Everything You Need To Know About Mental Health Challenges Faced By Students

There are many mental health challenges that are faced by students in schools and colleges. The pandemic has presented so many unwanted and different challenges in everyone’s life, but the way kids and students suffered can’t be ignored.

We as a parent, guardians, or someone who knows their need to understand and support them. Kids are no wonder came out very well and coping with new normal with time.

What polls says about students mental health?

According to the poll conducted by Activeminds, some observe that “20% of college students say their mental health has worsened” and “38% said they have trouble focusing in studies.”

To understand better and support students suffering from mental health, we need to first understand what kind of mental issues students face today?

What Mental Challenges in Students Face?

The very first thing we need to understand is that there is no certain age is defined that a child or a human being can have a mental problem. So, as a parent, we need to understand and accept that even a 6-year-old child can undergo mental issues.

I am sharing 3 major issues which are so common in students:

1. Depression:
A few days back when my daughter returned from her daily evening playtime, she told that one of her friends said “I am feeling depressed” on asked what does she meant by that, answer which I received was quite surprising, her friend feels like she is stuck at home and feels liked trapped, she is not able to share her feelings with parents and so she confessed this to my daughter.

I called up her mother to share what going on in her daughter’s mind as it’s important to make parents aware of how their child is feeling. The best part of this episode was my daughter’s friend trusted my daughter and shared her feelings.

Depression can happen with anyone, it’s important to communicate and the reason could be anything, not socializing as per covid norms, poor grades, not meeting friends, the pressure of exams and assignments.

2. Anxiety:

This is another very major issue we see in students, which could result from the pressure of studies, exams and even their friendship goals. This can affect their appetite and even sleep disorders.

Frequent muscle pain and tension, Isolation, Irritability and difficulty concentrating, feelings of stress and apprehension are a few symptoms of Anxiety.

3. Eating Disorder

This might seem really simple but the most worrying issue when we talk about the mental health of students. Eating disorders could cause serious health issues or even turn as life-threatening. Problems such as heart problems, kidney problems are related to this if not getting treatment on time.

Mental Health of students

How Students Can Manage Their Mental WellBeing

As a parent, we know how to take care of kids and their mental health by communicating, discussing, monitoring their change in behavior, and guiding them.

Time is changed and we need to educate kids and students on how they can take care of their mental health. Check out a few tips:

  1. Be Affectionate: It’s important to be affectionate for all living beings and above all be kind to yourself. Teach them to practice gratitude, which will make them happy and satisfied. Let them learn to write gratitude journal daily which will bring sanity in thoughts.
  2. Hobbies are for a lifetime: Tell them to pick up their favourite thing, their hobby and atleast give an hour to follow that, it could be singing, dancing, writing anything.
  3. Monitored screen time: As we all are stuck at home, time to maintain a proper timetable for screen. It’s not bad to watch their favorite show but equally important to set a limit for themselves. Ask them to make their screen time table and follow.

CONCLUSION: Mental health problem is common and we need to address them, and for students, we have to be a little more vigilant if we notice any symptoms and teach them how to take care of their mental well-being.

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  1. Actually something which is super easy to understand!! Thanks Ruchi mam for sharing such helpful blog and I definitely recommend others to read and go through it once.

    Good day.

  2. Terms such as depression, anxiety, stress are becoming very common these days. We used to say that kids are so carefree, they can never face such issues but today, kids too are experiencing these. Talking to someone is very important. Good that your daughter’s friend shared it with her.

  3. Yes in recent times students are facing various mental issues and suffering from depression and anxiety. you have shared great tips in this post. I agree pursuing your passion and hobby is best way to get de stressed and improve mental health and well being.

  4. Students face lot of mental dilemmas and that can be treated when we are open to the conversation. Good to know the trigger points and the solutions of it through the post.

  5. The pandemic has affected students in the worst way possible. They miss their friends and the fun banter they enjoy together. It’s important to cultivate hobbies that they enjoy and communicate their feelings.

  6. Mental health issues can disturb the lives of anyone, it’s not restricted to age, gender or any other conditions. How do we deal with it, decides the state of our existence?

  7. Talking about mental health openly needs to happen more. It is imperative to pay attention to mental health as much as we pay attention to physical health. Will definitely be sharing it with my friends and family.

  8. Understanding mental health of students students is very Important. Especially when they’ve been locked up. For more than a year, their mind must seem troubled and needs to be handled the right way.

  9. With so much of stress and competition, I am sure there are many mental health issues students face. And it is important to talk about this subject and educate the students that there is help and there is nothing wrong in seeking help. Thanks for writing about this and bringing awareness.

  10. Your post has really opened up my eyes and offered me a deep insight into mental health issues faced by students. As a parent to two growing up teenagers, I cannot imagine what would happen if I knew my children were going through something as bad as depression.

  11. These days pressure on students is very high as the competition level and eagerness for becoming number 1 is very high. I agree Depression is quite prevalent in students.

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