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Inflation: How To Make Money From It

Inflation is a quantitative measure of the cost of essential items, and central banks try to keep this as low as possible in order to ….

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#IPromiseToStopFlu For My Child Every Year with Influenza Vaccine

My kids are going to have a vacation soon, so we can relax and have some fun! They love playing in parks, running around (never ….

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Psychiatric disability and Mental health

Psychiatric disability or Mental health is something that needs to be understood and taken care of in a better way. Psychiatric disability is something that ….

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Growing Influence of Online Shopping in Fashion Industry

To put it in a simple way, fashion is the art of transforming your normal attires into something elegant and eye-catchy. Now, this style of ….

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The Best Productivity Apps for a Balanced Lifestyle

It is the era of smartphones. With every part of our lives becoming digitalized, coping with multiple tasks at once seems daunting. Your mind is ….

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Mermaid Prom Dresses: Do They Suit My Body Shape?

If you are thinking about the up and coming Prom dance, your thoughts will no doubt turn to dress styles, and if you want to ….

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5 Administrative Skills That Cannot Be Imitated

Finding an employee for administrative work is very simple, but this is far from the case. If you are engaged in the selection of senior ….

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Major Efforts Of Data Science In Finance- With Its 4 Usage!

“In the whole world of science, the world is truly based on science.” This term engulfs trillions of secretes and many more. This small lettered ….

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My travel diary from Jaipur to Pune

Jaipur – The pink city is known for its royal palaces, Maharaja culture and the unending beauty of Indian history. Being one of the major ….

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Safety for beloved Senior Citizens

Safety, this is the most important factor which can’t be overlooked. As a child our parents and as a parent, we for our kids check ….

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Gifts for your loved ones – Seniors Citizens

Gifts!! Who doesn’t like to get a gift? My eyes started glittering when someone gifts me anything and I am sure you too get a ….

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Digital Technology and Senior Citizens

Digital technology is booming in India and it’s not only we dream for but also we believe in that. Our Seniors, elders have great zeal ….

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The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel

You have traveled with friends, you have travelled with family, you have been on business trips, and you have been away on romantic getaways but ….

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Travel Adventures for Senior Citizens

Travel, visiting new places, tick marks on their long-awaited bucket list. Yes, this age of senior citizens is the age of relaxation and fulfilling their ….

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