10 Tips On How To Reduce Stress When Living With Diabetes

Stress Management has been a global concern, especially for those individuals who are living with diabetes. It becomes vital that the person is able to manage diabetes well since there are a lot of lifestyle changes along with medication that a person is expected to make.

If you are someone living with diabetes and under stress, you are most likely to skip your meals, medications, etc. which can severely impact your health and mental well-being.

Before moving on to how you can control or manage or reduce stress in your life when living with diabetes, it is very important to understand that stress is unavoidable. But one can manage it effectively to a level that it doesn’t hurt your health.

10 Tips For Reducing Stress When Living With Diabetes

1.       Start Exercising on a Regular Basis

Exercising on a regular basis can significantly help in reducing stress. There is a scientific reason behind this when you exercise, a hormone called endorphin is released in your body.

The hormone endorphin is responsible for making us happy and feeling relaxed, which can ultimately help us in reducing stress.

Here are some common exercises that you can do at home:

  1. Walking
  2. Dancing
  3. Yoga

In addition, to boost your energy levels and further protect your body against the effects of stress, you may wish to consider adding a supplement such as Morning Complete to your daily regimen. 

2. Listening to Music

Listening to music helps in lowering heart rate & cortisol levels and in releasing endorphins.

Music has been used for managing stress since ancient times. Listening to music makes our body relax & relieves tension and helps in improving our mood and energy levels.

Music can be a great option for a person living with diabetes in reducing stress.

3. Take Out Time To Relax

Every now and then you must take some time out for yourself from your busy schedule to relax.

Research has proved, that if you take out time for yourself to relax, it re-energizes you to work better and effectively. You can just make it your me-time and ask others in the family to honor it.

Working continuously for long hours and not relaxing can put you under mental stress.

4. Socialize With Your Friends or Family

Socializing with your friends and family is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Sharing your day at work, school, etc. with your family, or having conversations with your friends can make you laugh, smile, and enjoy life which can ultimately help you in relaxing and lowering your stress levels.

5. Follow Your Hobby

Doing what you love or following your hobby can of course make you happy. This will release endorphins in your body and it will help in boosting your mood and energy levels which can significantly help in managing stress.

6. Focus on One Thing at A Time

Focusing on one thing at a time helps in getting work done quicker with better results as compared to focusing on doing multiple things.

Engaging in one thing at a time will also give you a sense of satisfaction from the work you have done, which can be really helpful in boosting your mood.

Stress can increase your blood glucose levels, which is not good for a diabetic patient. Hence it is recommended to monitor your glucose level on a regular basis with a good glucose monitoring system.

Freestyle Libre is a revolutionary glucose monitoring system that helps you track your glucose levels without finger pricks. It is a sensor-based device, very easy as well as convenient to use.

The sensor is applied to the back of your upper arm and can be worn for up to 14 days. Simply swipe the reader over the sensor to get a complete picture of your glucose levels.

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Reduce Stress

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7. Get Enough Sleep

Not giving proper rest to your body can be bad for your health. You must sleep well for at least 6-8 hours to re-energize your body to work effectively and efficiently.

Not getting enough sleep can make you irritated and stressed.

8. Start Eating Healthy Food

You must have heard, that we are what we eat. Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats can boost energy levels and improve overall wellness.

9. Avoid Getting Into Stressful Things

Avoiding getting into stupid things, it can be a toxic relationship, or friends or something else can really help you in getting rid of mental, emotional, and social stress.

10.     Stop Using Tobacco

 Consumption of tobacco is often seen as a stress reliever, but it is actually the opposite, eating tobacco reduces the blood flow in our body and causes breathing problems that cause stress on our body.


Stress can impact your life, but if one masters the art of managing stress, life becomes easy. Stress management is recommended for every individual but if you are a diabetic patient, it is a must for you. Ignoring it can result in serious problems.

One can manage stress by following the 10 tips that I have mentioned in the article, these are the simplest of all.

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Disclaimer – This article is an advisory piece. Before you manipulate your diet habit and health-related changes kindly consult a medical practitioner or nutritionist.


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  1. Controlling diabetes is easy if one follows a healthy lifestyle and takes all necessary diet and medical precautions. Well written and helpful post about the care one must take.

    1. I agree Varsha, it’s important to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Any disease brings lot of stress and someone suffering from diabetes requires lot of discipline in life. Healthy diet, regular exercising with constant monitoring is must for which Freestyle Libre is like a boon.

    1. Yes, It is really helpful for the one who is suffering from diabetes.

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Those are some really helpful tips to deal with diabetes. And managing stress is a very important step not only for a diabetic but for everyone as well. Freestyle Libre is such a fantastic device. I’m going to share it with my aunt.

    1. Managing stress is really important for all of us, I agree.

  4. If you have diabetes it is particularly necessary that you lead a stress-free lifestyle. Stress is undesirable for anyone and can lead to health complications. These are some really practical tips to beat stress.

    1. Thanks for stopping here !!

  5. Stress has become a part of our life, it’s simply inevitable but it can be managed and also reduced to a great extent by following a healthy lifestyle. And, if someone is living with diabetes and it should be their top most priority to work on reducing their stress levels to keep a check on their glucose levels. You have shared some wonderful tips here to reduce stress.

    1. Stress is so common nowadays, we all need to manage it well. Thanks for stopping here.

  6. Stress can lead to one thing and that to another. You are right by maintaining healthy lifestyle one can live with diabetes happily. These pointers are very helpful.

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  8. Exercise, music have been stress busters for me too.

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  22. FreeStyle Libre is the perfect alternative to pricking yourself to check sugar levels. Takes much of the stress of diabetes away!

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  28. Those are some really helpful tips to deal with diabetes. Freestyle Libre is such a fantastic device. I’m going to share it with my aunt.

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  30. Stress management is a must these days. Most of the times our stress levels remain high and it affects a lot to those with diabates. These pointers are very helpful

  31. Diabetes is surely a very difficult disease to live with and I am sure it causes a lot of stress. These are such good tips, especially exercising regularly.

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