Empower Yourself With The Latest E-Commerce Marketing Strategy For Beginners

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy For Beginners

E-Commerce marketing strategy for beginners is extremely important to grow your venture and new business and sustain in the market.

Marketing strategy is equally important for a well-established brand even new establishments but it should include new techniques for growth.

7 E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Any e-commerce business marketing strategy should have a low cost. Check out 10 strategies that can help your business to grow.

1. Know your services/products

This is extremely important to understand what you are starting and have knowledge for the same. Before you check out what you want to deliver and how you want to, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is there to give you financial help in setting up your dream business.

2. What you want customers should do

Before you start, it’s important to reach your target audience and know them. It’s equally important to encourage customers to purchase or take your services.

3. Creating e-commerce website

Your website should be user friendly at first place and need to design well according to your niche. Create high quality original content. Everything on your website should be informative from homepage, privacy policy , warranties, refund policies and all.

Every category page should properly covered . It is important to optimize your e-commerce website, test your site layout, language, make very sure that when customer enters, there should not be difficulty to explore and checkout. Get proper SEO done for your website.

3.1 Offer pop UP Chat

Best way to know what more your customer wants from your brand is to add a pop-up chat, ask your visitors what they want? What they are looking for? Any suggestions.

3.2 Write blog post

Have a section on your website where you can create your blog post, for example, if your e-commerce site is about clothing, create a post on summer looks or other which you can interlinked to your product categories.

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy For Beginners

4. Social media marketing

Social media is the best way to promote your brand with pictures, videos and tweets. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are few most commonly used by every person. Try to reach out more audience with your creativity on social media.

4.1 Use Instagram reels

The most trending way to promote nowadays is reels, try to choose the right track of music and show the best creative side to make a video and reel to reach every home.

4.2 make facebook page

Facebook page is another best option to reach more audience. There are set of people who are only active on facebook. This page will give them more ideas about your services ad products.

4.3 Use proper hashtag

Hashtags plays a crucial role in trending and get noticed. Make sure you don’t mix up with the tags which doesn’t suits your niche or brand. For example- Your e-commerce site is of women’s clothing and you are using healthcare hashtags will not give you desirable results.

Every platform on social media have set of limitations in using hashtags, using most important first and keep tracking their result for yourself.

4.4 Run Ads

Promotion is as important as anything else. Business needs investment and on social media running an ad is extremely important to take your business on a desired place. Ads will surely generate more customers on your website.

5. Collaborate

5.1 With bloggers and influencers

Don’t hesitate collaborating with known bloggers and social media influencers to promote your brand as there are more chances that their followers can turn into your promising customers.

5.2 Giveaways

Start giveaways on social media which will get you more followers which might not immediately turn into your customers but in future this could be possible.

6. Newsletter Subscription

The most effective way of reaching out to your customer base is through email marketing or newsletter subscription. You need to be a little careful drafting your email or newsletter, add personal touch as you can, give them or offer valuable promotions and get socialize by following them on social media.

7. Retargeting

Re-targeting is a way to regain your lapsed customer. This is an effective way which might help to get previous customer back again n your website. Check out picture below to understand better.

How Retargeting works in ecommerce site?

These are some E-Commerce Marketing Strategy For Beginners which will help you grow and sustain in the digital world.

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  1. Wonderfully compiled. Internet is such a powerful tool and it can be used at its best. The strategies that you have mentioned are very practical. I am hoping that this will a good opportunity for bloggers and influencers to collaborate with some good brands. Its a win win for both.

  2. These are great tips Ruchi and I feel any business can get immense benefits by applying them. nowadays, digital media offers great options to promote your business or services from comfort of your home and anyone can take its advantage with little planning.

  3. These are really valuable tips for successful e-commerce marketing. The basic principle of marketing, which is correctly identifying the wants and needs of the customer still remains the same. Only the methods are now technology-driven.

  4. These are very important topics shared by you for e-commerce marketing. I have seen people are switching to digital media for the last two years to promote their business. This is the best way to promote the brand or products

  5. These are some nice strategies for beginners who want to set up their own businesses. True that the internet in many ways can be used to reap benefits.

  6. Influencer marketing is the fastest way to reach customers and it is high time that brands leverage the true potential of collaborating with influencers. Any e-commerce marketing strategy needs to have this element built-in in order to be successful.

  7. I love reading this elaborative post and how well you have shared these tips, to grow a business is a mix of many things and tricks. The right strategy can take your business to sky-high revenues.

  8. In the current trend using ecommerce is a great boon to be successful. These strategies listed by your will definitely yield proper results.

  9. Indeed you have pointed out some great marketing strategies for budding e-commerce businesses. I feel with the widespread reach of people in the digital space even businesses need to find relevant strategies for a wider reach to target customers.

  10. Very useful post for small business owners. I have been following some of these and I think I need to concentrate more on the reels now as they do help a lot in growing a community.

  11. These are really valuable tips for successful e-commerce marketing. this will a good opportunity for bloggers and influencers to collaborate with some good brands.

  12. Totally agree to your list buddy together they can make any MSME boom if done right .

  13. You have given a comprehensive account of all the things to be done for ecommerce marketing. Thanks a lot for the post. While engaged in digital marketing, these are rhe points that I could keep in my check list

  14. Thank you for mam for sharing

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