Unusual Fun Facts about Traveling the World

Fun Facts about Traveling

The world is full of wonders, and the only way to find out is through traveling. Different destinations have distinct hidden fan facts that only the locals know. That is why you always find those people who love to travel end up knowing more about the world than others. Thankfully, this article is going to bring you the fun facts about traveling in the comfort of your location. The list is lengthy, and so below are only the main facts. By the end of the read, you are going to start planning your vacation sooner to discover more about this fantastic and mysterious world.

Ortona is the only town in the world with free wine fountain

It may sound like a pure scam, but it is true. In Ortona, there is a fountain of free wine that is ever-flowing. All you have to do is get a glass and have your share of wine. There are no rules, no restrictions, but sweet tasting wine. So while in Ortona, after you enjoy a glass of Chivas regal, move south and enjoy free wine. The free wine fountain is due to the collaboration Dora Sarchese Vini a winemaker and the organization that promotes Cammino di san Tommaso or the way of Thomas a famous pilgrimage route.

Indonesia is a volcanically active country

Once you set foot in Indonesia, you may dispute this fact, given that nobody worries about the volcanoes. People are going about their businesses even though it is a country with the most active volcanoes in the world. Over the years, Indonesia has seen 1,171 eruptions. Most of these volcanoes exist on the Sunda volcanic arc, which stretches from NW Sumantra to the Banda Sea, a distance of 3000kms. The fact that people are aware of these statistics and still leave around the areas is scary. It is also the country that had the world’s largest volcanic eruption in 1815.

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There are more cars in San Morino than people

Sometimes the only way to avoid paying too much taxes on your vehicle is going to a country that charges pennies on the dollar, register then bring it back home. That is the main reason why San Morino gets to have more cars than people. It is among the fun facts about traveling the world, given that the country is only a small nation with less than 40,000 people. What makes it a fun fact is that people are utilizing the laws on one country to their favor, whether citizens or not. Due to the cunningness of people, you should thus expect a normal flow of traffic once you land in San Morino.

No country is more intelligent than Canada

Apart from having beautiful cities and a high quality of life, Canada ranks as the number one nation when it comes to intelligence. The country has more educated individuals than any other country on the planet. What is also surprising is that the number of educated women is more than that of educated men. So once you land in the country, know that you are dealing with learned individuals.

People are much happier spending money traveling than spending it on any other thing

It is true that you are going to put on a broad smile whenever you purchase a car or a house. But how do you feel after traveling to a foreign country? The feeling is priceless and irreplaceable. First, you get to have sweet memories about a place, and that alone is enough to see you grin for years to come. That is why most people spend their savings traveling than make an expensive purchase. Another thing that makes traveling the best way to spend money is that every physical thing is replaceable, but memories are not. A single dollar spent on a journey is like purchasing a lifetime of sweet memories.

At any time and day, there are 61,000 men on the air in the USA

The flight mode of people in the USA is beguiling. Apparently, at any given time and day, there are at least 61,000 people over the USA traveling by airplanes. Such a statistic shows the luxury of most people in the USA, thus making it one of the many crazy travel facts. Despite France being a country with most foreign visitors, there is no single year that it can have an average number of people over the country traveling air surpassing that of the United States.

The pilots of the same plane have to eat different meals

You must be giggling and wondering why this happens. Well, if the pilots eat similar meals, they may end up having stomach upset at the same time. To prevent such a scenario, they have to eat different meals so that in case one pilot ends up having stomach issues. The others can handle the plane without any problems. That is why it is rare to find both pilots having food poisoning at the same time. The cockpit is always having one pilot in good shape if not both.

The above fun facts make the world a great place to live. They are also the main reason why you should travel more often. There are also other incredible fun facts that you can come across during your travels that is going to stun you and leave you amazed by life on earth.

These are some fun facts about traveling the world…Do you know more share in the comment section below!!

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