Future Of Blogging In 2022- 16 Experts A Roundup Post

Future Of Blogging In 2022

What is the future of Blogging in 2022? Is Blogging Dead? Will Blogging hold value in 2022? These were some questions many bloggers are struggling to get an answer.

There are several blogs and so many bloggers in India who are sharing original, valuable and knowledgeable content. Still, if we watch people who are interested to blog and looking for answers to how to start blogging in 2022? and even search for what is the future of blogging in 2022?

To know this answer, I asked a few veteran bloggers in the blogging industry where they see the future of blogging in 2022 and their thoughts on how blogging will change in 2022?

What experts tells the future of Blogging

Future Of Blogging In 2022

Snehlata Jain, a well-known blogger from Mumbai raised a valid point and shared that it is so important to make people understand “Who is a Blogger?” She even mentioned “Blogging in 2022 needs to be focused on clearing basics, having apparent knowledge about SEO, Keywords and all”

Blogging for over 6 years on her blog blogsikka, she added that ” Even brands need to understand the importance of blogging so that bloggers can monetize through their blogs.”

“We should write the articles for our readers and not for Google and need to focus on one niche. To make the audience understand the language should be simple” added Priyal Blogger of Parilifestyle.

Taking discussion ahead with a millennial blogger Surbhi who shares her views on her blog, confidentially shared that she sees “the future of blogging in India super solid and incredibly bright, but it is equally challenging and competitive at the same time. In the upcoming year, the blogosphere will grow at a faster rate but only those bloggers who have a firm determination to learn new skills and keep themselves updated will survive longer in this ever-competitive field”.

She added further, “ In fact, our PM Narendra Modi has put much emphasis on the use of digital media and digital marketing to create more job opportunities and use the social media platforms in promoting products and services.” Agreeing with the fact, that “the growth and development of blogging and social media platforms are impressive but, it has become equally demanding and challenging too. Nowadays, along with written content, people are getting attracted to visual (videos) and audio (podcasts) forms of content. They want unique, trustworthy information daily in various forms. I feel lucky that I had witnessed that era properly when blogging started growing gradually and then became a promising career option for the new generation. During covid era, blogging has gained immense popularity and become the main part of online marketing strategy for MNCs and businesses.

 “Conclusively, India’s blogging future is bright and secure. However, having a solid blogging strategy is essential for bloggers to survive in this overcrowded market for a long time.” She concluded her thoughts.

How blogging effective in 2022?

Well known as SocialMaharaj Atul, shared one word as the future of blogging 2022 is BRIGHT, added “With the growing uncertainties around social media platforms, blogging is here to stay. Even today a lot of content marketing folks prefer blogs over social media platforms because of their visibility on search engines. From a blogger’s perspective, I think if you’re consistent and giving your audience what they want, no one can stop you from tasting success!

Future Of Blogging In 2022

“Blogging has already picked up a pace with the onset of the pandemic and is sure to be relevant in 2022. Compelling content can help create a unique space to build your brand.” Leha from theliteraryaffair shared how we can create our own brand.

Agreeing with Leha that unique and great content will surely help us to create our own brand.

Judy who loves writing on travel in her blog theotherbraininc says “Blogging future in India and across the world is bright and will continue to be so. This is because no matter how much one sees video content but for the ultimate word on any subject matter people still rely on reading well-researched articles. My blog has content largely on travel-related topics and for ready itineraries and knowing about destinations in detail people search the internet and read relevant articles on the blog.”

Future Of Blogging In 2022

Even Geethica, who writes on thoughtsbygeethica tells the trends we will see in the coming year are “Quality content over quantity, long-form content by 2500 words, Research, SEO enriched blog, an image that speaks for your content, and more important Good marketing of your content. She is confident that blogging is here to stay.”

Challenges in Blogging

Future Of Blogging In 2022

Aditi mentioned, “In 2022, expect more competition and be prepared for more fluctuations in search engine visibility.” It is true, and every blogger expects the same, she further added “Due to the pandemic side effects, people stay at home and explore various fields to make money and blogging is one of them. Those who are already into blogging know that it’s not a bed of roses. It takes a sufficient amount of time to earn from a blog. Over 95% of blogs do not earn at all.

She even talked about SEO changes and said “Blogging includes optimizing your website for search engines and sticking to the right SEO factors. With Google Console reviewing the search modes every few months, the rules of SEO continue to change.” writes her thoughts in her blog aditikapur.

Sister duo Meenal Sonal from auraofthoughts says for them “Blogging is celebrating the power of oneness, positivity, and consistency.” Even they shared “With the increased mode of expressions in the digital era, blogging in the coming year is bright. By being blogger and content creator we believe that presenting the content that fulfills the reader’s requirements is a very important and responsible task.”

A couple travel Bloggers & Travel Writers Sandy & Vijay from imvoyager says” As far as blogging in India is concerned, the best is yet to come! The evergreen nature of blogs and the exhaustive information that they can provide ensure that blogs are here to stay. Though there is an upwards trend towards video-based content, the importance and the power of the written word are bound to stay.

They believed that ” Over the last couple of years, the demand for digital content has seen an upward trend and this again bodes well for blogging. Having said that, competition is bound to increase and blogs that consistently churn out quality content will rule the roost in 2022 and beyond.” They are optimistic about the future of Blogging in India as they feel it is still in a nascent stage in India, as compared to many other countries.

Future Of Blogging In 2022

What Blogging means for bloggers?

Future Of Blogging In 2022

Alpana from mothersgurukul, feels that blogging is one of the most effective tools to share knowledge. Your thoughts are suddenly capable of being viewed and digested by billions of people, and from there, it’s only a matter of them finding it.

She added, “With Google making things easily accessible for its users, bloggers also get encouragement as they know that they have such a skill which cannot be done with robots. After all writing is an art and a skill.”

For her “Blogging has a bright future. And it will continue to be indispensable either for business or pleasure.”

Future Of Blogging In 2022

Joining in the same line Pragun from praguntatwa mentioned that “In India, blogging certainly has a bright future as India has so much creative talent and with digital India it’s the right time to begin. Especially in lockdown and pandemic phase the digital media has gained readers. With social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest there is more scope and wider audience and reach available.”

She added further “We as bloggers can be influential if the message is imparted properly, creatively, and logically. India has amazing blogging talent, and if explored and nurtured carefully, it can be a wonderful opportunity. Written content is always rich content.” She believes in ‘The pen is mightier than the sword” she shared her experience as a blogger and shared that “She too has really seen good growth as an eco-blogger. It’s all about creating unique content that readers are interested in. Just be patient and perform your best. Future is yours if you are a content creator with good writing skills and creativity. All in all, Blogging is here to stay so grab your seat and enjoy the ride.

“Blogging is the new normal for those who are blessed with a creative bent of mind. I strongly believe that the mind of Indians is very fertile and I am pretty sure that India has a lot of potential in blogging in the near future!” Archana from archusblog mentioned “India has a rich heritage of great authors and poets and this innate quality seems to be inherited in the new generation and, In order to increase the blogging community in India the economic aspects and benefits may be extensively promoted and thereby should evolve as a career for the upcoming generations

Even we wish the same as Archana feel “In 2022,  have a strong feeling that India will strengthen as a blogging capital and again the youth of India will prove their mettle in the new version of storytelling , poem writing, and various thought-provoking writing activities.”

Bloggers and Blogging future

Veteran blogger, Tomichan Matheikal who writes on matheikal, shared that “Blogging will go a long way in India in 2022. More and more Indians will use the blogging platform for self-expression as well as conveying ideas and opinions. I foresee a lot of poems, stories and articles coming up in 2022 via blogs.” He even feels that “There is a possibility of many bloggers moving on to video platforms such as YouTube.

He further added, “I would like to see more and more people, especially youngsters, voicing opinions on significant socio-political affairs openly and fearlessly via blogs.

Blogging industry has been gaining immense popularity. It growing day-by-day and in fact has become insanely competitive too.” feels Charu, the blogger behind the blog themomsagas.

She continued and mentioned that “However to succeed and to be able to monetize via blogging, one would need to produce top-quality content, employ multi-media and multi-channel approach to promote it and establish a strong brand value. Along with basic optimization techniques, one would have to learn how to branch out, tap into the potential of videos and infographics, and use social media as promotional platforms.

Swati blogger who writes on imagemakeover also feels that “Blogging in India is definitely strengthening at supersonic speed.  It gives you the freedom to express and be your own boss. For me, it’s like extra income or you can say pocket money apart from your regular income.

Future Of Blogging In 2022

After talking to these experts and bloggers, I am sure that the blogging future is definitely going to shine more in 2022 and more in the coming years. What are your thoughts about the future of blogging in 2022? Do let me know in the comments below!!

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