Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

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Hello, My childhood!!

Days with you was the best days of my life. Every­day dream­ing some­thing real­ly inno­v­a­tive or rather some­thing which thought could be in near future. 

Being with you from 90’s I have seen changes in life from one land­line phone between 10 fam­i­lies in the colony to 10 mobile phones in 1 fam­i­ly. From one TV set with a cable to LED with setup box­es. 

Do you remem­ber that sci­ence exhi­bi­tion when I won the 2nd prize as with dad with help of 101 sci­ence games we made the kalei­do­scope with mom’s bro­ken ban­gles and 4 no!! 5 glass mir­rors. 

You were there when I enjoyed the­se won­der­ful things play­ing in the park with my friends either it’s tele­phone made out of match­box­es or emp­ty can be join­ing them with a sin­gle string and shout from one end of the park to my child­hood friend Gaurav(Gopu). 

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Music is my pas­sion and still, I’m crazy about it. My all saved pock­et mon­ey went to buy walk­man to lis­ten music with head­phones.

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Remem­ber, how about lit­tle things I need one assis­tant to take good care of my things. My friends who always guard­ed me and once I say let’s go and play in that lit­tle forest near the house they shout loud to com­plain mom. 

Giv­ing my lit­tle sis­ter order for lit­tle things were also one of my habit which I car­ry now too but now many things I have to do myself.

God is great and so he lis­tens to me and grant­ed my wish, my lit­tle games are turned into real­i­ty by Bose

 Let me tell you what I’m talking about it’s all about Bose QC35 II !!

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

BOSE QC35 II is a new set of head­phone which you will also love and hap­py to know about it. Designed by Bose with the Google Assis­tant built right into the head­phones. Oh!! that’s sim­ple …

I know you are my child­hood and how to make you under­stand point wise it’s fea­tures and amaz­ing qual­i­ty.

Know more about Bose QC35 II

  1. Made up of Alcan­tara Cush­ion which is very easy to wear all day long to lis­ten to your music and all.
  2. tak­ing care of your ears with soft cush­ion earcups.
  3. Made up of cor­ro­sion resis­tant to take up life lev­el upListen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality.
  4. I told you that it comes with Google Assis­tant built up, don’t wor­ry if you are not Google user, it’s mul­ti-func­tion but­ton will help you to get access to your vir­tu­al assis­tant, like Siri.
  5. Yeah!! The action but­ton is your Google Assis­tant, to receive text, answer calls, play music much more.
  6. What else required when it comes up with 20 hours bat­tery life and quick 15 min charge gives you anoth­er 2.5 hours.
  7. Just install a free app that makes con­nect­ing and switch­ing between devices eas­ier than ever.
  8. This app will allow you to take full con­trol the lev­els of noise can­cel­ing right from the app.
  9. Sound qual­i­ty is just amaz­ing giv­ing you clean and crisp sound.
  10. Acoustic noise can­cel­ing: Con­tin­u­ous­ly mea­sures com­pares and reacts to out­side noise. Then can­cels it with the oppo­site sig­nal.

So, isn’t it won­der­ful to be in an era when such great and super head­phones avail­able to cher­ish my love for music or even be work­ing and get­ting full-time assis­tant same time.

Thanks to my love­ly child­hood for mak­ing me dare to dream and Thank you GOD(Boss) for send­ing BOSE for mak­ing that dream come true.

Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality

Love you, 


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4 Thoughts to “Listen my childhood- Your dream turned into reality”

  1. I remem­ber Walk­man days & those audio with side A & B. Time changed a lot and we need to be updat­ed.

  2. Abhinav Singh

    Such a love­ly post. I remem­ber Walk­man was a rage in the 90s. I too had one.

  3. I real­ly loved intro­duc­tion to the post. Boss ear phones are everyone’s favorite the­se days..

  4. Such an inter­est­ing read this was. Bose makes sound equip­ments best, like a boss!

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