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I remember when I started my blog, it was just about sharing what I know to the entire world but it was a challenge for me to really speak up my mind thinking will my write up will be accepted and will I be able to give what my readers want. 

Today, when my readers love what I write and express. I planned to do something for my co-bloggers and shared my little idea with Dipika from gleefulblogger, who supported and joined hands in this BLOGGERS LEAGUE #OpenNTalk. 

Her wonderful and amazing suggestions and my small idea of helping others brought us today here starting this league. 

What is the challenge? 

We all bloggers write our heart out daily in some way or other, this is a challenge for the team of bloggers. Yes, #openNTalk is a team challenge. 

When we opened registration for this league never expected such a huge and wonderful response. We received around 60+ entries and among that we selected 40 bloggers for this challenge. 

Now 40 bloggers from different states, cities, and genre are divided into 8 teams and these wonderful 8 teams will now compete for winning the league.

These 8 teams will be engaging with their amazing team members and their team’s hashtag. With simple rules like:

1. League is starting from 4th June 2018, with eight teams.
2. Each week the engagement will be counted based on social media shares and comments on the posts from #OpenNTalk link-up.
3. Use respective Team’s Hashtag along with #OpenNTalk hashtag while sharing posts from the link-up and while commenting on posts.
4. Linky will be open from Monday to Sunday for each week.
5. SPONSORED Posts are strictly NOT ALLOWED.

6. Use mandatory line for all posts published for the league

This post is published for #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League hosted by Gleefulblogger & Wigglingpen in association with SummerBarnVedantika HerbalsNyassaExplore Kids World.

7. Based on the consistent performance winners will be decided. Results will be final and abide by all.

What bloggers will gain from this challenge?

  1. Improvement in terms of Alexa.
  2. Learning teamwork.
  3. Winning team will win a hamper from our wonderful sponsors Explore kids world, Vedantika, Summer Barn and Nyassa
  4. Apart from hampers team will win Cash/EGV from hosts wigglingpen and gleefulblogger
  5. This is not only they will have….there will be Special Rewards for extraordinary performances. 

Let me introduce amazing teams taking up this can follow them from their team hashtag on all social media.

  1. #JAMSS2018
  2. #BloggingDivas
  3. #InvincibleGang
  4. #NISSAtalks
  5. #RoarWillRock
  6. #BloggerBabes
  7. #BlogAMile
  8. #CrossBorderSisters

We wish all the teams all the best … Remember, just enjoy blogging, reading, sharing and above all your team coordination. 

Thanks to wonderful sponsors Explore kids world, Vedantika, Summer Barn and Nyassa for believing and trusting this league. 

© Ruchie Verma.

Disclaimer:  The details mentioned in the post are true to author’s knowledge and for information purpose ONLY.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ruchie Verma (WigglingPen) with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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23 thoughts on “Challenge to OpenNTalk

  1. So excited and up with my post. Crossing my fingers for the new world of #OpenNTalk with my super cool team #BloggerBabes

  2. Just submitted my post for #OpenNTalk #BloggersLeague as a member of #CrossBorderSisters
    Please check.

  3. Thanks Ruchie for providing this wonderful platform! Got the best company of Manisha, Aditi, Dr Priyanka and Bhawna as my #CrossBorderSisters team for #OpenNTalk

  4. This is a brilliant initiative and a great opportunity for all of us to connect with so many talented writers and bloggers. Thank you, Ruchi and Deepika. You guys are amazing! #roarwillrock

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