Future of water

When I was small, I remem­ber my grand­moth­er used to say “The way you all waste water, watch one day water will be sold in the bot­tle ..then you will real­ize it’s val­ue.”

We always thought she must be jok­ing but yes now days are here when we buy water from shops and drink but d we real­ly real­ize what will be the future of our kids, com­ing gen­er­a­tions, will they be able to get the basic neces­si­ty of life WATER”. 

Some tips we can share with our kids and we too should fol­low to con­serve water for bet­ter future and hap­py and peace­ful life with the most basic neces­si­ty.

Every sin­gle step starts from our home so if we can do our bit from our home we can sure save the future of our kids, our com­ing gen­er­a­tion.

  1.  Save water from your own tap:  Close tap while brush­ing, shav­ing clean­ing dish­es or wash­ing hands.
  2. Check water leak­age: Do time to time check if you find out any tap is leak­ing imme­di­ate­ly call a plumber and fix it. It may appear like drops only leak­ing but remem­ber every drop is pre­cious.
  3. Install low show­er heads or just take bath from the buck­et and save gray water from flush­ing toi­lets.
  4. If you are using the semi-auto­mat­ic wash­ing machine don’t waste water after wash­ing clothes rather con­serve it for reusing it to flush.
  5. Now if you have a ful­ly auto­mat­ic wash­ing machine and a dish­wash­er try to use it when it’s ful­ly load­ed. half load­ed machine wastes much more water.
  6. Try using a trig­ger noz­zle hose and/or buck­et for your car wash.

The­se are not things that are hard. All it takes is a lit­tle bit of extra effort, and we can give next gen­er­a­tion a bet­ter world.

Don’t you think we can do this much ..

What you are doing to save water ?? Drop your sug­ges­tions in com­ment box below and join this cause let’s #SAVEWATER

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  1. IT’s nev­er too late to cre­ate aware­ness about To save water and every one of us must learn the tips like you share . Thanks for mak­ing us learn 🙂

  2. It’s great that you are spread­ing aware­ness about water con­sump­tion and con­ser­va­tion. I once wrote about hav­ing an ecofriend­ly home and have always tried to reuse water for gar­den­ing .

  3. Such sim­ple but help­ful tips… And teach­ing our chil­dren from a very young age can go a long way in mak­ing them envi­ron­men­tal­ly con­scious and hav­ing a con­scious cur­rent as well as future gen­er­a­tion is a need of the hour

  4. There can­not be an oppor­tune time to spread aware­ness about this. We are already wit­ness­ing dire results due to the short­age of water. Let us all wake up before its too late.

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