Handling your Child’s Anger

Handling your Child’s Anger

Anger is a very common emotion we all have it and it all depends on how we deal with these emotions and how we teach our kids to carry this in a better way!!

I was among those kids who used to be an angry child…but I am glad that my parents and especially my mom have controlled it in a beautiful manner.

Deal Anger with 5 easy ways

Be the right role model

Kids nowadays mimic what they see around, the love doing role plays. Trust me parents are always their kid’s role model so they follow how you and what you do, how you handle your anger?

Remember to tell them when you are angry, tell them you need some time to calm down. In that way, they will learn to manage anger and understand that “Anger is a common emotion and its not weakness.”

Stay Calm, Just Act not overreact

If your child is getting angry, remember don’t yell, shout on them. It will turn another way round and they will be more rebel in action, fear to react next time which can turn in a bigger problem.

But now you have to tell also that this is wrong, tell that this behavior is bad, talk to your child and make him understand getting angry on small things and reacting in such manner is bad manners and it will not be good to carry.


No Harsh Punishments

As a parent need to teach them right and wrong. Give them small punishment for example: If in anger they have thrown things, tell them to clean the room.

Tell them that this punishment is for bad behavior not because you got angry. Don’t try to kill their anger emotion as every emotion has an important value in life.

Pay Attention, Don’t freeze yourself

It’s perfectly ok to walk away from the room and give them space but remember that space should not be so big that can’t be filled. Don’t freeze yourself as a parent, don’t talk to them for some time, stay back in your room but keep a watch.

Pay attention that what and how the child reacts after you walk away. You are giving strength to your child to handle anger by staying calm.

Talk to your child

Confront your child what makes him angry, try to understand their points. For you, the reason for anger might be small but for kids, that could be big. Try to listen and solve their queries.

Tell them if you were in their place how you would have handled the situation.

Why Anger Management is important?

If you don’t control your child’s anger it can turn into aggression and early age aggression could be really serious for your kid and a higher risk of: “School failure, Physical Violence, and Mental illness”

Encourage them to express and try to talk so that they don’t develop negative thoughts and negative ideas.

How I do deal with my Kids Anger?

My kids too have anger and they know that punishment is definitely their for bad behavior not for their anger. But, to make them calm I need to calm myself which I do usually counting backward..(It still helps me many times)

Then I ask them to give me a hug, physical touch or hug can control a lot and a lot of damage. But as they were angry they always deny. I used to walk away in the next room telling them to clean up all mess they creating due to BAD behavior and can come anytime when they feel to give me a hug.

Trust me they come back to me in 5 min, hugs me and we talk. This way I am helping my kids to control their most important emotion “ANGER“. I make sure that they get engaged and learn and explore new things themselves to control anger too. How you handle such a situation? Do share in the comment section below!!


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63 thoughts on “Handling your Child’s Anger

  1. I always had an issue with my temper… My parents could never control me and beat me for everything… So, I became normal only when I started living away from them for my studies… Your tips are great! All parents should follow them!

  2. For me, the gap between 3 to 6 is really critical. They start showing anger anytime and its really difficult to manage sometimes. Thanks for this post.

  3. Wonderful article. As much as we fight the notions of parenting techniques in the modern day and age, such an article gives a good direction in handling issues like anger. Great article and well articulated.

  4. Raising a child is not that easy. With such useful tips, parents can raise them bit easily. Anger is that thing which can’t be stopped so controlling it nicely is the best way. Great tips!

  5. Now a days parents dont know that how to deal with child; they became anger on the kids instead of listening the problem. this attitude increase the anger of the kids; and if parents continuously do the same than the anger became the habit of a children. The steps that you mentioned in this blog is really helpful for all the parents. this post shows that you really did a research on the psychology of child. thanks for sharing this.

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