From STEM to STEAM education

From STEM to STEAM education

October 11, 2020 39 By Ruchi Verma

We have accepted a new trend in the education system and the importance of Empathy education. But. with these changes we have to now switch from STEM to STEAM education system.

We are living in the evolution age of the education system, and need to understand that kids that they are learning today will not work when they step into the professional world. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) was the learning philosophy for almost a decade.

Now, STEAM is what we get by adding “A” as in “ARTS” as a 21st-century approach to learning and it’s really important.


Difference between STEM and STEAM

We can’t deny that STEM is the building block of STEAM education. With STEAM students connect with the critical areas in STEM with art practices and designs. To solve our problems with creativity and innovation in the future STEAM education is very much needed.

Importance of STEAM Education

As STEM is the building block of STEAM it incorporates all its benefits. With this student learn and understand science, technology, engineering, and math but along with arts, it gives a well-rounded and complete education and know-how to apply creativity to solve problems with principles from their disciple.

STEM to STEAM education

4 Important benefits of STEAM Education are:

1. Increases Creativity.
2. Increased Motor skills: Kids who are into arts it is noticed that they have better hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills.
3. Visual Learning: It is with scientific projects helps to show and reflect their projects and studies in a creative, fun, and enjoyable method, which lets them focus, support problem solving, and improvisation of observation skills.
4. With free flow of imagination their problem-solving skill improves and they learn quicker and more effectively.

Sir Ken Robinson an Educationalist speaking about STEAM in TEDTALK

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