My Anti-Bucket list, 5 things I never ever want to do!

I love to plan; I love to list down things I want to do in life. But today I am going to share my anti-bucket list with you all. Now, why anti-bucket list?

There is a reason behind sharing this list, known as the most practical and strong-headed person I too have 5 major things in life which I can never try or do or even wish happen till my last breath.

1. Never losing Faith and hope in God.

I love being called a God-fearing person, and never want that my faith and hope on my almighty to fade. There were many incidents in my life that happened that turned into “Miracle” and all because of my faith and hope in God.

2. Never losing my identity and self-respect.

My parents always told me and taught me to always stand for my self-respect, if you will not protect yourself respect no one else will do on your behalf. This is something that makes me more strong today and I never want to compromise on these two biggest pillars of my life my identity and my self-respect.

3. Never giving up my dreams.

I am someone who loves to dream and dare to follow and try to achieve that dream. Dreams in my life work like my reason to survive. I never want to give up or unfollow my dreams.

Anti-Bucket list

4. Don’t want to give up my love for food.

I just love food, a big foodie that stays within me is some who loves to eat and cook both. Changing weather like rainy seasons and snacks bring out my foodie monster outside.

5. Don’t want to leave dancing and singing

Being a trained Kathak dancer which is really my first love, and it is the biggest stress buster for me and singing gives me peace. I never ever can leave these two things in life.

These are my top 5 from anti-bucket list, now it’s your turn to share what you will never ever do? Do share in comments below.

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  1. Loved reading this, I think its all things we would never want on our bucket list. Add skydiving and bungee jumping to the list for me too! lol

  2. This is such an interesting post, I have never seen an anti bucket list before LOL. This is such a great idea and I feel like it will help me focus on passion in life and not give up on them. I can’t wait to make my own list!

  3. I think there will be millions of people in the world who will agree with your anti bucket list there!!

  4. I thought you were going to give me some places you didn’t want to visit or something like that when I read the title LOL. But this list works well too. These are good choices, Thank you for sharing!

    1. Well, I am happy that you like the post and these choices works for you too!!

  5. That’s a lovely post and very meaningful! We should neber lose hope and determination in life. In love with this anti-bucket list.

    1. Yeah!! I always wanted to share this Anti bucket list!!

  6. Haha, don’t let anyone ever take away your love for food. That’s nice to keep these things.

  7. I am sharing them with you except # 5. I can’t sing to save my left. My faith is what keeps me going.

  8. This is such a great thing to do. Most of the time we make want-to-do lists but this can be done too. I will include “to stop learning and to stop improving” on my list

  9. This is a great list for things that you should not give up, if they are important in your list than yes! Go for them!

  10. These are cute ‘Nevers’ list here, funny but a reality in life!

  11. Its great to have an anti-bucket list, it can keep us motivated! Il never give up the love of food either

  12. I love this concept- the anti-bucklet list! This post made me reflect on the boundaries I need to set in my life. Great read.

  13. That’s a very positive post and I agree with all of them mentioned above

  14. enjoy my read here & love this anti bucket list, will apply some of them in the list for myself too 😀
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Loved the idea of an anti-bucket list. Also the 5 points you have listed down 🙂

  16. This is an amazing post, it’s a great reminder to those who are struggling to keep balance. Number 1 and 2 is so me. No matter what I never want to lose my faith in God and lose my self respect.

  17. I agree with all the things you mentioned. Those seem like the most important ones.

  18. Love the concept of an anti-bucket list, and your choices are great pics! I found myself nodding my head at almost all the things you mentioned.

  19. Well, my list is very much similar to yours. I will add one more to it- never stop learning. And never give up my desire to study psychology professionally.

  20. I honestly loved the concept of anti bucket list, it is totally unique and perfect . I agree with each and every pointers mentioned in the list, true that . We should never budge in

  21. Wow, your anti-bucket list has stuff that all of us must have too. Self-respect, faith and our dreams make us who we are. Can never give them up!

  22. I thiink it is really a great idea to have an anti-bucket list too. We all are clear in our minds about certain things that we will never do. Great to capture them in the form of an anti-bucket list.

  23. This is the first anti bucket list I’ve come across. And this so inspiring and motivating. Absolutely optimistic attitude is much needed in life

  24. This is a unique post -Anti bucket list . We all should follow this . Yes, we shouldn’t leave our dream and I too can’t leave being foodie . Ha ha .

  25. I love your list and agree with all points, and especially the love for food. I believe in eating good and healthy food too.

  26. I decided to go reverse and make an-anti-bucket list, things that I will not do ever . There’re many things that just can’t be done. Great thoughts.

  27. This is such a wonderfully written post. Anti-bucket list sounds like a needed thing. Basically I feel, we should never repeat anything that has drained away our peace.

  28. we always read about the bucket list. this one is something different than the usual. in fact some even I would never give up.

  29. That’s a lovely post Ruchie and it made me also sit back and think about what I would not like to do ever. Even I have a bucket list in my mind now and the post-primary one is not losing faith in God as you rightly said.

  30. Wow this is an important reminder. I have never really thought about things I shouldn’t do

  31. Yes all these are important along with the things you wanted to do. Most importantly not losing hope and not losing self respect

  32. I’ve heard a lot about people having a bucket list but an anti bucket list so so fab. It’s fabulous that you don’t want to loose the zest for life as that’s what life is all about. I am going to write one too now.

  33. What a wonderful concept to write about. One should never compromise with things that make them happy 🙂 I have seen your dance videos and absolutely love those.

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