Empathy Learning- Importance and affects

Empathy Learning

We have just seen how many trends in the education system have been changed during this pandemic. The way of learning, the way of teaching, and above all our entire new education policy of 2020. Let’s take a step further to understand what is really important to teach kids in the current scenario. Nothing is more important than starting with EMPATHY LEARNING.

What is Empathy learning?

Well, to understand what the other person feeling or the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place is called Empathy.

Developing this sense of empathy at a younger age is one of the important development processes for young kids so that they grow up as responsible adults.

Importance/Affects of Empathy Learning.

Teaching kids this learning process will add up so much value which will help them in the future:

1. It will definitely help them have good mental health.
2. Build up strong relationships with friends, classmates, and teachers.
3. They will learn social harmony and can reduce the thoughts of bullying.
4. They learn tolerance and accept others.
5. Learn how to deal with conflicts and lower level the stress.
6. They will be having great leadership qualities.

Types of Empathy

Empathy means being compassionate, connecting with the people you love, care, and stay with. Three types of Empathy are there:

1. Cognitive Empathy:

Daniel Goleman, renowned psychologist and author of the 1995 book Emotional Intelligence mentioned “Simply knowing how the other person feels and what they might be thinking. Sometimes called perspective-taking”.

It helps you to understand the other person, motivate them, understanding diverse viewpoints. It helps a lot in negotiations too.

Empathy Learning

2. Emotional Empathy:

As its name says involves directly with the feeling and emotions that another person is feeling. It’s so important to understand the emotional quotient of the other person and support them.

This really means that we can readily understand and feel other people’s emotions. Even if they are distressed we can respond to them.

3. Compassionate Empathy:

With this kind of empathy, we not only understand a person’s predicament and feel with them but are spontaneously moved to help, if needed.” ~Daniel Goleman

Yes, we feel the other person’s pain, as if it happening to ourselves. But, at the same time, we can control our emotions and hence can give and make better decisions.

How to cultivate Empathy Learning?

Empathy prepares kids to be leaders of tomorrow and leaders must understand and feel the emotions of the people and able to show that they care.

Make sure you teach and cultivate this empathy learning in three simple ways to your child.

1. Let them care for animals and plants, this way they will understand in a simple way helping other living things to survive and be happy.

2. Practice role play, it’s important to live the life of another person, a teacher, or taking up responsibility for a day of siblings.

3. Very important is to understand your own feeling. Talk to your child and ask about their feelings and share with you, this is the very first step to understanding others.

Are you giving EMPATHY LEARNING to your child?

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. This is such a useful post! Empathy learning has great benefits for the children. Such children grow up and contribute positively to the society. Thank you for writing this one.

  2. Teaching empathy to children is so important. It builds them to be better humans and that is what the world needs now!

  3. Wow, I am a little worried about the education system of our kids. Thanks for sharing about Empathy learning.

  4. This is so important in a world where IQ is more valued than EQ.

  5. Cant agree more. Empathy is one of the pillars of EI. And kids need to have this side as well in their personality. Being a social being, and being empathetic towards others is a trait that can be developed fro a very young age.

  6. Wish such topics are included in academics also!

  7. I think this is the most important skills which kids should develop. It not only help them to deal with their own emotions but the emotions of people around them. Today success is all about getting along with others and getting things done from others. Very well written and much needed post..thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes actually I’m trying to get my kids to be empathetic towards other kids. I have also explained to them how single children are finding it quite difficult during the lockdown so they should be grateful they have a sibling and they should understand that their friends with no siblings may need a call or some talktime to feel good. This is mostly for the younger ones with busy parents.

  9. Such a brilliant post and I agree with each point. Indeed nowadays education is not only about academics but involves various other important aspect of personality development. Empathy learning should be an important aspect of child s personality development. I loved the way you how you had explained each aspects in details.

    1. Wow such a brilliant well written and so useful post. Thank you for this. Forwarding it to my sisters.

  10. We are raising the future generation and empathy learning is much important to grow them as well rounded human

  11. Well said a small caring and sharing habits leads to make kids learn about empathy. As a parent also it becomes our prime responsibility to ensure that oir kids are growing well in this changed learning system.

  12. This is a good blog. My daughter is a very emotional person and gets attached to anyone very easily n cries a lot, even they go back to their home. She can also easily feel the pain of anyone known or unknown.

  13. Empathy can go a long way in making our relationships and in effect the world a better place. Teaching kids love for animals and understanding their own emotions is good way of empathy learning.

  14. Very nice topic covered Ruchi. Empathy learning for kids is very important. I try to include my daughter in my lil boy’s work and also discuss her feelings and even mine.

  15. Dear Ruchi,
    Let me let you in on a secret. Recently I took a psychometric test and to my surprise, I stood fairly low on empathy. Since then I’ve been thinking of ways to up the same. A lot of it comes from within but your blog validates. Thank YOU so much for keeping this a simple (and helpful) read.

  16. Empathy should learn to a kid from a very early age so that it can include in the child’s behaviour. Very apt points you mentioned here in the post. Kudos!

  17. This is a brilliant topic Ruchi. I believe that empathy should be inculcated in children from the start. I have observed that most children have turned into frustrated little people due to the lockdown and off lately have started to argue and snap at elders or friends. Empathy learning is more needed than ever now.

  18. Yes I totally agree with you on this. I practice many of these with my son too – petting animals, taking care of the garden.

  19. Empathy is need of the hour. We need to showcase empathy more often and make kids understand how it can build strong relationships for us. Liked the pointers you shared in the post.

  20. Thanks for raising this important topic. I also wrote in depth about empathy in one of my blogs during the a2z challenge. I think it is a very important value that we should instill our children.

  21. Rightly said Ruchi. Empathy building should start from a very tender age. Nowadays the newspapers are filled with horrendous incidences. Humility has become need of the hour and it can only be achieved by starting to learn as kids.

  22. I myself have been thinking about writing about ’empathy’ for a while….it is definitely crucial for today’s children to learn, understand and practice ’empathy’…

  23. It is so important for children of today to learn about Empathy. We need to focus on EQ rather than IQ nowadays. Only then can we have a world which is happy.

  24. Empathy learning is one lesson crucial in making our kids good humans &that’s one lesson that would fetch them far in life. Cannot stress enough on this, wonderful post.

  25. Got to learn in detail about empathy learning. Good one

  26. So helpful, I am also trying to inculcate the feeling of empathy to my son. Half the world’s problem will be solved if people start empathizing with others.

  27. All the reasons you have pointed out for teaching out kids empathy are very valid. In addition, it was very interesting to know about different kinds of empathy. A very interesting post.

  28. This is so important. Coddled kids often cannot tell the difference.

  29. This is such a good and pathbreaking concept of teaching our children to be sensitive and caring human beings!

  30. Very interesting post on parenting. Much-needed reminder for parents. Thank you, Ruchi! #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  31. Absolutely love the topic you have covered and how important it is to teach empathy to our little ones 🙂 A good score in academics is good but being a better human with empathy is best. Much needed reminder for all the parents.

  32. I think it’s so underrated, talking about your feelings with one another – and not just talking, but also listening.

  33. That was a fantastic post. We try to model empathy and at the same time make our kids practice it. I found that some of the best moments to teach them empathy are when they fight or hurt each other.

  34. This is quite a lovely post. It’s always very important to learn empathy and try to understand others – their feelings and emotions.

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