Top 10 Fashion Trend You Can Follow in 2022

We will all agree that the years 2020-21 have been very bizarre and out of the ordinary for us. Our lives have flipped over, and many of us are still adjusting to this newly added weirdness. But don’t let these thoughts get you down because our routines aren’t the only things affected and drenched in this chaotic rain. From the smallest to the prominent sectors, everything has changed drastically. And one of them is the fashion industry. 

If we look around us, there are plenty of franchises like digital art, breakout escape room Bangalore, and even the vlogging industry hit by this abrupt clash of ideas and changes in the fashion trends and how people reacted to it. Also, the style trends these past years have been a little out of the line. But now that 2022 is here, we have noticed some new concepts stirring in the air that are a fresh breath of style in our lifestyle. So with no further waiting, let us take a glance at the top 10-fashion trends you can follow in 2022: 

1. Cardigans 

Cardigans can never run out of style. They’re also fun to wear because you can never mistake them or come with a disastrous look even by experimenting with them. Their versatility paired up with the sophisticated and luxurious looks makes it an ideal fit for everyone, be it men or women.  And the best part? You can also rely on a wide variety of resorts like denim, leggings, pants, and skirts to accentuate your style, whether grunge, goth, or casual.  

2. Power suits 

Get ready to witness the presence of power suits in wardrobes this 2022 fashion trends. The stunning fabric colors, beautiful designs, eye-catching patterns, and bold looks are the prime reasons behind the surge in popularity of these suit outfits. And since you can mix and match them with different pieces to bring out a classy and professional look, many female entrepreneurs and office working women are dipping into these stylish suits.  

3. Pastel and florals 

Since ancient times, the meaning of flowers has been interchangeable with the language of beauty, freshness, vitality, and the affectionate side of nature. And the association with floral prints on exotic paste colorings is one of the most stunning dress designs. Evergreen as the natural blossoms, this fashion trend is again caught up in the market after the boho, gothic, and dark academia dressing style. You can expect to see different exotic prints and metal petal-style in further in 2022. To carry it with grace, blend in colors like green, yellow, red, and black, and don’t just rely on the rose prints- go for new patterns and sleeve designs.  

4. Loose and baggy denim 

Over the last four years, baggy and loose styles have come to dominate the skin-tight and figure-hugging jeans. As a result, loose-fitting denim will continue to be a growing influence throughout the year 2022. A sequel to mom jean designs, you can get comfortable in these baggy pants with little effort and carry yourself with elegance while enjoying the perks of street-style dressing.  

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5. Vibrant colors 

Magenta, neon orange, bottle greens, hot pink, bright purples and yellows, cherry red, you name it, these vibrant colors will burst on your face in 2022. Dresses with clashing chromatic combos are slowly overpowering the monotonic black, grays, and whites and becoming a part of fashion trends in the fashion industry. Pick simple accessories to match your solid hues and keep a fashionable look.  

6. Sustainable outfits 

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that the concept of sustainability is trending even in the fashion industry. The year 2022 is slowly embracing the vintage and classic looks with a touch of ethnic design and ethical clothing style. Vintage gowns, repeating patterns, and brands that support virtuous statements will be the central part of sustainable outfit fashion this year, and you may even spot celebs rocking these combos.  

7. Hoodies under blazers 

Hoodies are the ever cozy clothes and comfy buddies to your body. Also, they can never go out of style. So get ready to behold the new fusion of these hoodies with an innovative twist, a blazer. That’s right, the year 2022 is trending with a staple design hoodie with a classic blazer worn over to bring out a stylish and street-smart look. This intricate combination transcends generations and adds a fashionable look to your daily wear. Mix and match different colors for hoodies and blazer designs to fit into various occasions.  

8. Oversized bomber jackets 

Next to follow the fashion trends is a bomber jackets are a go for fun if you are choosing cropped ones. But you can throw in some shade and go for oversized ones to try a neutral yet empowering look. Their no-frills yet fascinating design adds beauty to your underneath dressing and amplifies your outdoor aesthetic. You can figure out which hues bring out the best of your features and combine them with sneakers or high sox to rock a calm and casual theme.  

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9. Plaid and mini skirts 

Since last year, the plaid and mini hemlines are slowly taking over the midi style dresses and skirts. From tennis skirts to patterned ones or the thigh hugging pencil leather, you can easily carry yourself in these plaid mini skirts and come off as stylish and comfortable at the same time. What makes them a get-to-go outfit is the element of adaptation with other accessories, for you can pair them with any footwear and even tights and leggings, and is among the most loved fashion trends.

10. Cutout dresses 

You can expect to see plenty of dresses with intricate layers, asymmetrical cuts, and weaved designs this year. The trend of cutout outfits with flow skirts and slim-fit tops from 2021 will continue to rock the markets even 2022. Costumes and one-pieces consisting of kilts that have waist-oriented cutouts and top pieces showing off peekaboo and disproportioned necklines will be persistent in popularity. You can also go for keyhole patterns to carry a unique style on your body.  


The domain of fashion is infinite. Therefore, the accessories and styles don’t end with our above list. There still is so much stuff out there that you can try to see what suits your taste. With so many fashion trends to explore, it is up to you to experiment with various looks and get out of your comfort zone to find the style match-made for you. 

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  1. A much-needed blog for 2022. We are often out of ideas and struggle to decide what to wear. Thank you for sharing the trending ideas.

  2. Wow great post . I am not much into following fashion trend but your post has taught me a lot to what can I add in my wardrobe. I like the idea of sustainable outfits a lot.

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