Creative Kids!!

Let them get bored 

& for sure they will explore 

I make sure if my kids com­plain­ing about get­ting bored, I just let them be bored!!

Ah !! you must be think­ing “What kind mom is she ?”

I read some­where that kids who get bored more often they have the more cre­ative brain.So, I decid­ed to give it a try.

Guess what ??

When I told my daugh­ter “Ok !! Good, you are get­ting bored. Do what­ev­er can make your day hap­pen­ing and fun.” and she turned up say­ing “Mom ok don’t you want to give an idea what to do, I will do some­thing good” and she her­self called her friends at home and start­ed prac­tic­ing for some ran­dom dance num­ber.

And when in our soci­ety we had some cul­tur­al event they danced and believe me this dance is only chore­o­graphed by my daugh­ter and her friends and was much appre­ci­at­ed.

and I real­ized my daugh­ter who was only into sports and singing enhanced her danc­ing skill with her friends and this hap­pened because she was bored.

Well, I am not that heart­less mom.. Apart from let­ting them get bored I make sure to spend qual­i­ty time and explore what they are good in.

Few things which I tried to get their cre­ative side to come out:

  1. Let they get dirty: Yes, with col­ors, paints and some major dis­as­ter at home but they always came up with some new pic­ture 
  2. Make sure they read books and then act that sto­ry in the fun­ni­est way like they can real­ly live some fun­ny sto­ries in real.
  3. Last but not least let them be what they want and do just enjoy their fun time as kids can bring the cre­ative thing in every­thing.

Link­ing Up with Amri­ta or Deepa for #MMM

So, this is my take on bring­ing the cre­ative side of kids.. How you do that ?? Do tell me in the com­ment sec­tion !!


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  1. Yes I agree with you and did nt we also come up with our own play ideas when we were younger? Too much of struc­tured play can harm the cre­ativ­i­ty ans not let it grow I feel. It is good to let kids explore

  2. Let­ting them get bored so that they use their imag­i­na­tion is a superb idea Ruchi.Excellent infact.Thank you for shar­ing this sto­ry with us on #MondayMommyMoments.Great danc­ing by your daugh­ter and her friends.Our best wish­es

  3. Get­ting bored is actu­al­ly good. It helps them to think cre­ative­ly. And cre­ativ­i­ty is good for kids and their imag­i­na­tion. Thanks for link­ing up with #MMM

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