Rape- Killing Humanity

Rape- Killing Humanity

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Have you ever thought what and how Rape affects? Rape is just KILLING HUMANITY. A girl who must have cried her heart out, that pain can never be imagined.

She was a small little girl, born to smile giving meaning to her parents to live life with a smile.

She was a small little girl, born to dream to cherish life.

She was a small little girl, born to admire the beautiful world around herself.

She was a small little girl, born with ignorance that all her dreams will be shattered in just 8 months.

8-month-old little girl in the city which is called dilwalo ki Dilli was raped and left in a pool of blood by her own close relative, left me with fear, sadness and pain only by listening to this. Imagine the pain she must have gone through.

She is so small can’t even utter a word or shout loud to call someone to help her.

Rape is BIGGEST dirt to society

Do you remember the story of Misthi (Read here) she is not unknown to all of us…Like Misthi today we have so many in our Misthi’s around us. With #MeToo campaign girls on social media told the entire world that in every second house there is one KARAN. 

Some girls even told their parents and parents taken up strong steps but few preffered to stay quiet as they don’t want to break relationships and so-called social barriers. Is that really help figihting against molestations or rape?

How to stop this? We have seen one Nirbhaya Case but does it really stopped. Yesterday one of my blogger friends shared on WhatsApp group that again same kind of case happened in West Bengal

Only holding candles and doing rally after such cases will not help. We need to raise voice against this and stop such crimes. 

After Bangalore New year molestation case when my little girl raised so many questions, I could imagine what questions she must be going through and I have no answer to give so written her questions in the small poem …If you can answer her questions please read and give

This is not only story of Misthi, or Nirbhaya or just New year molestation even honor rapes happen and apart from this my one close friend told that she has a close friend who is getting raped daily on name of marital rape and she can’t raise voice as no male member is there in her home to fight for her.

Do we have a solution to this?


I feel the time is here to stand by and teach first and foremost to our kids to RESPECT every gender. Boys should be given right education to respect girls and women but girls should also learn to respect others is important but don’t forget to respect yourself too. 

Teach your kids some tips to be safe and above and all dare to say NO.

Let’s make India in real sense SWATCH BHARAT after all #KabTakChup.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. As a human being, I feel ashamed! I feel helpless and I dont even know how to stop that!We can dofew things: we can create a bigger community to make girls more aware about it, Girls should keep pepper spray, safety apps downloaded etc. And learning martial art should be mandatory!
    Most imp, a reppist should be sentenced death (I would suggest a brutal death).
    And your tips about girl’s safety is very useful.

    1. Thanks for hopping ..yes punishment should be brutal

  2. Humanity has taken a newest low, when the thought of hurting such tiny little bundle of joy crosses the mind – its end of Human virtues. God has given us brain for a purpose, but our greed and lust has failed that purpose long ago.
    your post is an attempt to awake society and introspect are we actually Living???

  3. This is a dark side of humanity. The one that needs to be erased forever. Human lives deserve better than this.

  4. Every time I hear of rape, molestation or sexual assaults I cry… It is too difficult to imagine what the girl/boy might have gone through… The physical wounds will heal but the scars on the mind and heart will remain… And honestly no law can stop people from rapes… Only thing that can help is teaching kids about mutual consent and respect from a very young age!

  5. yes, its time to say NO and teach our kids. Its a time to take a strong stand , as every news , every cry gives a different tangent to the lives of women and girls. We indeed need to make India a lively country rather than a country full of rapists!

  6. I just feel that we need very very strict laws and a very good uprninging of our sons and daughters. Respect, equality and so much more

  7. Its heartbraking to see how someone can be so cruel to such a tiny and helpless soul.. and thinking of how its going to impact the survivors life long is again something unimaginable.. Our voices need to be heard and something surely needs to be done that would help stop this … glad to see fellow bloggers initiate this cause

  8. Thanks for sharing this post. We need to break this silence for sure. India needs a change.

  9. I totally resonate every word of this post. It is actually the biggest dirt in our society presently. I demand strictest of the punishments for the rapist.

  10. I always get shattered whenever there is a news flashing for the same and this happens almost daily. Not just Women but little girls too deserve to be respected and to be safe.

  11. Proud of you for addressing such a deep dark and shameful topic. I agree completely.

  12. Evey girl and women should know how to defense themself and when it comes to baby girls the people should have a posetive mindset and good thinking then only females.can walk without worry

  13. I’m glad you’ve come up with this topic, so important, so well written and so on point!

  14. Everyday there is news on the same and it is becoming hilarious day by day. Agree completely with your words..

  15. This sis definitely the dark side of humanity that needs to be discussed

  16. It’s very sad to hear all this and the condition is getting worse in India.

  17. Bold and good cause post. I agree with your insight on Rape. It’s a dishonor to mankind.

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