How to control anger-5 tips to stay calm!!

During this pandemic, we all have gone through every emotional ride. Getting angry is absolutely normal, and it’s can affect you, your health, and even your relationships. Talking about how to control anger by some self-tests and self-realization can help us manage it well.

Talking about managing your anger, doesn’t mean that you should never get angry, it’s all about how to stay calmer, recognizing your triggers, controlling and push your energy productively.

Why control anger?

Anger is one of that emotion which can lead to a major problem if it is in its extreme intense rage. We majorly termed it as “negative emotion” we can turn it as positive if that helps someone.

We should manage or control this so that it could not turn into dangerous result. Anger can lead to various problems like:

  1. Depression
  2. Stress
  3. Abuse
  4. Financial issues
  5. Family problems
  6. Social cut-offs
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Anxiety and many other issues.

It’s important that it should not affect your physical, mental health and social life and for that you need to take the first step by yourself. Sharing my 5 tips how to keep calm and control your anger.

5 Tips to stay calm

There are 3 approaches which people follow to deal with their anger- Express, suppress or Calming. Expressing is one of the most perfect way to control your anger, but only if it is not aggressive but in a healthy way.

Suppressing any emotion is really doesn’t work for me, but there are people who know how to hold their anger and channel that energy in a constructive and productive way.

Last, is Calming, which I can say my way of handling anger issues. It’s a way to control not only my outer behavior but also my internal way of response. I handle with my top 5 ways to stay calm which I love to share:

Control Anger

1. Physical Activity

Best way to burn your energy is your favorite physical activity. Go out for walk putting up your favorite music listening and walking with nature, workout, and in my case I dance on my choice of songs, it helps me to forget and energize more. This will help you feel lighter, releasing all tension and make your mind free.

2. Talk to someone

It’s important to share your thoughts with someone who could understand you and can guide you if you are wrong. Call or meet someone who comforts you and can advise in a better direction.

3. Walk Away

It sounds very little weird but yes, if it’s a heated argument it’s always suggested to walk away from that place, it might get noticed and called as irresponsible behavior for sometime but allows you and the other person to rethink the whole episode of argument and later can control and calm.

4. Breathe, Count 10

Just breathe!! and count till 10 it really works, I tried quite a few times when I lose my calm on kids and it helps me to rejuvenate myself.

5. Smile, Laugh!!

Last but not the least, I seriously tried this, and it works, just act opposite and you can skip the heated argument.Well!! Make sure you don’t act stupid laughing on serious issues, but to control your anger it is the best way to act opposite,

Anger is a poison and we need to understand our trigger points and act accordingly.

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  1. Just like any other emotion, anger is also an emotion. As human beings, we all lose of temper occasionally. But how quickly we bounce back to norma state is what maters. By following some basic techniques we can help to keep anger issues under control.

  2. Wow what a co incidence, I also use most of these ways to control my anger. Talking with my mom mostly take away my all tensions and worries and yes, I also walk away from a heated argument to give sometime to think again on matter .

  3. Yes, Anger is destructive .But there is a healthy way of letting out the hurt or insult that causes the anger. Walking away from the situation and drinking a glass of water always works !

  4. Back counting works very well for me in calming myself. One more tip to suppress anger is to change your position. If you are standing , sit down; if you are sitting start walking. This works very well too.

  5. Anger issues is a major concern and should be tackled within time to keep it in control. The pointers you have mentioned are very apt. Music therapy and art therapy also help alot to bring out the emotions and underlying issues.

  6. We all feel angry at times and these methods to deal with it are really effective. I generally walk away and drift my mind into other things to calm myself down.

  7. I am thankfully far away from loosing mind. But have many people around who need constant counseling to control anger.
    I like your parenting articles. Can u suggest something thar can help controlling anger in kids?

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