Rape- Killing Humanity

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Have you ever thought what and how Rape affects? Rape is just KILLING HUMANITY. A girl who must have cried her heart out, that pain can nev­er be imag­ined.

She was a small lit­tle girl, born to smile giv­ing mean­ing to her par­ents to live life with a smile.

She was a small lit­tle girl, born to dream to cher­ish life.

She was a small lit­tle girl, born to admire the beau­ti­ful world around her­self.

She was a small lit­tle girl, born with igno­rance that all her dreams will be shat­tered in just 8 months.

8-mon­th-old lit­tle girl in the city which is called dil­walo ki Dil­li was raped and left in a pool of blood by her own close rel­a­tive, left me with fear, sad­ness and pain only by lis­ten­ing to this. Imag­ine the pain she must have gone through.

She is so small can’t even utter a word or shout loud to call some­one to help her.

Rape is BIGGEST dirt to society

Do you remem­ber the sto­ry of Mis­thi (Read here) she is not unknown to all of us…Like Mis­thi today we have so many in our Misthi’s around us. With #MeToo cam­paign girls on social media told the entire world that in every sec­ond house there is one KARAN

Some girls even told their par­ents and par­ents tak­en up strong steps but few pref­fered to stay qui­et as they don’t want to break rela­tion­ships and so-called social bar­ri­ers. Is that real­ly help figi­ht­ing again­st molesta­tions or rape?

How to stop this? We have seen one Nirb­haya Case but does it real­ly stopped. Yes­ter­day one of my blog­ger friends shared on What­sApp group that again same kind of case hap­pened in West Ben­gal

Only hold­ing can­dles and doing ral­ly after such cas­es will not help. We need to raise voice again­st this and stop such crimes. 

After Ban­ga­lore New year molesta­tion case when my lit­tle girl raised so many ques­tions, I could imag­ine what ques­tions she must be going through and I have no answer to give so writ­ten her ques­tions in the small poem …If you can answer her ques­tions please read and give

This is not only sto­ry of Mis­thi, or Nirb­haya or just New year molesta­tion even hon­or rapes hap­pen and apart from this my one close friend told that she has a close friend who is get­ting raped dai­ly on name of mar­i­tal rape and she can’t raise voice as no male mem­ber is there in her home to fight for her.

Do we have a solu­tion to this?


I feel the time is here to stand by and teach first and fore­most to our kids to RESPECT every gen­der. Boys should be given right edu­ca­tion to respect girls and wom­en but girls should also learn to respect oth­ers is impor­tant but don’t for­get to respect your­self too. 

Teach your kids some tips to be safe and above and all dare to say NO.

Let’s make India in real sense SWATCH BHARAT after all #Kab­TakChup.

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18 Thoughts to “Rape- Killing Humanity”

  1. As a human being, I feel ashamed! I feel help­less and I dont even know how to stop that!We can dofew things: we can cre­ate a big­ger com­mu­ni­ty to make girls more aware about it, Girls should keep pep­per spray, safe­ty apps down­load­ed etc. And learn­ing mar­tial art should be manda­to­ry!
    Most imp, a rep­pist should be sen­tenced death (I would sug­gest a bru­tal death).
    And your tips about girl’s safe­ty is very use­ful.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for hop­ping ..yes pun­ish­ment should be bru­tal

  2. Human­i­ty has tak­en a newest low, when the thought of hurt­ing such tiny lit­tle bundle of joy cross­es the mind — its end of Human virtues. God has given us brain for a pur­pose, but our greed and lust has failed that pur­pose long ago.
    your post is an attempt to awake soci­ety and intro­spect are we actu­al­ly Liv­ing???

  3. This is a dark side of human­i­ty. The one that needs to be erased forever. Human lives deserve bet­ter than this.

  4. Mrinal

    Every time I hear of rape, molesta­tion or sex­u­al assaults I cry… It is too dif­fi­cult to imag­ine what the girl/boy might have gone through… The phys­i­cal wounds will heal but the scars on the mind and heart will remain… And hon­est­ly no law can stop peo­ple from rapes… Only thing that can help is teach­ing kids about mutu­al con­sent and respect from a very young age!

  5. yes, its time to say NO and teach our kids. Its a time to take a strong stand , as every news , every cry gives a dif­fer­ent tan­gent to the lives of wom­en and girls. We indeed need to make India a live­ly coun­try rather than a coun­try full of rapists!

  6. I just feel that we need very very strict laws and a very good uprning­ing of our sons and daugh­ters. Respect, equal­i­ty and so much more

  7. Its heart­brak­ing to see how some­one can be so cru­el to such a tiny and help­less soul.. and think­ing of how its going to impact the sur­vivors life long is again some­thing unimag­in­able.. Our voic­es need to be heard and some­thing sure­ly needs to be done that would help stop this … glad to see fel­low blog­gers ini­ti­ate this cause

  8. Thanks for shar­ing this post. We need to break this silence for sure. India needs a change.

  9. I total­ly res­onate every word of this post. It is actu­al­ly the biggest dirt in our soci­ety present­ly. I demand strictest of the pun­ish­ments for the rapist.

  10. I always get shat­tered when­ev­er there is a news flash­ing for the same and this hap­pens almost dai­ly. Not just Wom­en but lit­tle girls too deserve to be respect­ed and to be safe.

  11. Proud of you for address­ing such a deep dark and shame­ful top­ic. I agree com­plete­ly.

  12. Alexx bloom

    Evey girl and wom­en should know how to defense them­self and when it comes to baby girls the peo­ple should have a pose­tive mind­set and good think­ing then only females.can walk with­out wor­ry

  13. Prerna Sinha

    I’m glad you’ve come up with this top­ic, so impor­tant, so well writ­ten and so on point!

  14. Every­day there is news on the same and it is becom­ing hilar­i­ous day by day. Agree com­plete­ly with your words..

  15. This sis def­i­nite­ly the dark side of human­i­ty that needs to be dis­cussed

  16. It’s very sad to hear all this and the con­di­tion is get­ting worse in India.

  17. Vasantha Vivek

    Bold and good cause post. I agree with your insight on Rape. It’s a dis­hon­or to mankind.

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