Woman of power

Woman of power

Woman is the only power who can stand strong and tough at a time when it comes to her family and country. She is created by God with some extra power, energy, and dedication. There is much such powerful inspiration woman around us but today I want to show you one face of such power – MAJOR KUMUD DOGRA.

Major Kumud, is one of those officers of INDIAN ARMY who are living example of power and courage. On one hand, when we lost Chandni of Bollywood industry a self-made woman and whole nation were crying on the sad demise of superstar Sridevi, she was also paying tribute to her husband.

On 15th Feb 2018, a microlight helicopter crash near Sumoimari village in Assam and Major Kumud’s husband IAF pilot husband, Wing Commander D Vats, was lost his battle of life without seeing the face of his newly born 5-day old little angel.

As a mother, as a wife, and as a woman I know that how much a lady wants her man to be her beside when she is going to deliver love of their life. After labor pain which is world’s best pain for any mother, Major Kumud must be waiting for her love, her husband to come back soon and see the face of their love, their daughter but destiny decided something else and comes the news of sad demise of little angel’s father Wing Commander D Vats. 

This courageous lady has not let her emotions get heavy on herself and in her uniform holding her 5 days old daughter she walked to pay homage to her martyred husband. 

She is one such living example of courage and woman of power. Many women have the courage to fight, fight against odd and overcome to give something great too coming generation. 

I salute to these wonderful women from whom I learn to be more powerful and stand with pride. Women teaching me to be more powerful and stand with headstrong and mark a place in the world. 

This post is for #BlogRendezvous hosted by Me and Gleefulblogger along with 8 fantastic bloggers we are going to salute more inspiring woman.. sponsored by VLCC 

Woman of power

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16 thoughts on “Woman of power

  1. There is so much courage within each of us, the woman, but we hardly realise it. The world awaits a big incident to test a woman’s potential.
    I salute to such courageous woman

  2. We all have courage and steel in us, its just the matter of little push. What Major Dogra has showed to entire world is her inner strength and determination.
    Hat’s off to her. Salute.

  3. Major Kumud Dogra is a fine example of courage, grit and love! God bless the mother and daughter and wishing them all the love and respect in such trying times.

  4. It is heart wrenching to hear abt this Lil angel and her mother….. I salute Major kumud for being soo strong unlike common women. It depicts her strong will power…. Commander Vats might have closed his eyes with an unexpected pain……

  5. A woman is the epitome of courage, willpower, and strength. If she thinks she can do it, she will do it. I’m a mom and expecting again, salute to this lady. It requires great, great courage and emotional strength to walk up with head held high to one’s husband’s demise, esp with their just born baby. But, I guess this is what makes us a woman.

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