Education trends in India 2020

With changing lifestyles, changing norms of living one thing which is effected the most are changing education trends in India. Education is the basic right of every child it is really important to understand the new setup and policies of the education system.

The system is changed to the self-learning process and in every tier of education, it has recorded a positive change. The thing which majorly changed in education is the sift from subject-based rote learning to more skill-oriented learning methods.

Innovation learning

The stress of learning and memorizing is taken away with innovative learning and practical outlook. Now, the courses are structured and designed in an innovative way and so the assessment module.

This is the new norm and opened up more scope of innovation in India with different ideas from the younger generation.

New learning space

With virtual classes, giving new teaching methods, digitization of classrooms, and technological transformation. Kids are learning in a new environment with more sense of responsibility.

Apart from school or college virtual classed, online education portals are also gaining popularity and clearing kid’s doubts. In real terms, this is the sure shot beginning of the digital era.

Education trends

Challenges for teachers

This new trend is challenging for kids and teachers too. Teachers are facing some very genuine and basic challenges but trying to come over those.

1. Lack of tech-savvy: There are teachers who love to teach kids with an old school teaching methodology and with virtual leaning this is important to learn new techniques and technology to pass kids those right source of education.
2. Lack of support from parents: It happens in many cases all parents are not understanding and cooperating.
3. Multiple tasks for teachers to maintain lectures and household chores.
4. New learnings: This is new even for teachers and they are learning new technology to teach kids.
5. Inspiring students to be more self-directed and complete their assignments and homework.

New Education Policy 2020

The new education policy has a vision for a new education system that should be of high quality, learning, and with a practical approach.
The “10 + 2” structure will be replaced with the “5+3+3+4” model comprises of “foundation stage”, “Preparatory Stage”, “Middle Stage” and “Secondary stage”.

Coding will be introduced from class 6 and experiential learning will be adopted along with other changes in the syllabus and examination process. For more details about this policy, you can check here.

In upcoming blogs, will share new education trends and learning methodology which is followed for teaching and learning of kids.

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  1. Yes, I can understand that teachers and students both are facing some problems. But it will take some time to a smooth process.

  2. Thanks for this insightful article. Hope the educational reforms help making our new generation employable and ready for the real world challenges.

  3. Very informative post, and quite relevant in these times. Hope the new education policy brings about the long awaited changes we need in our system.

  4. Nicely structured post and hopefully with the NEP, rote learning gets thrown out of our education system.

  5. I am awaiting the implementation of NEP. I hope we can make it effective soon. Online teaching is difficult and different but now I think the urban private schools have adjusted. However our rural population and government schools in urban areas have not been able to cope up and that’s where majority of reforms are required. I hope these kids get proper care and education during this Covid times.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing how the new system changes things for children in the coming years,

  7. Indian education is set to change in the coming times. Let’s hope its for the best! Looking forward to reading your blog posts on this topic.

  8. So many things are happening all over the world and same is the case with the education sector. Some changes are good but they have their cons too. Online education gives them the flexibility but on the other hand is increasing the screen time. Really keen on seeing the execution of the New Education Policy. Nice post. All the best for Alexa.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  9. Very informative and detailed post that has everything that is happening currently. We just hope the situation eases a bit and new normal changes soon

  10. You are so right and I am so glad all these steps are in the right direction and are much needed

  11. With the new normal and everything changing, why should education be left behind? Our Education system needed a desperate change, thank God for it finally happening.

  12. Very true, there are so many avenues of education that have opened up. SO much has come directly to our doorsteps due the the current lockdown. We have truly learnt to evolve

  13. The best education trends that ruled over India in 2020 explained well. Also, I agree that the new education policy is amazing and such a good change for the new kids.

  14. A very informative post on the latest ongoing trends.
    Education in India has come a long way with varied options and choices.
    The New Education policy is sure to bring a better change.
    We as parents as well as teachers and students we all learned a lot during this lockdown and online classroom and slowly trying to adjust to it.

  15. With the changing times, we definitely needed a change in the education system too. Hope the change is for the good. Very well-written post.

  16. Looking forward to the changes. They are long due.

  17. Quite a succinct post that I am sure would be useful for parents everywhere. It is time we did away with rote learning and let children explore more.

  18. One sector that has been turned on its head is definitely this. Well elaborated.

  19. it’s difficult at every level teachers, students, parents but everyone is coping the best they can in this scenario. it’s the digital era for education too.

  20. I think its a welcome change and as is with any new reform it will take time adjusting to it. High time the “10 + 2” structure is replaced with the “5+3+3+4” model.

  21. I strongly feel that New education Policy should not just remain on papers and should see the light of the day. This is the real revolution in education Industry and favorable to all the students.

  22. This is such a well-articulated and apt post. The Education system is taking a makeover and it is need of the hour as well to keep the younger generation relevant to the changing times. But what remains to be seen is how this NEP-2020 is implemented. It all looks great as policy but proper implementation is the key.

  23. The shift from rote learning to practical skill-based learning is indeed a welcome change. The NEP does have several heartening changes that it applied well could revolutionalise the education system in India.

  24. Very informative. We will have to wait and watch the NEP. Education is changing fast and I hope it’s for the good.

  25. Yes, the changes are taking time to adjust to, but the new education policy seems promising. We will find balance soon.

  26. Education changed in 2020 alot. Online classes are difficult for both teachers and students initially but now its going smooth.

  27. I can’t wait to see the changes NEP will bring with itself, the overall policy is great but in the end, all depends on the schools how they implement it.

  28. This new trend is equally difficult for kids and teacher, cant wait to see how the NEP will bring on the changes

  29. My heart just breaks when I hear how the on going education system is running. With no proper exams till a certain age and in some school kids don’t even have a proper grammar or maths base… It hurts. When I came across the new education policy i was happy to know about the changes and I am hoping they will implement them well.

  30. No doubt the new education system would be a progressive one and this post was indeed the most read by parents. ?

  31. Yes, lot of new ways of teaching have been invented in last few months along with NEP. Hopefully it will give more practical approach to the education which we lacked during our time.

  32. It is not the education policy or system need a change. A change in the mindset of society, teachers and the parents required the most. We have to accept new changes , new way and new generation with open mindedness and live. Humanity, life skills and adaptability and acceptance of failure is what we need to teach above all other things. #lifemarblesRead

  33. Waiting for the ROTE to be replaced by NEP. Awaiting to know what kind of positive changes and effects this will have on kids. #tmmreads

  34. Educational reforms are long pending and how is this going to impact students is an area most parents are anxious about and not to mention the amount of change schools and teachers would be bringing in their teaching style..

  35. I like the idea of experiential learning.Thats the most practical way .Interesting post

  36. Education changed its faced drastically this year. It is very tricky to cope.

  37. My friend and I were discussing only last week how cool it is that we can use technology to impart education now. Instead of just theory, we can show them practically what something is. It was one of my favourite things about the new education policy.

  38. tHE NEW EDUCATION POLICY has some good features, let see how it fares.

  39. Oh Yes its changing and how! We all need to work towards a practical approach towards the NEP! The challenges you have listed are so relevant!

  40. Quite informative and relevant post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  41. I completely agree that the current education system was not in sync with the changing needs of the time. I am hopeful that good implementation would mean better education

  42. The education system has changed and how. No one expected inline classes and homeschool as an option but everyone is following it now.

  43. We have been waiting for a change in education system since long. Hope new education policy will bring it and things will be in sync with needed the hour

  44. Yea coding is very popular this year. #dewreads

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