Right to speak- Value it!!

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I feel blessed that I’m an Indian, proud citizen of a country where we have right of expression, right to vote, right to speak, but I really feel do we really treasure it, value it??

Every right comes with a responsibility, which we should understand. Freedom of expression and speaking I feel is the biggest responsibility Indian Constitution have given us.

So, yes we all are taking up this responsibility very seriously.  Social media is the biggest example of this constitutional right where every day we are coming up with something or other, speaking out and sharing our views.

How is Social Media taking up right to speak?

Twitter is the biggest example of this freedom of expression. People with fewer words express more. Recently last weekend Big Boss 11 finale happened and if you pick up trending hashtags it would be for either Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan.

Indian audience made sure to support their fav celebrity taking up their right to speak on Twitter and supported them. Where Shilpa Shinde‘s fan left no stone pulling down TV actress Hina Khan‘s, same way Hina’s fan also taken up this fundamental right in hand and spoken what all they can speak against Shilpa.

Not only fans but also TV celebrities like Vindu Dara Singh’s, Ravi Dubey or Karan Patel’s tweet showed and influenced people. Legendary Actor Rishi Kapoor always in news with his freedom of expression on Twitter.

It’s not bad to express and putting up your viewpoint but sometime it could harm someone personally, professionally or mentally.

Indian cinema’s biggest movie was all set to release Sanjay Leela Bansali’s, now “PADMAVAT” starring fine actors like Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, and Ranveer Singh, but as every individual has right to express and speak some people on the name of religion made sure that it should not get released.

Right to speak
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padmaavat

I don’t say they are wrong and have no right to express but without watching any movie how can we assume and speak something which we are also not sure about. Time will only tell how much this protest was correct.

Responsibility comes with the right to speak:right to speak

I firmly believe that if people are hearing me, following me so it must be because somewhere they trust on my words and my thinking.

Every other person influence someone in some or other way, so there are few points we should keep in mind before speaking:

My mom always says “Kaman se Nikla Hua Teer Zuban se Niklay Huey Shabd Kabhi Wapas nahi Aate” , so think before you speak.

  1. Never pass any judgment without knowing the facts.
  2. If you are a celebrity, news person, blogger, writer, poet choose your words properly it could affect someone.
  3. Make sure your any speech should not harm the dignity of our beautiful country.
  4. Your any statement should not affect peace in home, society and in the country.
  5. Be polite and understand the value of your right, right to speak.

So, from now make sure when you speak, it should spread happiness and bring smile 🙂

Next station of this train is Jhilmil’s, who is a responsible mommy, Travel maniac, Marketing Professional and a contented human and speak her heart out through her blog mommyinme. Check out what she is bringing to you.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. That’s so true. India is a democratic country and we have the right to speak and write, but then we are also mature citizens and need to respect that our words are backed by facts and are not hurting any sentiments.

  2. very true…I also believe on your Mummy’s words. So think once before you speak.

  3. Responsibility comes with Right to Speak rightly mentioned as what we speak can create oth positive and negative ripples in many lives.

  4. The words that hurt are to be used with care and avoided I feel.Before rights comes duties.Rightly expressed

  5. I agree! With the right to speech comes a huge responsibility! Great and thought provoking post!

  6. So glad to see someone right abt this topic. This is really an issue in india

  7. A lovely read… And it’s so true that words once said cannot be taken back and the harm caused is permanent… So we must think before we say anything

  8. Agree… Words have great power, they could made or destroy anyone’s image in a second, so always think what to say and where to say.

  9. You are right Ruchi. We should be responsible about how we use the freedom to express ourselves.

  10. Very powerful thought I must say. I’m glad that you have chosen the right topic to go with.

  11. Being civil just not means wearing good clothes or having a nice life. It for sure means fulfilling out moral responsibility too.

  12. You put it rightly, freedom does come with responsibility. Alas, with so many news channels competing with each other and social media blindly being used to serv someone’s personal cause, freedom of expression needs to be understood in the right spirit now.

  13. Very true …we just need to chose our words with wisdom!

  14. That was a wonderful article Ruchi and you have put the things absolutely correct here. We all have the right to speak but what lacks here is our knowledge of what to speak..

  15. Very well said about practicing the rights with responsibility. With power comes big responsibility and people miss to practice both

  16. You have got an amazing blog here. Keep it up : )

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