Designer blouses for the royal look

As a little girl, I was very much fascinated towards my mom’s beautiful sarees and wished always to wear one day and get the royal look. Sarees are one such beautiful outfit which will never go fade and make you look stunning for any get-together, but now I personally feel designer blouses are something which adds the royal look to your full appearance.

I want to bring to my readers, some amazing facts about why they should go for a designer blouse.

Designer Blouses:

Fashion repeats and after a whole circle definitely return back maybe with a twist or with the same grace. Plain sarees are back in demand and it goes really well on any occasion. Designer Blouses not only add grace but style and royalty too.

When I used to work with as an HR coordinator, on every festival we used to announce ethnic day or saree day and definitely in your workplace you can’t wear those heavy sarees and flaunt, but once you made a right choice of any plain saree with some designer blouse it will add grace to your look.

Designer Blouse

Designer blouses not only add grace but also make you center of attraction. There are different types of blouses available and according to your choice, you can select what to wear on which saree.

What I like in blouses is they are available now in all fabric from Banarasi silk, Brocade, Chanderi, Bengal handloom, Chiffon to cotton with different tyles of sleeves from full sleeves to sleeveless.

I feel that look and style of any saree could be more elegant if the blouse is good with great neck design, even now Bollywood divas and TV celebrities are wearing sarees on screen and off the screen with amazing neck designs of blouses.

Designer Blouse

Halter neck and boat neck are one of my favorite. Depending on your neckline and style in which you want to drape saree you should buy blouses.

Designer Blouses

In market or online there is amazing collection of stitched and semi stitched blouses.  I recently bought new saree for marriage function and could not give my tailor to stitch blouse so ordered online with Chinese collar readymade blouse which not only has given me style but also made me look elegant with style.

The best part is today blouses are available according to the occasion if you want to have party wear collection is available and if going on traditional rituals blouses with style, fabric even with different work like Bandhani, batik, Bandhej and much more are available.

Why and what to keep in mind when buying Designer Blouses?Designer Blouses

  1. Easily availabe online.
  2. It gives different look to your outfit.
  3. Select from all different range available according to your choice of color, fabric, design, and all.
  4. When buying readymade designer blouse make sure to buy sleeveless only if you are comfortable wearing it.
  5. It reduces work of going back to tailor again and again for alteration and design.

I prefer to buy blouses from Craftsvilla to present myself with style and dignity as from craftsvilla you can be assured that you will get best choices and at best price.







Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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