Woman of power

Wom­an is the only pow­er who can stand strong and tough at a time when it comes to her fam­i­ly and coun­try. She is cre­at­ed by God with some extra pow­er, ener­gy, and ded­i­ca­tion. There is much such pow­er­ful inspi­ra­tion wom­an around us but today I want to show you one face of such pow­er — MAJOR KUMUD DOGRA.

Major Kumud, is one of those offi­cers of INDIAN ARMY who are liv­ing exam­ple of pow­er and courage. On one hand, when we lost Chand­ni of Bol­ly­wood indus­try a self-made wom­an and whole nation were cry­ing on the sad demise of super­star Sride­vi, she was also pay­ing trib­ute to her hus­band.

On 15th Feb 2018, a micro­light heli­copter crash near Sumoimari vil­lage in Assam and Major Kumud’s hus­band IAF pilot hus­band, Wing Com­man­der D Vats, was lost his bat­tle of life with­out see­ing the face of his new­ly born 5-day old lit­tle angel.

As a moth­er, as a wife, and as a wom­an I know that how much a lady wants her man to be her beside when she is going to deliv­er love of their life. After labor pain which is world’s best pain for any moth­er, Major Kumud must be wait­ing for her love, her hus­band to come back soon and see the face of their love, their daugh­ter but des­tiny decid­ed some­thing else and comes the news of sad demise of lit­tle angel’s father Wing Com­man­der D Vats. 

This coura­geous lady has not let her emo­tions get heavy on her­self and in her uni­form hold­ing her 5 days old daugh­ter she walked to pay homage to her mar­tyred hus­band. 

She is one such liv­ing exam­ple of courage and wom­an of pow­er. Many wom­en have the courage to fight, fight again­st odd and over­come to give some­thing great too com­ing gen­er­a­tion. 

I salute to the­se won­der­ful wom­en from whom I learn to be more pow­er­ful and stand with pride. Wom­en teach­ing me to be more pow­er­ful and stand with head­strong and mark a place in the world. 

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Woman of power

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16 Thoughts to “Woman of power”

  1. There is so much courage with­in each of us, the wom­an, but we hard­ly realise it. The world awaits a big inci­dent to test a woman’s poten­tial.
    I salute to such coura­geous wom­an

  2. poornima m reddy

    This is so touch­ing, real­ly wan­na meet that lady how strong she is .SO INSPIRING .

  3. Priyanka Patwari

    I salute the wom­en, Spe­cial­ly her courage.. It’s real­ly very heart touch­ing

  4. We all have courage and steel in us, its just the mat­ter of lit­tle push. What Major Dogra has showed to entire world is her inner strength and deter­mi­na­tion.
    Hat’s off to her. Salute.

  5. Hon­est­ly, She is a liv­ing exam­ple of courage and wom­an of pow­er. So touch­ing.

  6. Major Kumud Dogra is a fine exam­ple of courage, grit and love! God bless the moth­er and daugh­ter and wish­ing them all the love and respect in such try­ing times.

  7. I salute the spir­it of Major Kumud, I tru­ly had tears while read­ing this one.

  8. It is heart wrench­ing to hear abt this Lil angel and her moth­er.…. I salute Major kumud for being soo strong unlike com­mon wom­en. It depicts her strong will pow­er.… Com­man­der Vats might have closed his eyes with an unex­pect­ed pain.…..

  9. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Hats off to this super­wom­en. The­se wom­en make us proud to be a wom­an.

  10. A wom­an is the epit­o­me of courage, willpow­er, and strength. If she thinks she can do it, she will do it. I’m a mom and expect­ing again, salute to this lady. It requires great, great courage and emo­tion­al strength to walk up with head held high to one’s husband’s demise, esp with their just born baby. But, I guess this is what makes us a wom­an.

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  12. This is such a pow­er­ful sto­ry. Hats off to her, and wish her much strength.

  13. There is pow­er in all of us and we need to real­ize and exer­cise that pow­er

  14. I can’t even fath­om being as strong and coura­geous she is. Hats off

  15. There is so much courage with­in each of us. She is a brave lady.

  16. She is real­ly a strong wom­an, I have heard and read about her.… Real­ly proud of her

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