Work from home- how it is beneficial and more productive?

Work from home is the new culture we are following along with homeschooling, there are so many opinions and thoughts both as positive and negative impact. For more than a year now, we are under this scenario and trying to adjust to our new working environment.

There are many reasons I call it more beneficial and productive, listing down my top 5 reasons:

1. Balancing Life

Absolutely, this is my first most important reason to call work from home culture a most beneficial working environment. Being at home and working there are so many things which we are noticing now that used to get missed out. The biggest positive impact is now the connection between kids and working parents improved.

Spending more quality time in between small breaks, listening to their doubts and passing them a smile freshen up the entire atmosphere. Even we are getting more quality time with elders at home and with our better half, exploring more on our hobbies.

2. Financial savings

The next most important point is money saving, the amount of money which used to be our major expenses like travel expenses, parking fees, professional wardrobe and even spending money on the name of official parties all saved.

This is not only by employees but also companies are saving amount of money say their electricity bills, transportation costs and even organising official meetings offline.

3. No commute stress

Being a Mumbaikar, we know the pain of traveling from one place to another and the mental stress it gives which results in major health issues. Every second a working person spend in commuting from their home to office in traffic increase stress and anxiety which can result into problems like depression, blood sugar and more.

We could use this time which we are saving in a better way like workouts, morning or evening walk and even spending time with family.

Work from home

4. Own workspace

There is always a cheerful place for everyone at home and when that happy place turns out your workplace where you can enjoy your work, nothing could be more relaxing and productive. Setting up your workplace, which is of your own choice and taste will surely affect your mental health and brings positive vibes to work more towards productivity.

5. Happy Environment

No wonder as we are commuting less, our mother nature is happy with us and we are saving our earth. With, less traffic and responsible consumption of vehicles helped us to reduce the carbon print.

It also helps us get less exposure to illness, viruses and can get good time for physical exercise at home and live a healthy life. These are few reasons working from home counted as most beneficial and productive way to work.

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  1. Many studies have proved that working from home is beneficial to all employees. It makes them more productive and gives them ample time for their family and themselves. Like what you have said. It lessens the commute stress. Like you, we at have also the same idea that working from home is really beneficial for everyone.

  2. Work from home definitely has many benefits, and you have mentioned all of them. Despite this, I am so waiting to step out!

  3. Work from home has many positive effects. Kids love it when they see their parents around. And for us, it feels more relaxing as we don’t have to worry about running round the clock. Not that work from home is always relaxing but as you mentioned, commute time, unnecessary expenses are under control.

  4. These are some valid pointers about work from home. I too feel it is the best and productive option. I got to agree that the reduction in commuting time is the biggest advantage

  5. Work from home has been the way of life for the past one year and sure has been a different experience. I agree that it saves time, money and gives us flexibility.

  6. Work From Home is actually a win-win situation for employees and employers alike. While it allows employees to strike the right work-life balance, it results in better productivity and lesser costs to employers.

  7. Work from home definitely has so many benefits like you mentioned. Especially to work at your comfort level with flexible timing

  8. Work from home is definitely a win win situation for employees and employers too . Financial saving ,balancing life and happy environment are true for sure.

  9. I have a mixed thought when it comes to Work from home. while it was such a great change in previous times but in this pandemic life with so much on plate WFH looks a little difficult at times.

  10. Working from the home office affords many benefits to increase performance and achieve greater work-life balance. Great thoughts.

  11. Work from home has both pros and cons. But considering the pros, it sure saves time and the stress of the commute.

  12. Work from home is something tbat we bloggers have been doing since years snd others have just started now. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to focus, but keeping in mind the positive points, I would always opt for it.

  13. Work from home is both a blessing and a pain. But if we know how to balance it well from home it indeed is a blessing. We can manage the house, give time to the kids. Still, be able to earn for the family and so much more.

  14. Productivity is a challenge when we are in work from home. But you have shared some ideas that are easy and productive

  15. I too believe that work frm home saves frm the time wasted in traffic and get some work doen instead. My husband spend 2 hrs each way n that’s much productive time wasted.

  16. Work from home indeed got a new recognition since the pandemic hit us. As much comfort we get out of this format, we need to make sure to be consistent with our efforts as well. With all the pros and cons, I would definitely opt for the WFM over office-going jobs.

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