12 Unique Blog Post Topics To Write In 2022

Are you looking for some trending blog post topics or unique blog post topics to write which adds value to your blog and help you earn from the blog too? Sharing 12 most popular blog topics for 2022.

The very first thing to keep in mind if you are new to blogging is to have a Blog Niche. Check out unique blog ideas for 2022.

1. Health Post

With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is more worried about their health- physical, mental, and emotional. You can choose your niche in healthcare and share the information on how to take care of health in a better way. Remember, if you are writing on health check out the right information, research and then only share if you are not certified.

Write a post on mental health, emotional health, and physical health with proper citation and source.

2. Personal development post

It’s superb to write on personal development, people do search for tips and tricks to find inspiration for their next personal development. You can write on various topics like time management, positive mindset, healthy routine habits, money management, and more.

There are so many people looking for terms asking self-help questions if you feel you can share the tips and help them solve their queries and answer share the solution in your personal development posts.

3. Fashion Blog

Fashion is one trend which never goes off, do share the latest fashion trends, make sure before you write on fashion check out the market fashion trends and then post ideas on fashion blog.

You can choose topics like summer collection, fashion trends in winters and even check with your audience and share what they want to read under fashion category.

4. Travel Post

Traveling is something we all love, even during pandemic there was a huge search on google about most safe place to travel during the pandemic. If you are starting your new blog or adding travelling as one of the category in your existing blog.

Share the old travel experiences with your audience. Make sure when you are writing your travel post add local food joints and local helpline numbers which is going to help your readers. Share more about Incredible India worldwide.

5. Finance and Investment

Why should we invest? How to invest? What is the best investment policies in India? These are some common questions people are searching their answers over internet. It’s important and good to share the knowledge and guide them if you have solutions in your blog post.

Make sure you share right financial links and give proper citation of the information. If you are a certified financial advisor, it’s a cherry on the cake.

 Blog Post Topics

6. News and Entertainment

Year 2022 again many new web series and Bollywood movies are coming up on OTT platforms, before watching them many users love to read the reviews on the same before taking up monthly or yearly subscription.

If you have watched shared the first hand and honest reviews about them on your platform, even daily news regarding current affairs, sports or world you can provide which is correct do share with your audience and you can start your niche with news and entertainment blog.

7. Technology Blog

We are getting into AI age and most of us are unaware of new technologies that are available and coming up. You can share the latest and present technology knowledge with your readers to know more.

8. Prediction

This one could be most engaging topic for your readers. Predictions not only mean writing daily horoscope or reading analysis but also you can add variety in your posts. For example- What’s trending fashion coming in 2022?

Make sure when you start writing keep the title and topics interesting and keep your audiences eager to read and visit.

9. “How to” Blog

This is an interesting way to grab your audience’s attention and give them some valuable answers to your readers. “How to” blog post are the posts or articles which share the tips and tricks people ask on google.

Some examples are: “How to start a blog?” “How to write a post?” “how to start a teaching career?”

10. Interview Posts

These posts are extremely going to be helpful in reaching more audience and followers. Here you can share the potential interview with an expert in their field with specialized knowledge on the relevant topic.

It could be in question-and-answer format, and must be covered and presented well keeping the audience of interviewing a person in mind, as when they share with their followers it will expand your audiences and readers.

11. Festive Post

Do share what we have learned since childhood, it would be great to share the marvellous stories behind the festivals we celebrate in India. Every festival is associated with some or other inspiring story from our history. You can write a post on festivals like Diwali- story of lord Rama, Holi- Story of Hidnakasup and even 9 days of Navratri have different significance.

12. Review Post

Share the review of any product with audience and readers, make sure when you write keep it more authentic rather just praising it, there are audiences who search for honest reviews and then put their money in buying those products. Share the feedback on your personal experience after using any product for at least some time.

Bonus Blog Topic Idea

Light-hearted Blog posts:

Write something which keep your audience happy and they would love to read with a sip of morning tea. Something which bring a smile on their face. It could be motivational posts, fiction story anything which keep them happy.

These are some high demand blog topics which are profitable for blogs 2022. If you wish to add any blog post topics, just add in comments below and let us know.

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  1. Wow this is a perfect post to get some creative ideas for writing next blog post. I will surly keep these ideas in minds, when running out of idea on writing next blog post. thanks dear for sharing these amazing ideas with us.

  2. These are excellent ideas for those looking to take their blogging to new heights in 2022. Looking at the list, we realized the wide spectrum of topics that is covered by blogging and how blogging has evolved into niches and super niches.

  3. Health blog as a topic is the need of the hour. There is so much to convey to the audience related to health care and as mentioned correctly review blogs are always one of the most favourite ones.

  4. Such Amazing ideas and Ruchi You have covered them all. This Post is definitely going to help many of us who sometimes struggle to find ideas to what to write.

  5. Many of us get stuck on what topic to write about for the new year. These trending topics are surely going to help us decide. Health is one of my personal favourites.

  6. To add to your wonderful list of blog post topics for 2022, I’d love to write a post on an experience which made me stronger in life. In other words, a blog post just to inspire others about how I overcame adversity or self-doubt through writing.

  7. I would like to add posts which let you candidly express yourself straight from the heart to your worthy list buddy

  8. Thanks for sharing these amazing post ideas. Yes, with so many things going on and not being able to travel, we can surely focus on other things and write about them. Also, about travel, we can always cherish our memories and write throwback travels. Will keep these in mind.

  9. This is a very nice list of blog post ideas Ruchi . I will more focus on fashion and health related posts this year as we hardly travel anywhere .

  10. This is a much helpful post..if you ask me I want to write more about wellness and aalso ofcourse my book blog would have more and more.books coming to it.

  11. You’ve pretty much summed up almost all the trending post ideas that would garner maximum reach. Thank you for sharing these blog post ideas

  12. Amazing! I was looking for a few ideas to write about for my next blog. I think the ideas you have shared gonna help me now. Thanks again. I enjoy reading and writing about personal development- self-care.

  13. This is such a helpful post Ruchie. I have been working on regular blog topics for my blog as well and these larger topic ideas are very good for me to define further. In fact was looking to focus more on mental health topics.

  14. I really liked the blogs and I really loved it.

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