How To Create Travel Videos Like A Pro

Travel Videos

Traveling around and seeing beautiful places? How about some travel vlogs? Isn’t it wonderful to share scenic beauty with others and share happiness? A travel video will always have the hearts and eyes of people. If your travel video gives others peace, what more does one want?

Watching a travel video is always fun and many people love seeing them on social media platforms like Instagram, tit-tok, youtube, and many more. Everyone, every time can’t visit all the places but they can sit in their comfort and witness the world with you. 

If you are a travel enthusiast and plan on making travel videos then this article is especially for you. We’ll help by telling you how you can edit the travel video like a pro so you can feel more confident while uploading the videos online and also you can maximize your reach. 

1. Footage Collection 

Step one, recording the amazing view and yummy food. Remember to record all the beautiful moments you have witnessed, and do it in different manners which will help you have the required footage to make a complete video and keep all the raw content handy. Doing this will prepare you to have the basic material to create a final video. 

2. Selection Of Right Video Making Tool

No matter what kind of video making you do, you will need a proper tool that will make your work easy and efficient. There are some amazing and easy-to-use online video maker tools available. With these tools, you can make and adjust your video according to your needs. Also for quick video making, you can choose premade video templates offered by video makers and can make your videos online within minutes like a pro. Thus Creating quality and engaging videos is very important and plays a crucial role in making your travel video.

3. Merging The Clips

Raw videos might need cuts and trims, to be put together to get a complete sequel. All the clips you have shot at different angles should be brought together. When you record videos there are some extra recordings that you have to cut and keep the important parts so that you can merge them together to build something meaningful. Merging the clips requires more patience and attention and doing it yourself can be tiresome. 

4. Adjust Speed

Vlogging is a way to connect but have you thought about the speed limit in a video? Relax there’s nothing like a speed limit, the speed mentioned is about the one used in the video. Some special clips are supposed to show in slow motion and some road trips should be shown at 2x speed. Controlling the speed of the video is a must. If you don’t control the pace, it becomes tough for the audience to understand.

5. Correct The Color Scheme 

Videos without colors are not so captivating and even at times of recording the video lighting may not be available or the natural brightness may not be in sync, Color can excite emotions and make people resonate with the places you show and create a good factor. Make your video more presentable with proper lighting and color concept. Bring out the best using all the beautiful tints to video so that people can see through your lens in a meaningful way.  

Travel Videos

6. Add Audio And Music

None will appreciate a plain video as it lacks something that can catch the fancy of the viewers. Appropriate music can rock your travel videos. But make sure that you don’t use lossy audio that makes the audience want to take a nap and also don’t add too much high and party music. Travel video is meant to be soothing and rich with the essence of happiness, so choose music that is neutral and elegant.

7. Increase Connectivity With Subtitles 

You might be wondering who puts subtitles to their travel videos but you don’t realize its potential unless you start using them. People who are going to watch are not just selected communities but also specifically able people. Adding subtitles will increase the chance of reaching your video to every individual and definitely, that will portray your thoughtfulness as well.  Subtitles not only help them but also those who speak languages different from yours. Subtitles help in better understanding and more and more people will feel connected to your videos.

8. Add Magic

Nah! This is not an abracadabra kind of magic but adding the aspect that makes your video catchy. Transition is something that is not new but yes it’s the trend nowadays. If you are thinking about where to use transition in a travel video, let us explain to you how and where it can be used. When you move from one place to another, how will you present the shift? Will you leave it blank? Not. You can apply transitions at the place and you will have a video without gaps and this looks flawless. Transition is magic to the videos that can turn an average clip into an impressive one.  

9. Graphics

It’s a myth when someone says “Don’t use the graphic it doesn’t make it look natural”. The truth is using graphics in videos makes it look more natural and gives an HD look that will make your video lively and watchable. 

Check how to make gifs from videos


Travel videos are so wonderful that one can’t get bored of them, but it also depends upon the creator of the video to make it convenient for the audience. You don’t have to panic, just keep the above discussion in mind when you make your video.

Video making and editing is a skill that doesn’t come to a person from birth but you can learn it anytime. Well, why learn at all when you have the technical assistance of this era? You must know the sequence and how it should appear to your viewers. With video makers in the market, the process is easier than it used to be some years back. So, fill your backpack, carry your camera and capture moments, and then make travel videos that will appeal to your audience there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a top travel vlogger. 

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  1. My elder one make beautiful videos and follow most of these steps you have mentioned in this post. yes, video making is an art and when we put proper attention on each aspect, we can create beautiful videos as awesome memories for future.

    1. Wow!! kids are pro nowadays.

  2. Creating travel videos is a creative but tedious process. I’m still learning it and am looking for as many tips as possible. Your post has taught me a thing or two. Thank you!

    1. I also learned now making videos in a better way, hope this will help you too.

  3. I do try to learn video making but I am not able to master it. Does Invideo leave a watermark? I thought most of the video makers are at a cost online. I need personal classes I think 🙂

    1. Watermark will be there in the free version, need to get the pro version for videos without watermark.

  4. Much needed tips there, thanks a lot! Nowadays social media is mostly visually focused and creating a great video is the best way to capture the imagination and hearts of your audience

    1. I agree now videos are more in demand. Thanks for stopping here to read.

  5. Travel videos are like a memory stored forever, with merging clips and little editing I am sure the experience comes out to be magical. Good to know about the tips about making travel video.

  6. In today’s reels world ..almost every one of us wants to capture the moments.great post.for me my husband captures all the content ..and i just know making reels on Instagram.

  7. I love creating travel videos and I can say it is not at all an easy task but all the efforts are worth when you see your amazing creation. Your have mentioned all the important points that will help a travel enthusiast create a mind-blowing video of their travel.

  8. True video editing is not a topic that comes to everybody naturally. Also I think it needs constant improvement. I am a traveller and like to make travel videos and your pointers helped me a lot.

  9. Great tips, I keep on experimenting with videos . But I haven’t carried my DSLR camera to any travel place.This time I am thinking to capture images and video with my camera.

  10. Noor Anand Chawla

    As a travel writer, I create many travel videos and yes these tips that you have shared are indeed very useful. A good checklist.

  11. Yes you are right . Travel videos does need lot of skills. You have listed down very valid points. Your post has taught me a thing or two. Thank you!

  12. I love making videos and I know I’m learning something new everyday. This post definitely was insightful on where to concentrate on editing when creating videos

  13. Very useful tips indeed. I am very bad at making travel videos. I will keep in mind these tips the next time I travel.

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