The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel

Solo Female Travel

You have traveled with friends, you have travelled with family, you have been on business trips, and you have been away on romantic getaways but have you ever traveled solo? You and your will to explore? Have you ever thought of measuring the vast depths of solitude? If not so yet, then now is the time to consider the possibility of going on a solo trip seriously. Being a girl inhibitions are always present at the back of our minds, well, don’t worry this article might be what you need. Here’s your ultimate guide to the solo female travel.

First things first..

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Decisions Decisions!

If you have made up your mind about going on solo female travel, then kudos to you for successfully making it to base camp 1. Next in line is deciding the destination. It is a decision of unprecedented importance because if you are doing it for the first time, doing it right is a necessity.

Taking baby steps is the process to go for, choose a place that you have visited earlier or already know. To be on the safer side, select a destination that is nearby. Carrying essentials like the world map scratch poster is crucial because you need to have a back up in case you face network issues. A map will keep you on track even when GPS can not. There is nothing to be intimidated about just because you are a girl and all by yourself, start small if you are a beginner and you should be fine. Read more here about travel gear that can make your solo trip safer and more enjoyable.

Do the research

Being a girl if you are heading out alone, then the analysis is fundamental. You don’t have to step into the unknown waters the very first time. Do proper research about the place you are planning to visit. Weather, customs, etiquette, dressing- make it a point to gather all the essential information. Common sense plays a vital role when it comes to practical things in life, do proper research and use logic before making any decisions. In case you don’t have WiFi access, keep the address and contact numbers of the hotel and other essential helplines and emergency numbers handy. Look for places that are safer for girls and offer a female-friendly environment

Don’t just travel. Visit a place!

Make a list of all the essential sites to explore. Make conversations with local people and find out the places to visit, a local person’s insight is more valuable than any website or article. A city’s true spirit lies in its people and their history, and its not a hidden fact that how much girls love history. Ask them for pointers and make it a point to follow them. More often than not, the hidden and lesser-known sites turn out to be the highlight of the whole trip. Make it a point to visit the local cafes and restaurants and try the local food.

Making it work on a shoestring budget

Completing a whole trip on a shoestring budget can be a challenging task, even for us girls. However, nothing is impossible if you tread carefully. And once you pull this off, the feeling of accomplishment that overtakes will leave you ecstatic. There is a pleasure in completing a trip in the minimum possible budget. Hostels are a great way of saving on hotels, they are safe and cheap and allow you to meet a lot of fellow female travelers. Certain hostels link you to a couple of pubs and bars that can add to your solo girl trip experience. Keep an eye open for these offers. Hunt for female-oriented programs and rejuvenate your feminine side.

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Importance of a travel insurance

Trust me, while traveling alone, your only best friend is your travel insurance. At times when everything goes wrong, you can always fall back upon the travel insurance. From losing your luggage to medical issues during the trip, travel insurance covers it all for you. Browse through your options and decide the right scheme for yourself. Be a smart girl traveler.

Keeping the loved ones informed

Solo female travel can turn out to be very stressful if there is a communication gap between you and your loved ones. A girl heading out alone can be a troublesome idea for many parents. Make sure to contact them whenever you get a chance, keep in touch regularly and make it a point to share your location details with at least one person. If you are planning to go entirely off the grid, then the best thing to do is plan out the whole trip beforehand and share the itinerary with your family and friends, however, inform them of any changes that might happen. For pulling off the entire off-the-grid thing, head out to the safest places for women to visit like Amsterdam, Canada, etc. This way, everyone stays informed and stress-free.

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Traveling light

As fun as it is, traveling alone, has its share of responsibilities. From carrying the luggage to taking care of all the essential documents, be prepared to do it all on your own. Abiding by the rules can help you get through with this. The rule to remember is that travel light if you want to travel smart. It will not only help you to move comfortably but will also reduce the luggage costs while flying. If you are a health-conscious gal, then it’s not a bad idea to carry gym outfits as you can quickly work out in the hotel you stay or at public parks. Hygiene can be an issue for most of the solo girl travelers, the best way to overcome this is by carrying tissues, sanitary pads, toilet seat sanitizers, hand sanitizers, etc.

Being a girl, going on solo female travel can be a rewarding experience, with a little care and a lot of fun. With the innate cacophony of our rushing lives, we often do not hear our inner voice. A solo trip is a great way to change that and reconnect with yourself. We all have an explorer hiding within us, give it a chance to come out.

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  2. Nice post with some good tips on solo traveling. I have never been on a solo trip and not sure if I will ever go. It will be a totally different experience for me.

  3. I can relate to all these points, some 4 years back I travelled to U.K alone, though it was a work trip and a stay for a year.. but it was one of a kind adventure

  4. Hey Ruchi,

    You have written a very nice blog, quite an informative one. I am planning to travel solo sice last year, but I am unable to materialize it. By the way, have you traveled Solo to a completely new destination?

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