Aesthetic Hair Implants

When you start a week with some knowl­edge and learn­ing makes full week so ener­get­ic. When Rich­feel invit­ed me to blog­gers meet with Ms. Lor­raine Lam­bert — CEO & Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Ailes­bury Hair Clin­ic to under­stand AHI (Aes­thet­ic Hair Implants ) I was excit­ed as heard lots of myths about hair trans­plan­ta­tion. 

Few myths with Aesthetic Hair Implants

  1. It is a painful process: This is most com­mon myth any­one who is not aware of the process have this mis­con­cep­tion.
  2. Hairs are trans­plant­ed: Seri­ous­ly NO!! Will let you know what it’s all about lat­er in this arti­cle.
  3. It is not long last­ing: No, this is not true.

Before I start shar­ing what I learned from this meet­ing let me lit­tle intro­duce you to Ms. Lor­raine Lam­bert.

Ms. Lorraine Lambert Aesthetic Hair Implants

In 1994, Lor­raine joined an inter­na­tion­al hair restora­tion group back work­ing on posi­tion of Inter­na­tion­al Projects Direc­tor for many years. Dr. Patrick Trea­cy, a lead­ing fig­ure in aes­thet­ic med­i­cine head­ed Ailes­bury Aes­thet­ic Clin­ics. From 2004, Lor­raine Lam­bert along with Dr. Trea­cy and Ailes­bury opened the Ailes­bury Hair Restora­tion divi­sion of the com­pa­ny and expand­ed its oper­a­tions world­wide, with clin­ics and offices in Lon­don, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Istan­bul, Mum­bai, and Dubai.Aesthetic Hair Implants


About Aesthetic Hair Implants

This is first and fore­most non-sur­gi­cal hair treat­ment. It works by essen­tial­ly by extract­ing hair from a hair loss resis­tant area and plant­i­ng them in the recip­i­ent area. In a typ­i­cal hair loss con­di­tion, hair is lost from the tem­ples, top and crown. The remain­ing hair (at the back and sides of the head) is per­ma­nent hair which is not lost.

In a typ­i­cal sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion method which is still high­ly prac­ticed is a strip com­pris­ing of the upper lay­ers of the skin from the back and sides of the scalp with hair (known as the strip method) is removed from the back of the head, cut into indi­vid­u­al hair units and then implant­ed in the hair­line and on the top of the head. 

The pos­i­tive results are con­clu­sive­ly vis­i­ble any­where between 6 – 12 months.

Facts I learned from this meet:

  1. Healthy eat­ing habit is the key fac­tor even for good and healthy hair.
  2. Don’t stick to one brand of sham­poo keep on chang­ing.
  3. Check out hair prod­ucts which are more organ­ic rather chem­i­cal infused prod­ucts.
  4. Avoid unwant­ed hacks sug­gest­ed by some­one.
  5. Con­sul­ta­tion is very much required if you see signs of major hair loss.
  6. Last but not the least, your kitchen has so much in store for your good and healthy hairs.

Aesthetic Hair Implants

Check out live cov­er­age of this meet


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  1. Such an enrich­ing meet this was..I com­plete­ly agree with you on the fact that we could change sham­poos although not too fre­quent­ly.

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    Hair implants sound vey risky and dif­fi­cult task .. but this sounds good ..

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