How to handle bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time during which a woman conceives one or more offspring in her womb. Sometimes, a woman may face vaginal bleeding during her pregnancy. In the first trimester when the pregnancy has just begun, a little bleeding is considered to be normal. But continued bleeding can be a risk and needs evaluation by a physician as soon as possible. The Maternity Hospitals in Delhi aims to provide best care and facilities to both mother and offspring. You can get yourself an appointment in Delhi maternity hospitals if you suffer any such problem during pregnancy.

Controlling the normal bleeding –

If the bleeding occurs in a normal way, it can be controlled by making a few changes in your everyday routine and lifestyle. These ways include-

  1. Know the amount of blood loss – Remember to keep a track on the amount of blood loss even during your early pregnancy days. While diagnosis, tell your doctor the appropriate blood loss amount for getting a better treatment. Use sanitary pads to record how many pads you use in 24 hours. Also, take note of the color of your blood and also the presence of any blood clots or other tissue masses.


  1. Avoid Intercourse – In case you experience bleeding during pregnancy, try to avoid the sexual intercourse with your partner. Get a suggestion from the doctor to know for the safe time to have sex. Intercourse might induce vaginal bleeding.


  1. Take proper bed rest –Take complete bed rest during the early pregnancy days to avoid any kind of mishap. Physicians suggest bed rest to stop bleeding in earlier days.


  1. Have proper amount of water –Drink either 8 glasses of water or more to keep your body hydrated. An adequate amount of water is required by your body during the bleeding episode. Try to drink more fluids to balance the fluid loss from your body through bleeding.


  1. Avoid lifting weights –Avoid lifting heavy weights or doing heavy work during your pregnancy. Do not indulge in the exercises like running, cycling or weightlifting. The physical practices can damage the newly formed blood vessels in the placenta.


Medical Assistance for continuous bleeding – If the bleeding is accompanied by pain, cramps, fever or fainting, contact a physician immediately. You should seek medical help whenever you face the following problems –

  • You experience a heavy blood flow that is more than the usual menstrual bleeding.
  • You suffer pain and cramps during early pregnancy as it may indicate a miscarriage. And also the cramps in the third trimester, as it may be the indication of your body going into labor.
  • If your body temperature is higher than the normal, seek the medical help immediately as it may be the sign of uterus infection.
  • If you feel dizziness or faint symptoms frequently, contact your physician.

Take proper rest, do not undertake strenuous exercise, drink lots of water and take no stress during pregnancy. Take proper medical help from a good physician and follow the given instructions properly. You can get the best help at the Maternity Hospitals in Delhi and get a proper treatment in case of miscarriage or natural abortion. Follow the advice of the doctor for a healthy body and healthy child.


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