Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

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Hello, My childhood!!

Days with you was the best days of my life. Everyday dreaming something really innovative or rather something which thought could be in near future. 

Being with you from 90’s I have seen changes in life from one landline phone between 10 families in the colony to 10 mobile phones in 1 family. From one TV set with a cable to LED with setup boxes. 

Do you remember that science exhibition when I won the 2nd prize as with dad with help of 101 science games we made the kaleidoscope with mom’s broken bangles and 4 no!! 5 glass mirrors. 

You were there when I enjoyed these wonderful things playing in the park with my friends either it’s telephone made out of matchboxes or empty can be joining them with a single string and shout from one end of the park to my childhood friend Gaurav(Gopu). 

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Music is my passion and still, I’m crazy about it. My all saved pocket money went to buy walkman to listen music with headphones.

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Remember, how about little things I need one assistant to take good care of my things. My friends who always guarded me and once I say let’s go and play in that little forest near the house they shout loud to complain mom. 

Giving my little sister order for little things were also one of my habit which I carry now too but now many things I have to do myself.

God is great and so he listens to me and granted my wish, my little games are turned into reality by Bose

 Let me tell you what I’m talking about it’s all about Bose QC35 II !!

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

BOSE QC35 II is a new set of headphone which you will also love and happy to know about it. Designed by Bose with the Google Assistant built right into the headphones. Oh!! that’s simple …

I know you are my childhood and how to make you understand point wise it’s features and amazing quality.

Know more about Bose QC35 II

  1. Made up of Alcantara Cushion which is very easy to wear all day long to listen to your music and all.
  2. taking care of your ears with soft cushion earcups.
  3. Made up of corrosion resistant to take up life level upListen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality.
  4. I told you that it comes with Google Assistant built up, don’t worry if you are not Google user, it’s multi-function button will help you to get access to your virtual assistant, like Siri.
  5. Yeah!! The action button is your Google Assistant, to receive text, answer calls, play music much more.
  6. What else required when it comes up with 20 hours battery life and quick 15 min charge gives you another 2.5 hours.
  7. Just install a free app that makes connecting and switching between devices easier than ever.
  8. This app will allow you to take full control the levels of noise canceling right from the app.
  9. Sound quality is just amazing giving you clean and crisp sound.
  10. Acoustic noise canceling: Continuously measures compares and reacts to outside noise. Then cancels it with the opposite signal.

So, isn’t it wonderful to be in an era when such great and super headphones available to cherish my love for music or even be working and getting full-time assistant same time.

Thanks to my lovely childhood for making me dare to dream and Thank you GOD(Boss) for sending BOSE for making that dream come true.

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Love you, 


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  1. I remember Walkman days & those audio with side A & B. Time changed a lot and we need to be updated.

  2. Such a lovely post. I remember Walkman was a rage in the 90s. I too had one.

  3. I really loved introduction to the post. Boss ear phones are everyone’s favorite these days..

  4. Such an interesting read this was. Bose makes sound equipments best, like a boss!

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