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Chandani of Bollywood

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90’s decade of beautiful Bollywood movies and if I recollect my memories I have grown up watching some great actors on big screen. But, the only actress who really deserve the title “Chandani of Bollywood” is undoubtedly Lt. Sridevi.

It’s really unbelievable and unexpected sudden demise of such fine actress from out Bollywood industry. She worked in more than 300 movies and entertained us so much.

From Sadma till her last Mom (which I watched today also) every movie is a landmark in itself. Her family must be in a bad state of emotion but as her fans, we are equally shocked and sad. She left this world in real early age and her demise raised many questions about life.

Life is so short and unpredictable that we even don’t know when it will turn happiness into some unexpected reality. We carry many grudges lifelong from so many people may be thinking tomorrow I will make up not even knowing what tomorrow will bring to us.

Sridevi was in Dubai attending the wedding, dressed as the queen and even posting her pics on social media.




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It’s just a coincidence or real sixth sense of living legend Amitabh Bachchan ji as he tweeted before this news broken up the nation.


When the entire nation is in shock and can’t believe that she is gone forever. I believe that she is here with her amazing movies, Dialogues like Balmaaahh… and her hit numbers which used to be always on my list to dance.

I have danced on her most numbers and list is too long. Some of her dance numbers which I still feel like to get up and dance again.

Mere hatoon mein nau nau chudiyaan hai 

Mohe chedo na nand ke lala

Morni bagha mein bole aadhi raat mein

Main sasural nahi jaugi

Main teri dushman

Hawa hawai 

Na jaane kaha se aayi hai 

Navrai Majhi

We will miss you Sri Ji .. and you will be in our hearts <3 and whole nation will sure keep wiggling on your moves and numbers.


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  1. First I thought its a fake news! Its really hard to believe that she is no more..a loss for the nation.

    1. Really wish it was a fake news but now RIP

  2. I loved all these songs too. Nostalgic moments 🙂 I always watched mom playing her songs and movies. RIP to #ROOPKIRANI

    1. Her songs are musical marriage anthem for every Indian wedding …RIP

  3. It truly is a sad loss for the complete nation. She was an icon and can never be replaced. God Bless her soul, May she rest in peace.

    1. I too believe she is one of the finest actress

  4. A big fan or Sridevi myself. It feels like a personal loss charu

  5. The decade of growing up in 90s cannot be possible without Srideviji who gave so much memories and still can’t believe she is no longer among us. She is a legend cutting across languages and will remain forever. I think it got to do with consciousness and so many times got an inkling of things through anxiety or dreams. I wouldn’t call it coincidence or sixth sense but the universe way of telling about things. She has always played such a huge part in our growing years.

  6. Being a tamilian myself… it feels so hard to digest the fact that she had to leave so suddenly. There are so many beautiful movies of hers’ that I have watched and rewatched so many times

  7. Yes, A star went too soon. We will miss her for sure but she will always remain alive through her songs and movies.

  8. Such a shocker… And i loved her work.. So talented and lovely lady.

  9. Such a shocker… And i loved her work.. So talented and lovely lady. ..

  10. She was a real legend of Indian cinema! Great songs list you’ve compiled.

  11. Her sad demise has left a hollow that nothing can fill. I grew up dancing to her songs and mimicking her dialogues.

  12. that was a dark sunday actually

  13. I love the song navrai majhi so much. It has been my all time fav. since the movie came out

  14. Such iconic evergreen songs she has been a major part of! Beautiful talented persona!

  15. She is and will always be my favorite. No one can ever fill that empty gap she left behind.

  16. Amazing SONG COLLECTION OF Sridevi Ji.. she will always remain alive in our hearts .. #restinpeace !

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