Tips to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Office

Tips to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Office

When it comes to choosing the best paint color for your office and the right one, the vast range of options can easily leave you overwhelmed. And since the look of your office is going to influence the first impression your clients and employees have of your business, you cannot afford to take it lightly.

If you’ve decided to get your office painted, pay as much attention to selecting the right combination of colors as you would in choosing the right paint professionals. While using the Asian paints shade card is one good option to come up with inviting and fresh color ideas, we’ve listed down some additional tips that are certain to assist you in picking the best colors for your office.

Consider Using Color Psychology to Pick Shades

The concept of color psychology is not new, and many brands actively use it to pick the best and most impactful colors for their business. Various researches conducted over an extensive period show how colors influence people. For example, blue is a color known for enhancing productivity, we know green color to not cause any eye fatigue, the color red helps people stay passionate, and so on.

Decide what the purpose of each space you’re getting painted is and involve the color psychology technique to determine the best paint colors for respective office areas.

the Best Paint Color for Your Office

Take Pricing into Consideration

You wouldn’t want to waste house picking color themes that are way out of your budget. To avoid landing in a similar experience, do the research. Just like you spent time trying to find out the approximate cost of painting a house per square foot in India, the cost of the colors you’re planning to buy, etc., you have to do similar research for your office too. If you don’t have enough time, head to a well-known, professional paint retailer that offers painting consultation.

Tell them to suggest the best shades for your office within your budget, so you’re only recommended the options you can proceed with. It saves time and ensures you get professional office paint recommendations that are well within your budget.  

Consider the Purpose of Your Space

Not all colors look good in different professional settings, so see what works best for your environment. For example, you can find different shades of white and gray painted on the walls of banks and offices. On the other hand, retail spaces have bold colors like right red, dark blue, etc., to attract the customers’ attention. Though gray and white shades used to be widely used in corporate settings, this trend is slowly changing. The new-age entrepreneurs prefer to experiment with colors to give their office a refreshing and inviting look.


If you use any one or more of the three methods discussed above, in addition to using the shade card, you’ll have enough color options to choose from. If you’re clear about how you want your office to look, picking the Best Paint Color for Your Office won’t be a challenge.

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  1. Color psychology is very important and interesting too in color selection. I would always go for pastel colord as I find them soothing and cool too. Insightful post.

  2. Painting a place certainly is the easy and effective change one can have. We also had a good experience with Asian paints and the best is that they have range of shades to choose from .

  3. These are good tips for choosing the best paint colour for the office. I also feel that the colour needs to be in sync with the Brand colours of the office. Colour psychology too is an important aspect.

  4. Psychology definitely plays an important part and the appearance of the place can definitely affect. Choosing right shades for workplace can bring in a lot of improvements in. Terms of productivity

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