Interview with Shruti- Nimrat of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

One of the most loved and watched TV soap today is Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, which is not only watched by adults but kids too enjoy this show. I am a big fan of this prime time show and got chance to connect with Kulfi on-screen mother Shruti Sharma aka Nimrat of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. 

She is one fine and versatile actress from the industry who started from theatre and now living and doing full justice to the character of Nimrat. 

Wigglingpen feels so happy and proud to get a chance to know more about it and trust me this was best chit chat, interview session I enjoyed. 

Check out what she shared with me 🙂 

WP: How you get involved in acting?

Shruti: I started with theatre where I had a joined a theatre class thinking it’s a dance class, I did not know what theatre meant but I did extremely well maybe because that my space and because I think I was nice I received very well by the teachers and one after another I was doing plays and some very senior plays which kids were not allowed to do but they asked me to do it probably something they saw and that’s how I started way back in Jaipur where I studied.

Then I realized that this is the kind of space I want to be in and it came to me very naturally and that’s how it began.

WP: So, you started from theatre, what difference you find between a theatre and daily soaps?

Shruti: The basic difference is the medium, from technology thing in theatre you don’t get retakes, it is most honest space, you have a live audience, wherein TV you do have retakes, a lot of makeup on and there is a certain format to it, but whether it’s theatre or TV it’s just all about honesty for an artist and the core never changes.

WP: Being in this field you worked with so many fine actors, Who is been your inspiration?

Shruti: It started so early not exactly any inspiration but every other artist inspired me because I got to learn so much from everybody around me and their journey, from Mr. Pankaj Kapur, Ranbir Kapoor to whom I worked with like Mr. Anupam Kher, Om Puri, every artist and my co-artist now Mohit and child artist Akriti from Kulfi.

You need to take everything from everybody there is no one particular inspiration. So, inspiration is all around me.

WP: Which Character you think your fav so far? (Though I thought I know the answer and I was right on this)

Shruti: Honestly, Nimrat from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is so close to me, it’s a magical character that just came my way somewhere up from the heaven, how I did land up doing Nimrat, trust me Ruchi I said NO to it, I said I am not going to play a mother, I am not going to do this over dramatic role, but I was asked to once at least a test to it. Everything I cried in that is real, everything is so amazing in this character, whether it’s her love story or everything, I am in love with this.

WP: Your role ended up soon in Kulfi but as an audience still feel Nimrat presence in every episode. How do you feel about it?

Shruti:  That’s what this character is all about, she is so strong, she is a mother, she is going to be there forever and that’s how the beauty of it. It’s not a typical daily soap where the love story needs to stretch so far and then they kill her or something. The way this character is treated it reached to hearts and I totally loved it.

WP: Tell something about your bond with your onscreen daughter Kulfi, readers sure want to know about her too.

Shruti: She is so amazing, I was so scared working with a child artist is very difficult sometimes, but here I was so lucky to have her, it is a total magical bond even offscreen. When shooting next to my house she comes and stays over, we used to have our own ice cream party. We bonded so well, that she used to be with me, eat with me, sleep with me and that’s how we bonded and cried together and took care of each other.

Because we have such a lovely offscreen bond we connect onscreen too, even we do video calls and talking and lot.

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WP. Your fav co-stars??

Shruti: Of course Akriti(Kulfi), even I have a lot …Even Mohit Malik and feel so lucky that Sikanderji is played by Mohit, he is a wonderful actor and a wonderful co-star.

WP: On social media, #MeToo is one most talked about and not only celebrities even ladies who have gone through this is coming up and speaking about it. You played a mother 

do you want to say something about this?

Shruti: I really want to pat their back for coming up and speaking. I don’t know even if I would have that courage to do it. I want to tell them to go ahead even if somebody is not spoken, please speak you will not be judged we all together and I am so happy for the next generation for the daughters and sons to come that because they showed so much courage woman who is speaking about it, you are safe, your future is safe.

Now anybody with those intentions will think thousand – million times before doing something, scaring a woman or a man for that matter, it’s not just gendered baised. Let’s make the world a safer place for our kids. You are a mother, I played a mother and I will be so scared tomorrow if my daughter goes out for a job and I know something like could happen. She might not speak, might come back scared, pat on everybody’s back and let them know we are together in it.

Good, speak up and happy that everybody showed that courage.

WP: Message for wonderful readers of wigglingpen.

Shruti: I liked your blog, simple and sweet. Just everybody go fly high.

Shruti, Thanks a lot for taking out time and speaking to wigglingpen. Wishing you more success, luck, and love from all your fans and readers of wigglingpen.

Thanks for this small video which you shared for wigglingpen.

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  1. Wow Ruchie! This is so awesome! Loved reading her interview and your questions. I especially liked her take on theatre and how she calls it the most honest place for acting since there are no retakes. Much like life. And even more so, her inspirational message to women on #metoo. We need more such voices to encourage others! Great going babe! 🙂

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