Godmother Dr. Jayashree Mondkar- Director of Human Milk Bank

Human milk bank, when I first time heard about this I was a little curious and more excited as this is something really close to my heart. Asia’s first milk bank was established in 1989 at Sion Hospital, Mumbai under the leadership of Dr. Armida Fernandez, and is presently run by a neonatologist Dr. Jayashree Mondkar who is Godmother for many infants.

Every newborn baby has one basic need and that is the mother’s milk which needs to be given for his good health, immunity, and growth. As the mother’s milk is a full meal for these tiny babies, they are dependent on it only.

Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, head of neonatal department at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (LTMG) in Sion told in one of the leading newspapers that “when the mother is not available, pasteurized human milk is the next best option.

In many cases, either baby is premature, underweight, and mother’s not available due to sickness, death, delay in milk production or no lactation then it is required to provide mothers milk which is available in human milk bank.

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For babies growth, Mother’s milk provides nutrition and protects them from infection and diseases

From the last 30 years, this bank is providing kids safe and best mothers milk and it maintains hygiene which is upmost priority for any child and parents.

Speaking to leading newspaper Dr. Jayshree Mondkar shared that ” Milk bank collects 800 to 1,200 liters annually. Here, at least 3,000 babies need pasteurized donor milk every year. “With this, we are barely able to make ends meet on most days. Sometimes we run short and have to refuse requests for milk from other hospitals and mothers at home” Source

There is proper process and channel as a human milk bank is equally responsible for getting donors who are physically fit and can donate milk for the same.

Human Milk Bank
Human milk bank processes in the surveyed human milk banks.

Who can be a donor in the Human Milk Bank?

1. Be healthy

2. Must be in the process of lactation

3. Undertake a chest x-ray or Tyne test

4. Have a negative VDRL

5. Have no evidence of hepatitis

6. Be HIV negative

These are some major criteria in which a lady should fit to be a donor.

No doubt, Dr. Jayashree Mondkar is a Godmother for every that baby who needs the best care in the initial days.

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