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Everyone has their struggle stories and we find these stories interesting and inspiring. Under this series, till now I have shared about environment warriors like Apurva and Jannat, someone fighting with myths from last so many years with Humjoli foundation and even fights still to win over literacy with Signal Shala.

Today let me share an inspiring story of one of my blogger and FB friend who has achieved this position with his will power, and dedication, truly known as fat to fit Satyajit Majumdar.

His transformation is not hidden from anyone, but check out what he has to say about this “from being called an “ELEPHANT” to running one of India’s leading blog! I shaped my destiny the way I dreamt.” Oops!! this is really not acceptable calling someone an elephant.

Telling further he added, ” As a kid, I was overweight and bulky, or “fat” as they would call me, which disturbed my mental state every now and then… I was unconsciously brewing up grave insecurities in my head out of this constant humiliation! I gradually turned shy and shabby and awkward and reserved to an extent where I wore vests to cover my moobs and t-shirts to swimming! All the mockery, noise, and abhorrence around me drained my confidence into a dark abyss…from 105 kgs I reduced it to 75kgs in just 7 months (Still pinching myself)”

Curious to know more about his inspiration and how he started, he shared “ I realized that I was looked down upon differently, and that was not long before I started hitting the gym. I gave up on the sweets and other delicacies and tightened my shoelaces to bring about a transformation. I started following Beer Biceps on social media, He has a similar story. I admire him for how unstoppable he is… and that led me to this.


I agree some source of inspiration can take you different places and you chase your dream, but Satyajit shared that he never thought to be a blogger and that too be a fashion blogger but it’s all about something we call destiny and hard work.

Satyajit started his career in the blogging world in the year 2017, he not only featured on different platforms but he told “I was the only Male influencer from INDIA who’s invited to MEXICO as an ambassador for the ‘Fashion Hero Tv, Season 2’. The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking TV series and a worldwide movement that empowers real people to achieve their dreams by disrupting the status quo of narrow, unattainable fashion and beauty ideals.

With daily struggling and challenges his biggest competitor according to him is “competing with myself. There was too much noise both externally and internally that kept pulling me backward. I had to give up on many delicacies to achieve all that I eventually did.”

He firmly believes that one must listen to their conscience, do what they love and love what they do. I wish him more success and keep inspiring people who wish to join the community of bloggers.

Follow him on his blog, and Instagram to check his work.

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