Adventure to real vegetable chips -TERRA ADVENTURE

OVER 20 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS. Ter­ra® Chips are the brain­child of two New York chefs with the sort of entre­pre­neuri­al spir­it that keeps one’s inge­nu­ity and imag­i­na­tion cook­ing. Dana Sin­kler and Alex Dzieduszy­cki each left their jobs at four-star Man­hat­tan restau­rants to begin a mod­est cater­ing busi­ness.

I was so delight­ed when got the pack of this exotic TERRA Adven­ture pack.


It looked like I am going to be on the jour­ney of new adven­ture but was real­ly not thought I will go and indul­ge myself in real VEGETABLE WORLD.

Box itself telling that some­thing new and great is wait­ing to get explored and my jour­ney towards exotic world of taste was about to begin. Well I heard and firm­ly believes that first impres­sion is last impres­sion. and when open this exotic box I was fal­l­en in love with the packs.



Being a moth­er of two lit­tle naughty munchkins I know how much kids love chips and they demand it every sec­ond day.

All chips are made up of fresh veg­eta­bles.

veggie7 YUCA(Cas­sava) The light­est of col­or of the TERRA® Chips, pale yel­low-white.



veggie6 PARSNIPA mem­ber of the same fam­i­ly as car­rots, fen­nel, pars­ley, cel­ery, cele­ri­ac and chervil.




veggie2 NATURALLY BLUE POTATOVibrant bluish-pur­ple in col­or, with a slight­ly nut­ty fla­vor, they’re sim­ply unfor­get­table. Tru­ly a rhap­sody in blue.


veggie8 RUBY DIPPED VEGETABLESPer­haps the most dra­mat­ic, the­se TERRA ®Chips are kissed with beet juice, result­ing in their dis­tinc­tive autumn red col­or.


veggie13 SWEET POTATOSweet pota­to, a root veg­etable often called a yam, is not real­ly a yam at all, but rather a dis­tinct vari­ety of the Ipomea Batata fam­i­ly. Cul­ti­vat­ed for thou­sands of years in the West­ern Hemi­sphere, sweet pota­toes have become an impor­tant part of tra­di­tion­al Amer­i­can cuisine.


veggie5 BATATA(Boni­a­to or Cuban Sweet Pota­to) Light brown in col­or, yet dark­er than the Yuca. Batata has been savored in the Caribbean for cen­turies.


veggie4 TARO : (also known as Malan­ga and Dasheen) The white chip with the char­ac­ter­is­tic pur­plish-brown lines.



My daugh­ter was so excit­ed to see the­se packs 41g each and looks bright and colourful.Guess what ?? We opened it and found it’s not only packs which are colour­ful but chips too.

Ter­ra Orig­i­nal : 


It is made up of a sea­son­al mix of root veg­eta­bles Taro, Sweet Pota­to ‚Batata,Yuca , Parsnip Sun­flow­er oil ‚Sea Salt , Beet juice con­cen­trate (for colour).


It was so crun­cy, tasty and above all colour­ful loved the taste 🙂

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


Ter­ra Blues:  Noone at home could resist to open the catchy pack of Blues


Made up with sim­ple ingre­di­ents yet healthy one Blue pota­toes, Expeller pressed Canola, sun­flow­er oil and sea salt.


Just after see­ing the colour blue my daugh­ter first said no, but when we instit­ed her to try she has not given us a sin­gle chips. It’s taste was good but I loved orig­i­nal one more till now.

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


Ter­ra Mediter­ranean (Herbs & Hint of Lemon ):  img_7387

Made up with Taro,Sweet Pota­to, Batata, Yuca, Parsnip, sun­flow­er oil, sea­son­ing (whey milk), sea salt, organ­ic evap­o­rat­ed can syrup,spices, Onion pow­der, gar­lic pow­der, autolyzed yeast extract, nat­u­ral olive oil fla­vor, cit­ric acid, vine­gar pow­der, saf­flow­er oil, oil of lemon, toast­ed sesame oil & beet juice con­cen­trate for colour.

As the­se ingre­di­ents are nat­u­ral so the taste. This flavour gets 100/100 marks.


Among all three this is my fav one.

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


As I loved the flavours so nev­er want to miss the updates from it joined them on face­book Ter­ra Chips .

And for more details their web­site have lot more info Ter­ra Chips India.


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  1. It looks quite inter­est­ing. But are they Fried or Baked ?
    First time, heard of the­se. Are they avail­able in India too ? Or on which web-site ?
    How many grams does the pack weigh, for Rs 395/-?

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