7 Tips for Traveling & Flying With an Infant

traveling with an infant

Being a parent is a game-changer. The minute they put that precious bundle of joy in your hands, you know your life is changed forever. Amongst other things, your trips will never be the same as well.

The first trip or vacation with your baby is obviously a big deal, but it is also filled with anxiety, fear, nervousness, and excitement. As parents, we can’t help but worry.

Given that traveling with an infant can be a little scary, it requires extra planning. Here are 7 tips for traveling & flying with an infant:

1. Book The Right Flight Seats

If you’re planning to board a flight to your destination, you will have to purchase a separate airplane seat for your toddler. This requires you to bring a car seat on the plane. You need to make sure the car seat is up to code because some car seats are not designed for air travel.

However, if you plan to hold your infant, then consider booking the aisle and window seats instead of side by side seats. Make sure to tell the airline that you have a baby when checking at the airport and let them know you would like to book off the middle seat if the flight isn’t sold out.

Luckily, most airlines accommodate this. And if the flight is full, offer your window seat, this will allow you to sit beside your baby.

2. Bring The Right Stroller

As I said, you will need a stroller! And for baby safety travel, you’ll need the right stroller. For short trips, I recommend carrying a lightweight umbrella stroller. They’re easy to transport and very affordable.

For trips that will include a lot of sightseeing or longer tours, a full-size durable stroller is the best option. It is clunky and heavy but allows the toddler to nap on the go.

3. Pack Properly

Chances are you’ll be sharing your seat with your toddler, so consider the baggage restrictions too. You may also have to pay extra for additional luggage like the stroller.

I strongly recommend carrying a stroller. Make sure the stroller is fully collapsible, so it’s easy to gate check and use it during layovers. Having a stroller to hang your carry-ons from and set your baby will give your tired body a nice break.

Buy a travel stroller that is collapsible and lightweight, so it’s easy to bring it along on board and keep it in the overhead compartment.

4. Bring Baby Entertainment

Whether you’re taking a plane, boat, or train, your baby is bound to get bored at some point, and they will need some entertainment. The last thing you need is a cranky infant on an airplane.

As a bored precaution, bring plenty of books and toys, and make sure to use them. Kids love when they get entertained and play as much as you can with your baby. That beautiful smirk on their face is enough to make the flight bearable.

It also helps to have new surprises up your sleeve. This will especially come in handy during a long trip. Having a couple of new toys with you is an excellent idea because it will help distract your baby. Try toys never seen, songs never heard, or food treats you only give him on special occasions.

Save these surprises for when your baby seems exhausted from other entertainment options and starts to be cranky. Remember, the trip is to make the flight a little more bearable than expected. The first flight experience is crucial to him as it is to you, so their comfort should be a priority.

5. Book a Hotel Room with a Baby’s Bed

Not all hotels have baby cribs available. Hence, never assume that your baby’s sleeping needs will be catered for.

Call the hotel before you book accommodation. Request a baby bed with your room and while at its request for a corner room as well. A corner room will help limit the number of guests who could be affected by your infant’s wailing.

6. Prepare for Foreign Food

When traveling to countries known for foodborne bacteria and diseases, it’s a good idea to carry your baby food. It is not safe to assume that all countries have the same brand of baby food; the truth is, most don’t. Assuming otherwise would be a mistake.

Just to be safe, carry your baby’s cereal.

7. Get your Baby Vaccinations

Does your infant get shot? I highly recommend that you get individual shots like Hepatitis A before visiting countries prone to mumps and measles outbreaks. An MMR shot is crucial in this case.

To be safe, research your destination before booking flights and see if there’s a travel advisory. Make sure to research early because some vaccinations need a few weeks or months in between shots. Make your traveling with an infant most memorable trip.

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