How to Improve Your Immune System to Fight with Corona-Virus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 was declared a world pandemic by WHO in March. It now has been almost three months, and the world is still fighting the deadly disease. Staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask when going out, and keeping a suitable distance is a terms of the new civilization.

The virus entered the Indian subcontinent and is now supposed to stay here for a longer time. There are safety measures that have to be taken before we get back to our lives. Some steps should be the new normal.

Immune System and coronavirus

Our immunity is the safety system of our body to keep any foreign, unfriendly invaders away. Having good immunity means that your body system will resist the bacteria and viruses that might be present in the air you are breathing in. It’s important to have good immune system strength, especially during this unknown time in our lives. The better our immune system is, the higher the chance that we have of remaining healthy and free of illness. In order to keep ourselves and those around us safe, we must take the necessary precautions and follow any safety measures given to us.  The virus and the disease caused by it are novel. So, the only thing we can rely on right now is precautions and safety measures.

When we talk about precautions, then keeping up with the immunity to fight the coronavirus comes under it.  The AYUSH department of the government of India has given great importance to immunity in times of coronavirus. Your strong immunity will keep you safe from the invasion of the virus. So, let’s discuss how we can do that.

Improve Your Immune System Naturally

The immune system is a mechanism genetic in your body. Some people have a strong one of it, while others are a weaker in this section. To fight diseases you must have a more robust immune system in your body. Although, it is an unstable phenomenon. It keeps on going up and down according to your lifestyle. So, to keep up with the immunity to avoid all the bacteria and viruses, here are some steps and tips that you can opt for in your daily lives to boost your immunity.

1. Food First

The food you eat is one of the most important of all. What we say is that the food you eat can do a part for you in beating the coronavirus. Eat nutritious food rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and C, zinc, and selenium. There is no booster pill for immunity. Your agreeable eating habits only can help you build a good immune system. Add herbs like ginger, garlic, Tulsi, etc. to aid your strength.

2. Do not Compromise on Your Sleep

Your sleep and rest are as important as your workout. Your body will only strengthen and heal itself if it has rested enough. So, give good importance to your sleep. Do not push your bed-time, sleep on time, and wake up on time. Complete at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night. It will keep you active and changed for your daily activities.

Avoid Packaged Foods

You should always avoid packaged foods. But, when you are focusing on building your immunity to prevent coronavirus infection, then definitely try to avoid them. Eat freshly home-made food and use organic ingredients while cooking in your kitchen. It is even better for the health and safety of your loved ones.

Exercise in Routine

Yes! Exercise is enjoyable for health, and better immunity. Practice yoga that will enhance your body system from the inside. Try on some core-strength exercises to strengthen your system from the outside and inside.

De-Stress Yourself

I know that it can be a lot to ask right now when the entire world is under legitimate stress, but that will not help you stay safe. So, instead, what we can do is to keep ourselves relaxed, positive, and away from stress because stress is directly proportional to the immune system. That’s why stay away from stress and stay away from the risks of diseases or infections.


Your eating habits, sleeping pattern, and lifestyle will affect your immunity. So, make sure you take care of them. Not just in the times of pandemic, but always. Apart from that, you can also take some good experts’ recommended immunity booster supplements based on natural ingredients, like neem, tulsi, ashwagandha, etc. Keep washing your hands and maintain social distancing.

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  1. Yesterday I was watching a special discussion panel about how to build our immunity during corona. And they mentioned about all these points. Following a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in combination with proper nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda is is going to sail us through in the time.

  2. Yes it is very important to keep all these factors in mind to keep our immune system healthy. stress management is something that I need to learn more properly. Thanks for reminder.

  3. So agree with you strengthening our immunity is the only way to fight against this deadly virus, which has to be practiced religiously at every step from eating right to sleeping on time. Well penned Ruchi.

  4. Well Said ! People are going berserk over the fear of Novel Corona Virus Infection and I see them taking a lot of things to boost the immune system .Simple things like eating a nourishing diet, proper sleep and peace of mind are what matter most .

  5. There are so many factors which affect our immunity so we should keep in the mind the factors which help to improve our immunity like healthy foods, sleep hours, exercise etc etc.Well described Ruchie!

  6. A mandatory post for this current situation we have to build a strong immune system in all the possibilities to prevent from getting the covid yes even food food we eat is really important to eat all the healthy food and build strong immune and yes even sleep plays a strong role too…

  7. We may not be able to control corona but we can surely work on our immunity to fight well with it. Very relevant and useful pointers shared above.

  8. Healthy lifestyle is the way for healthy and Happy living I am so happy that you have shared important things regarding boosting our immunity during coronavirus Times

  9. True trying this to stick to all of this. Glad you did this reminder post for all of us, sometimes these reminder matter a lot

  10. This is a need of the hour and all the points are a must to follow. In the current situation, I am struggling the most with my sleep routine. Taking care of our daily exercise and making sure that we keep a check of our mental health too, is extremely important.

  11. Building immunity is our only way forward. Today rs COVID19 tomorrow it will be something else, if we have good immunity then only we will survive. Out of the points you have mentioned, I need to work on sleeping hours and pattern.

  12. These are some really valid points for boosting immunity during these Corona times. Sleeping at the correct time and exercising regularly is as important as eating healthy food

  13. These are such key factors that we need to keep in mind. Sometimes we try everything to boost the immunity but forget simple things like sleeping properly or de-stressing.

  14. I so needed to read this. Sleep and sleep pattern plays such an important role in our life and I have been ignoring it for past some time. This article has surely been an eye opener.

  15. These are some really important tips to improve our immunity in these tough times. Getting sleep the right way is very difficult, however we have to do it.

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