Happiness with Bela Khanna’s Nutan Muskaan

What does happiness means to you? how will you define a happy person? If I have to express my happiness I will surely say “When I see my kids happy and smiling!!” But there are few wonderful souls on this earth and for them, the meaning of happiness is a little different.

Nutan Muskaan is one such organization in Lucknow who believes in spreading happiness across the city with their little effort. With a sole mission to provide everyone “Roti, Vastra aur Shiksha(Food, cloth, and education)” Ms. Bela Khanna, Ms. Vaishali Sinha, Ms. Neha Rajani, and Ms. Anita Lohani started this organization.

Nutan Muskaan

Speaking to Ms. Bela she shared that “It’s been a wonderful journey so far started in December 2016 it’s been 3 years and we are non stop trying to spread smiles on the faces.

Every Friday Nutan Muskaan, makes sure that it distributes food mainly to poor people who can’t effort, Auto rickshaw drivers, and even in the trauma center, hospitals where people come for their medications. Food which used to get distributed is always fresh and made with properly maintained hygiene.

Even Nutan Muskaan is taking care of the education of poor kids who want to study but due to their family conditions, they can’t effort.

There are more than 100+ members across India who are supporting financially and physically on this noble cause. I feel privileged to be a part of this group.

Nutan Muskaan

In this tough time when the entire world is facing and fighting against Covid19, members of Nutan Muskaan are not sitting ideal. They have decided and maintaining social distancing by not arranging meetings and other activities but every member trying to feed and distribute grocery to needy people in their area so that everyone can fight and survive.

Kudos to these women who are standing tough with others and bringing real Muskaan with Nutan Muskaan.

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  1. Wow!! Ruchi this is definitely a well-thought series of showcasing unsung warriors who are doing their bit to bring change in the society.

  2. Good work for noble cause

  3. Wonderful to read about Nutan Muskaan. Genuine initiatives like these are the need of the hour.
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