”.

I just blindly followed that light and he started talking to me…

He asked, “ In your opinion who and what I am?”

For me, the world means my family, where I feel safe, secure and loved. So world, you are the most beautiful thing GOD has created for all of us. I love you!!

Oh!! That’s so sweet of you …he just replied… Let me tell you what exactly I am.. God created me with love, given me the beauty and handed me over to a human being to save me.

Let me take you to a beautiful place where water is just pure and the way God created… Let’s stop to our first destination….

Egremnoi, Greece

He took me to Egremnoi Beach in Greece which is a remote beach located on the south-western coast of the Ionian island of Lefkada, north-western Greece. The beauty of this beach was blue and clear waters and long sandy beach.

He said “This is what God has given me first …Clean and clear blue WATER“. 


I walked on that beach and learned that this place is actually an ideal for nature lovers like me, even it is the longest beaches on the island, stretching for more than 2.5 km. 

While I was really curious to explore more with my date …Mr.World I asked him …”Which is our next stop and destination?

I could easily make out his smiling voice he said now it’s time to add some fire to this water so that you can know me better…

And I found myself with Mr. World in a place called Darvaza gas crater

Darvaza gas crater

He told me this place known locally as the “Door to Hell” or ”Gates of Hell“, is a natural gas field collapsed into an underground cavern located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. 


Identified in 1971, estimated that the gas would burn out within a few weeks, but it has instead continued to burn for more than four decades. 

I asked him ..why we are here on a date?

He said this is second thing God has gifted me FIRE!!

To make me calm he told don’t worry you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Karakum desert too which is beautiful. 

I was getting an idea what he wants me to show…Out of curiosity, I asked so what’s next.

He told me to close eyes and feel….

I felt fresh breeze and fresh air…and when opened my eyes we were at our third destination that was 


This beautiful country with immense green cover has the cleanest air in the world and is located in Northern Europe.

I was just enjoying the fresh air and so Mr. World said I was blessed with clean AIR by GOD and so we are here…Nothing can beat the freshness we get from nature. 

After seeing the most amazing places from which Mr. World made up of Air, Fire, and Water….I just don’t want to go back so asked him to take me to one place which is always in my wishlist…

He said I know which is your wish…and we landed to 

Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

It is said that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted a wish. This place is outside the city of Klevan in Ukraine, a private railway turned the surrounding trees into an enchanting natural tunnel is the nearly two-mile stretch.


This was the place where I heard wished comes true and I promised Mr. World that on this DATE with you I promise to teach and spread knowledge to save this world getting dirty. 

I promised Mr. World that I will tell my all readers and my kids keep lakes, rivers, oceans clean.

I promised Mr. World that I will try to gift plants to more and more people and encourage them to plant more trees so that we can always get fresh air.

He said he felt happy to be with me on this date and dropped me back my home and before leaving he said ….


It was a #TheBlindList date with Mr.World and exploring the world with him and as I #SayYesToTheWorld I will 

definitely going to save my date…my Mr.World!!

Will you join hands to SAVE MY DATE so that we can have more dates like this with loved ones…like this video!!



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34 thoughts on “Date with the world

  1. An eye opening article we have everything in abundance by God given to us but in the mad race of commercialism we are spoiling the natural free beauty and then cribbing over with

  2. I love how you connected all together and so beautifully spread the message that we need to save our world – even if it is one plant that we plant at a time. We need to say yes to our world.

  3. How mesmerizing these places are. I feel if we do not experience the real world we haven’t lived to the fullest. One must try to see the world as much as possible

  4. Your ideas are brilliant and how ell you articulate them with strong depiction. Just love the article. You have again re enforced to the idea to travel the world while responsibly taking care of it .

  5. As the article started I thought this is just another post about travel and beautiful places. But as I came to the end I saw the beautiful message of keeping our world clean and safe which is doable but everybody waits for another person to make the initiative.

  6. Loved the way you have delivered such a beautiful message wished I was the part of that dream. Thanks for such a wonderful post keep posting such content.

  7. I don’t know what to say! This post is so unique and strikes the chord with all of us! A great message to save the five elements and the Earth!

  8. If we think from a broad view, earth is our home, all the people here are our family and we should love them all the same way we love our family and friends. Just think! This earth will be the best place to live then.

  9. I don’t know why I cant see my previous comment ,though I love the way you have have executed your post ,I would definitely love to visit Iceland someday.

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