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90’s decade of beau­ti­ful Bol­ly­wood movies and if I rec­ol­lect my mem­o­ries I have grown up watch­ing some great actors on big screen. But, the only actress who real­ly deserve the title “Chan­dani of Bol­ly­wood” is undoubt­ed­ly Lt. Sride­vi.

It’s real­ly unbe­liev­able and unex­pect­ed sud­den demise of such fine actress from out Bol­ly­wood indus­try. She worked in more than 300 movies and enter­tained us so much.

From Sad­ma till her last Mom (which I watched today also) every movie is a land­mark in itself. Her fam­i­ly must be in a bad state of emo­tion but as her fans, we are equal­ly shocked and sad. She left this world in real ear­ly age and her demise raised many ques­tions about life.

Life is so short and unpre­dictable that we even don’t know when it will turn hap­pi­ness into some unex­pect­ed real­i­ty. We car­ry many grudges life­long from so many peo­ple may be think­ing tomor­row I will make up not even know­ing what tomor­row will bring to us.

Sride­vi was in Dubai attend­ing the wed­ding, dressed as the queen and even post­ing her pics on social media.




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It’s just a coin­ci­dence or real six­th sense of liv­ing leg­end Amitabh Bachchan ji as he tweet­ed before this news bro­ken up the nation.


When the entire nation is in shock and can’t believe that she is gone forever. I believe that she is here with her amaz­ing movies, Dia­logues like Bal­maaahh… and her hit num­bers which used to be always on my list to dance.

I have danced on her most num­bers and list is too long. Some of her dance num­bers which I still feel like to get up and dance again.

Mere hatoon mein nau nau chudiyaan hai 

Mohe che­do na nand ke lala

Morni bagha mein bole aad­hi raat mein

Main sasur­al nahi jaugi

Main teri dush­man

Hawa hawai 

Na jaane kaha se aayi hai 

Navrai Majhi

We will miss you Sri Ji .. and you will be in our hearts <3 and whole nation will sure keep wig­gling on your moves and num­bers.


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20 Thoughts to “Chandni of Bollywood- Sridevi”

  1. First I thought its a fake news! Its real­ly hard to believe that she is no more..a loss for the nation.

    1. wigglingpen

      Real­ly wish it was a fake news but now RIP

  2. I loved all the­se songs too. Nos­tal­gic moments 🙂 I always watched mom play­ing her songs and movies. RIP to #ROOPKIRANI

    1. wigglingpen

      Her songs are musi­cal mar­riage anthem for every Indi­an wed­ding …RIP

  3. It tru­ly is a sad loss for the com­plete nation. She was an icon and can nev­er be replaced. God Bless her soul, May she rest in peace.

    1. wigglingpen

      I too believe she is one of the finest actress

  4. A big fan or Sride­vi myself. It feels like a per­son­al loss charu

  5. Vishal Bheeroo

    The decade of grow­ing up in 90s can­not be pos­si­ble with­out Sride­vi­ji who gave so much mem­o­ries and still can’t believe she is no longer among us. She is a leg­end cut­ting across lan­guages and will remain forever. I think it got to do with con­scious­ness and so many times got an inkling of things through anx­i­ety or dreams. I wouldn’t call it coin­ci­dence or six­th sense but the uni­verse way of telling about things. She has always played such a huge part in our grow­ing years.

  6. Being a tamil­ian myself… it feels so hard to digest the fact that she had to leave so sud­den­ly. There are so many beau­ti­ful movies of hers’ that I have watched and rewatched so many times

  7. Yes, A star went too soon. We will miss her for sure but she will always remain alive through her songs and movies.

  8. Such a shock­er… And i loved her work.. So tal­ent­ed and love­ly lady.

  9. Such a shock­er… And i loved her work.. So tal­ent­ed and love­ly lady. ..

  10. She was a real leg­end of Indi­an cin­e­ma! Great songs list you’ve com­piled.

  11. Her sad demise has left a hol­low that noth­ing can fill. I grew up danc­ing to her songs and mim­ic­k­ing her dia­logues.

  12. that was a dark sun­day actu­al­ly

  13. I love the song navrai majhi so much. It has been my all time fav. since the movie came out

  14. Such icon­ic ever­green songs she has been a major part of! Beau­ti­ful tal­ent­ed per­sona!

  15. d

    She is and will always be my favorite. No one can ever fill that emp­ty gap she left behind.

  16. Amaz­ing SONG COLLECTION OF Sride­vi Ji.. she will always remain alive in our hearts .. #restin­peace !

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