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It is said “If you want a hap­py mar­ried life , you need to be a good com­pan­ion and friend”, I was always wor­ried when my mom used to say “There is a mar­riage pro­pos­al for yo , let’s talk ..” and my reac­tion was like .…“seri­ous­ly is there any per­son who can be like mind­ed and can han­dle me, my tantrums and my nev­er end­ing wish­es along with my mood swings.”

But it’s all about des­tiny and God’s mag­i­cal ward who con­nect you to a per­son who is made for you…

Going to share my sto­ry total­ly filmy and total­ly social media con­nect­ed. We got con­nect­ed by his aunt who came to stay in our apart­ment just for a mon­th for his son’s coach­ing in Luc­know and she saw me and watched me very close­ly. Well my dad was on bed tak­en up VRS due to his med­ical con­di­tion of being par­a­lyzed and as we are only 4 sis­ters and proud daugh­ters of such a won­der­ful human being I was with my par­ents to sup­port them. That time I was teach­ing in Luc­know Uni­ver­si­ty and it was in my rou­tine that after com­ing back from uni­ver­si­ty in evening I make sure to take papa out for his walk and exer­cise in our soci­ety. Mayank Aunt got con­fused think­ing that I am phys­io­ther­a­pist of papa who comes dai­ly in evening for his exer­cise and enquired about me from mom after know­ing that I am her daugh­ter she direct­ly given up pro­pos­al of mar­riage for Mayank

When I got this news I straight away said NO as papa was not well and I don’t want­ed to get mar­ried and leave home and par­ents, but when mom insist­ed I mailed my bio­data and pho­to to Mayank’s account and all his fam­i­ly and he, him­self liked my pic­ture and added me on yahoo chat (that time no smart­phone or no face­book) we start­ed chat­ting and I poured my heart out to a per­son whom I nev­er met or nev­er seen.

I told him straight away “I don’t want to get mar­ried as my par­ents are my respon­si­bil­i­ty ” and reply poped up “Let’s make this respon­si­bil­i­ty ours”.

There was some­thing in him which made me pos­i­tive towards mar­riage and I said “Yes, with­out even meet­ing him.”

He is Jug of my life as he proved at time when after our engage­ment when my dad got next attack of paral­y­sis andwe1 I called him say­ing “I can’t get mar­ried as doc­tor said for expen­sive injec­tions which is more impor­tant than this mar­riage ”

He came like a JUG and replied ” Ab toh shadi hogi cha­he mandir mein ho …karu­ga tum­se hi …this is not about mon­ey ” and from then till date he cared for me, our fam­i­ly and every­one hap­py.

Mayank is Jug who knows how to bring a smile on my face, he reads my mind with­out me utter­ing a word, he gives me true and unbi­ased judg­ment when I am look­ing for an answer. With him I’m com­plete, he is crazy, he is love­ly, he is only one who is there in my every sin­gle heart­beat. We are ofcourse life part­ner but I know before that we are one another’s best friend. Love u <3 !!

#RuchiePens “am writ­ing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activ­i­ty at Blo­gAd­da“.


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