Doodhpathri- The valley of milk

Doodhpathri- The valley of milk

January 30, 2019 16 By Ruchi Verma

People planning to have a long weekend trip in Kashmir, mostly visit places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonarmarg, Leh etc, that’s what is arranged by any tourism or local guide. So why not move away from the madding crowd and head towards Doodhpathri– to get a glimpse of heaven on Earth. It is a small bowl shaped hill station in Kashmir, about 45kms from Srinagar.

Not many have heard of this place, but those who have witnessed claim it to be better than Gulmarg and Sonarmarg. It is less known to be overcrowded and mostly visited by the local people for their weekend trip or a friends outing.

The Naming- Valley of Milk

There are several stories behind its name. Few say that it gushed into the meadows with such a high force, that it looks like a stream of milk flowing down from a far away distance.

Another interesting story often heard was that of a Kashmir saint, who pricked the land in want for water, and milk oozed out from the ground. Make sure to dance to the tune of the river, jumping over the pebbles, soaking your feet in the icy cool water.

Time to visit

Doodhpathri is relatively experiencing pleasant weather all year round.  However, in winter, you will be able to see snow chunks and while in summer enjoying the green stretches. June-July will be ideal if you are a nature’s lover or else make your visit in December and January if you want to experience a freezing cold winter.

Carry a tent, arrange bone-fire, pop into the local markets and spend quality time with your friends and family. The residents are friendly enough providing you with Kashmiri tea and bread and guiding you to trek to small hills nearby.

It is a one-day visit spot and as it is not so developed you will not be finding any hotels nearby for your stay, so book your hotels near Srinagar with availabel amazing Oyo Offers Online and pack your lunch and dinner if you are camping at that place. The journey through the roads are not so comfortable, so you may end up tiring, but the sight of the place is worth all those troubles..!

Things To Do

Doodhpathri is not a place which you get to see every day. If you are kind of solo traveler or having photography as your hobby, then fill your passion while you are here. Camping activities can be carried out as well. But this place doesn’t serve any facilities for that. You need to bring your own tent and set up. The local shepherd comes during the summer season, you can tent along their side and ask them to cook for you. There is wildlife roaming around, like wild beers, so try not to camp away from the inhabitant in the middle of nowhere.

Same goes for trekking as well. Do not wander around all alone or you may end up getting lost in the woods. Either bring your own guide from Srinagar itself or hire a local shepherd there. There is a small pony available also, as soon as you reach, they will be asking you for a ride. If you wish you can ask these guys to be your guide as well.


Places nearby

Tangnar – It is beautiful small valleys and meadows, covered with deodar and pine trees on small hills, you will be passing Tangnar 2-3 km before reaching to Doodhpathri.

Yusmarg – Another stretch of green pastures located about 4 km from Doodhpatri has become another potential tourist spot. These lush green land once used to have wildlife and was famous for having a large number of deers.

Palmaidan – This place is named from “Big Stones”,  huge stones are placed all around the ground. It is nearly about 5km from Doodhpathri and the best place for shepherds and cowboys. They gather mainly during the summer to graze their cattle and livestock with the running stream moving down through the ground.

Diskhal – If you are a trek lover try this place. It’s around a 10km trek from Shaliganga Nallah in Doodhpathri on the mountain top overlooking the view of the Ashtaar Glacier.

You can also visit Sochilpather, Dophkhal, and Parihars.

There is no such big itinerary for Doodhpathri. Start from Srinagar in the early morning itself so that you can mix Yusmarg on the same day itself. While traveling to Srinagar you can tryout taking self-driving cars by using ZoomCar Offers Online for Jammu & Kashmir. Visit this place, spend a few hours and on your way back to Wullin, take a turn towards charrar– e –shariff and reach Yusmarg. Whether you are having a  long week trip or just a weekend trip with friends and family, try to get an experience of this not so known place. You will definitely like it.!

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